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Nyx/Nótt (and a bonus, accidental yet brief “Primer” on Chaos Magick/Discordians!)

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Artist unknown= If you can help me identify the artist, I would like to credit them properly.  This image has been found on multiple pages under different Goddess names.

Artist unknown= If you can help me identify the artist, I would like to credit them properly. This image has been found on multiple pages under every possible listed “Night Goddess name” from Nott, Breksta, Nyx, Mah, and even Artemis. Being archetypal in belief myself, I do not believe any of these names are inaccurate.

“Take my hand”-she said
She wore a dark blue dress made of night
In her hair a crown of stars
She stood at the prow of a small boat
gently perched upon the shore
Her right hand on the pole to steer
and her left hand out- to me
“Will you take me?”
I asked of her
“To the other side?”
I did not know what was resided there
but I was tired of residing here
“Do you know who I am?” she asked,
I had not a clue
but I replied, I put more trust in strangers,
then the people I already knew.
The night was calmly quiet,
Just the sound of her oar upon the tides
I did not say a word to her
words tend to lend to lies
In the boat there was a blanket
soft, so dark, and warm.
I feared not how I appeared to her
wrapped tight, safe, and alone.
I did not know the water
Whether ocean, lake or stream
I did not know the oarswoman
Nor awake or in a dream
As I closed my eyes
upon the gentle waves
I felt her hand upon me
and felt peace there as I lay


I wrote the above poem over the summer on another blog (which I will delete promptly after this writing) based on a fever dream when I was severely ill. I never really felt “right” writing in the new space and of the four posts I made in that blog, this was only thing worth salvaging or coherent.

At the time of writing, I was recovering from a hospitalization due to complications on account of Lyme’s disease that were nearly fatal to me.  I lost my summer to a combination of darkness and sleep; often too weak or in pain to do very much at all.  (With the right combinations of medications and time, I am back to normal functioning at this time, thankfully.)

Nótt is a personification of night.  In Ancient Roman traditions, she is called Nyx, which is her most common name and is considered a daughter of Chaos (Eris– to Discordians)….apropos in particular to me since my spirituality tends to lead me to Discordianism/Chaos Magic forums in a sort of double-life between Heathenry and Discordianism.  There is an extensive mythos to her archetype in countless European cultures.  To Latvian/Lithuanians, she is called “Breksta” (Twilight) and to the Persians, “Mah“- of similar description and imagery.

Chaos Tradition (which is likely one of the most recently reconstructed forms of “lost” spirituality) is simply the acceptance that we do not possess the capability of understanding the nature of the universe.  In Theistic Discordianism,  The practitioner remains fluid; divination is “off the cuff” from surface impressions and prayers are expected to be answered in entirely unexpected ways.   Truly, having a degree in Philosophy has convinced me no one can have a monopoly on knowledge when all human knowledge is inevitably flawed in relation to “ultimate reality”.

Many Discordians see that pathway to their desires being a “surprise” with only the final result of intention being what matters. This process lies in accepting the “price” of uncertainty in the process and in some, an avoidance of “formal” ritual- but Discordianism, like its Goddess, is mercurial, capricious, and spontaneous.  (and often whimsical, in our fashion) Therefore, what is true for me in navigating Eris is going to, inevitably, be entirely different in UPG than others, as others are from one another.

The “path” (to me) as metaphor is a wild river through unknown lands- but the destination is known…. or, conversely, if the path is known, the destination is not….and each path taken in Discordianism/Chaos magics is seldom tread twice.

We understand we cannot have everything, but embrace contradictions, madness, spontaneity, coincidence, and our own form of “grace” which we find in fortuitous synchronicity which guide us.  The more “synchronicity” in life; the more “on track” we are with our intentions and works since synchronicity is seen by some of us (myself included) as the reward for good works or as encouragement to pursue the ideas thought at the time of said synchronicity.

My schedule leaves me sometimes in “eternal night” since I tend to fall asleep around 5am and have found myself so accustomed to working 3rd shift from my occupation prior to college, I feel more comfortable in darkness than light….leaving the lights off in my apartment often until my husband returns from work after midnight.

Honestly, light is uncomfortable for me, in the light, I must wear glasses, but by some strange design, my night vision is exceptional except in reading print.

I do not know what the dream meant other than to inspire this poem.


Latvian Folktale: “The Wild Horseman”

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Latvian Horse: Courtesy of Wikipedia

Latvian Horse: Courtesy of Wikipedia

Once upon a time, the country now known as Latvia was under the rule of German Barons.   The Latvian people were given homes, and the ability to have small gardens in addition to the farms and shops they tended.  However, beyond that, the people were predominantly farmers who produced grains, other crops, and trade goods of which, most were sent to Germany at the end of each growing season before the arrival of the heavy snows of Latvians winters.

The Mansion of the German Baron in Latvia was a huge place, even though he seldom lived within it- with stables larger than several houses of the Latvian farmers put together, and filled with every sort of horse, from beautiful show-horses with manes that flowed like rivers that pulled the carriage of the rich Baron and his family on Holidays, to the humble, homely, (but intelligent) plow horses for use of all farmers,  as well as native Latvian horses that had brown fur that looked to burn like fire in the sunlight.  For all these horses, there was only one young stableman, they only needed one- for he was so excellent at his work with the animals that he even slept in the loft to be near them.

His name was Janis- just as his father before him as well as his father’s father.  Janis was the name of their favorite ancestor, who was celebrated as a  God who was responsible for the coming of Spring herbs and flowers as well as bringing leaves to the trees and warmth back to the air.  Like his namesake, stableman Janis felt most at home in the woods where, often he would take the herd to forage for days when they were unneeded for other purposes- for living in such a country with a short growing season all grain was valuable and to be saved as much as possible.

The German Baron, despite his palatial accommodations, preferred to remain in Germany for much of the year only coming to Latvia to collect the produce from the Latvians to bring back to Germany- the journey was long in those days and unpleasant, however, the Baron was also responsible for taking census of the people for the Germans are a very taciturn and organized people who considered the Latvian farmers as simply an extension of their already vast empire.  However, despite this, Latvian tradition held that people did not have surnames.   The villages were very close-knit even if the houses were far apart, therefore, it seemed unnecessary in those days to have more than one name in the minds of the people.

So, on one particular visit to what is now Latvia, the German Baron was tasked to give each Latvian in his jurisdiction a surname for more accurate census purposes.

The Baron arrived and announced that all citizens, without exception were to come to the Mansion and be given surnames by German custom, based on profession. With reluctance, the Latvians lined up and were given German last names: Metzger for the butchers, Backer for the bakers, Bauer for the farmers, as well as countless other names to each family.  With each region, the Baron would try to keep the sames similar for greater organization.

Many people were absent- some were in Riga at the time trading, others too sick to come to the mansion, and Janis was in the woods foraging with his horses.

The Baron returned to Germany with his list of names to hand to the Landgrave-Count of the entire region (of which the Baron’s land was only a small part) and was met with displeasure.

“This list of names is too short and does not match the census! You must go back and knock on every door of each home to tally the elderly, the ill, and young as well!”

The Baron, frustrated, rode to Latvia once more reluctantly with a small band of his kindest soldiers.  Again, he asked for all Latvians to report to his mansion, and he sent his men into the villages to knock on the doors of each small home and gave them, too, the authority to name.

Janis, once more, was in the woods with the horses.

“Where are my horses?” asked the Baron to the local elder.
“We were not expecting you, so Janis took them to the woods to forage.” the elder replied.
At this news, the Baron exclaimed in frustration:

“My horses are tired and need tending! Who will tend to them?”  Janis was sent for, but could not be found- for as vast as the fields were, so too, were the woods at that time.

So, they found a family nearby who owned a horse of their own to tend to his horses for his stay, which lasted for several days since the farmland was vast and many houses were far-flung.   Since they only owned one horse of their own, caring for the horses of the both the Baron and his men was an overwhelming task. The horses were fed well and watered- but they did not shine as brightly as the grooming of young Janis.

After several weeks of searching, naming, and reporting, the Baron and his men returned once more to the Landgrave-Count to deliver their report.

Once more, he was met with screaming: “This list is STILL incomplete!  There is a single name missing of a young man- and all people MUST be named- you must go back to Latvia to find the missing man and name him!”

With so many people to keep track of and his exhaustion from so much heavy travelling, the Count was dismayed: He would have to return to Latvia one more time and discover the identity of the missing man, then, ironically, name him….and wintertime was drawing close.

This time, he brought three times as many men, sending them to houses as well as other local towns and Barony’s nearby seeking the last remaining Latvian without a last name, before even reaching his mansion, hoping that he could be done with this and return home as quickly as possible.  Even knocking on doors himself asking each person, young and old, if they had last names for a day and a night without rest… returning to his Mansion in Latvia exhausted, where he was met with, once more, empty stables and the kind family waiting to care for his horses as well as they could…. but not as well as Janis.

It was then the Baron realized who was missing.  The Stableman- who, once more, was in the woods with the horses watching them as they foraged.  Out of anger and frustration, he demanded that Janis be found and both he and the horses returned immediately.

After a long search in the woods, Janis was found with the horses with him in a clearing- coats gleaming, and well-fed- but Janis ran back into the woods, leaving the Baron’s men to return the horses to the stables without Janis.

The Baron, out of frustration, took out his ink and wrote: Janis Vilde on his census sheet as well as nailed a wooden sign on the inside of the stable doors with his decision.  “Vilde”, translating to “Wild” or “Unruly” at that time.  No one could treat the horses as well as Janis, so he did not wish to punish him since he was, technically, only doing his job.  The horses were all gentle, well groomed, and fed well, and the Baron knew Janis could not hide in the woods forever.

After a good rest, he and his men left Latvia just in time to avoid the first snowfall, not to return again….since Latvia was often a disputed land between many different rulers.

Janis did return from the woods on foot to the stables as soon as he observed the Baron and his entourage had left, for he cared for his horses as kindly as he would for family.  There, he  found the sign. “Your name, Henceforth is Janis Vilde, by order of the Baron”- signed and sealed.

The elders of the town came to Janis as soon as they heard of his return and they asked him why he hid from being named.

To which, Janis replied: “Having one name has been good enough up until now- and I did not want my future children to be forced to do my line of work if they did not wish to do  it.  When I saw that everyone was being named after their professions, I hid.  I did not want to be labeled, and I did not want my descendants to be trapped either.”

“But what do you think of your new name, “Janis Vilde”?

Janis replied: “I like it, it will let my children be free and wild just as I was in the woods!”


Actually, this is an “prettied up” story based on true-facts provided by my grandma on how our family was named Vilde.  I didn’t change the facts, but simply added historical details and read the story back to her and added and subtracted details until we were sure it was accurate.  The only fact that was changed, was HOW MANY times he hid in the wood- it was only once, however, in traditional story telling, the number “Three” creates a fuller, more vibrant tale.

Since then, the Latvian people have changed their surnames from German to Latvian words, however, my family kept “Vilde”…even I changed my name to a version of it years prior to my marriage.

The tradition of Storytelling has been an integral part to all polytheistic cultures all over the world, and I encourage all of you who read this, to please, also, write down the stories of YOUR families so that they may be shared with the rest of our community and told to our children so that these wonderful pagan histories are never forgotten.

Thank you to my Grandma Vija for helping write this as accurately as possible and her willingness to share this story…as well as several-times great-grandfather Janis Vilde. 🙂


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Mr. T


The creators of “Cards Against Humanity” approved my request to be the author of the new “Official Heathen & Asatru Expansion” soon to be offered for free in .pdf on their website! They want me to submit a total of 200 cards for them to choose the best 50 or 60 from for the new expansion. This set will NOT stand alone from the original game- the original cards will be required for this expansion to “work”. These are the 50 I submitted to them as a sample…but I need to come up with more (I welcome suggestions!):

Black Cards:

1. Hail ______!
2. In apology to the Heathen community for the historical inaccuracies in the “Thor” franchise, Stan Lee has agreed to create a character based on the president of the Asatru Folk Assembly to be played by _____.
3. Kaldera farms will be celebrating _____ with _______!
4. The Troth is _____!
5. Folkish Heathens: We are not racists, We are _______.
6. My Patron God/dess is _______.
7. ______ brought ______ to the Faining.
8. _____ will unite the entire Heathen community at last!
9. The Sumbel will be held entirely in ________.
10. The difference between the Wiccans and the Asatru is ______.
11. My favorite Rune represents _____.
12. This regrettable tattoo of _____ was meant to represent _________.
13. I will never join any National organization since I do not agree to_______.
14. The amount of furries in Heathenry is directly proportional to ________.
15. I was kicked out of the National Heathen Gathering because of ________.
16. I found Asatru in prison via _______.
17. I converted from _______ to this?
18. Viking Death Metal is awesome except for the ______.
19. The latest in Heathen video blogging concerns _______.
20. ______ HAS NO HONOR!
21. ______ Oathed to ______ at Sumbel, do you think they will poison the Well of Wyrd?
23. He died by _____. See you in Valhalla, brother.
24. I read the “Edda’s”, “The Hamaval”, and ______. I know what I am talking about!
25. The Gods have asked me to _____ so I am ________.

White Cards:

1. A murder of ravens….and some wolves.
2. A Kindred named after a house in “Game of Thrones.”
3. A well-armed Odinist with nothing left to lose.
4. Converting to Asatru after watching the show “Vikings.”
5. Giving Tyr a hand.
6. Several Ugly Virgins Claiming to be Godspouses.
7. Lederhosen and Kilts.
8. Two federal agents desperately trying to maintain their cover by Twittering obscenities against “The Man” to each other.
9. Lokeans, Rokkr’s, and Jotunatru.
10. Hanging upside down from a tree and losing your eye in a well….on purpose.
11. It’s 4/20!
12. Reclaiming the Swastika as a holy symbol of our people.
14. Spelling obscenities in the runes of the Elder Futhark.
15. White Pride.
16. Mead distilled from Honey, Psilocybin, Peyote, and Wormwood.
17. Knowing nothing about 1488.
18. A Marveltru mistaking wet dreams for UPG’s.
19. Death by Kub.
21. Licking Hitler’s asshole.
22. Someone desperately trying not to act racist.
23. The Northern Gods.
24. Universalists and Universalism.
25. The difference between Heathens and Asatruar.

Hail Loki! Thanks for the Husband!

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Wedding 2

Edward and the Author- the attractive Ginger is Edward 🙂

One year ago to the day of July 28th, I began dating my personal Helsman, Edward.  Since then, we pooled our resources created a place of worship within our home and have held gatherings/fainings/blots to the Gods that were closest to our hearts around once a month as well as a rune study.

Our two main goals were: 1. Hela Faining and 2.  Loki Blot.   We got engaged on the day of our Faining to Hela in October, and gave the promised Lokiblot as close as we possibly could to April 1st, including someone who brought their 4 year old named Loki (who was very confused we kept calling his name!)

So, on July 28th, 2013- Ed and I were married in a fully Heathen Pa Dutch based ceremony By Robert Schreiwer (our favorite Braucher, of the Troth fame) and our friend Brian Weiss (who has more religious certifications than anyone else I know).
ALL the Norse/Germanic/Latvian Gods who have touched our lives are represented on the beautiful altar Rob and I constructed-

Our Altar: The one rose given to Hela died- and afterwards, all were welcome to toss the flowers into the creek at the site with good wishes!

Our Altar:
The one rose given to Hela died- and afterwards, all were welcome to toss the flowers into the creek at the site with good wishes!

During the altar set up, a Raven stood on a dead branch directly above our Loki statue on the right for several minutes-  I croaked up to him and he replied back.  During the wedding itself- once we reached the altar I was told by Edward and others a giant black vulture flew to a low branch behind my back and mantled her wings for the entire ceremony- only to depart with our kiss to “seal the deal”.  Pictures of the Raven and Vulture did not come out well, sadly (if someone DID manage to get one of either- Let me know and I will add them to this post!)

Custom Ring by William Cougar designs.  Ed has the same one.  Silver alloy with Rhodium plating, two snakes with ruby eyes, and an onyx for fidelity. :)

Custom Ring by William Cougar designs. Ed has the same one. Silver alloy with Rhodium plating, two snakes with ruby eyes, and an onyx for fidelity.

If you are interested in attending our events; our events page on facebook is called “Freyja’s Hall” (We didn’t choose the name- Freyja wanted “in” on this.  We weren’t about to argue!  The Gods do not make the divisions between The Aesir, Vanir, Rokkr, and Jotunatru-  from what we have observed: humans do.)

Our next event is an open Thor Blot tentatively scheduled for September 15th at 4pm (if there are community conflicts, let me know)- To thank the Thunderer for allowing his mighty clouds to pass us by and to soak Bensalem instead of Wyomissing.

So, most of all, a big HAIL goes out to Loki- who brought us together- whose children continue to guide Edward and and to Loki Himself who is constant with his love, support, and gifts I could never repay- except to live well and Honorably in His name. (and in Tyr’s) as well as continue my work within the greater community as whatever-it-is-I-do (Blogger?  Gythia? Facebook commentator? Troth member?)

Yes, I know this is a day after “Loki’s Month”= but as a Lokean,  I am being “intentionally contentious” and ignoring your “rules”. intentionally.


(This is also why I spent so little time posting on this blog last month)

Urglaawe: The Pennsylvania Dutch Heathen path

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Photo courtesy of Robert L. Schreiwer.  The distlefink of Gring's Mill state park

Photo courtesy of Robert L. Schreiwer. The distlefink of Gring’s Mill state park

This pdf was created by our friend and Braucher,  Robert Scheiwer to give a basic understanding of the Heathen path of Urglaawe and Brauchei- one of the two traditions native to my family (the other being Lettish Vanic Tradition, aka “The Earth Religion”).

It’s an excellent read, especially for those of you not in the United States to see how our ancestral culture, traditions, and heritage have been preserved by the Pennsylvania Dutch over the course of the centuries spend over here on this continent. Also, I would like to add there is a non-racist national organization on which he serves as a board member called “The Troth”–  They have been doing some amazing work with prison outreach as well as with Heathens against Hate, as well as helping to Sponser Pagan Pride Day in Philadelphia, Pa.  Also, I have been proud to witness a dramatic change in the treatment of Rokkatru and Jotunr in the past year by this organization into the positive.
(Both Ed and I are members- not the most active, but we pay our dues without grumbling!)
To learn about Urglaawe, Go here:

Hollerbeer Haven

For Loki- Just a start, perhaps….

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…It has been a busy week, and this is the first opportunity and real time I have had to really compose my thoughts on what I wished to post-  In Darkbookworm13’s newest post, she drew a picture to honor Loki and it made me stop for a moment:

It was a rose on fire that did not burn.

See, when I first began dating my husband, I had a dream about Loki about a week to two in.  I had just come out of a seriously dangerous time in my life full of stress, intrigues, lies, and abuses that had me worn to my last thread at moments- and I made it through at the end.  In this dream, Loki sat down beside me infront of the college from which I had just graduated-  he apologized for not being there, because I was “too far gone” for me to hear Him even if He called me, and now that sanity was being restored we could talk once more.

He explained that the direction he first guided me to did not lead me to where he expected at all, and he apologized saying, “I can see many things, but I cannot see everything.  I can be many places, however, I cannot be everywhere at once.”  He looked truly remorseful and his arm was around me comfortingly.   I wasn’t even remotely upset with Him- it wasn’t His fault that things happened the way they did.  Even the most honorable of people can have their lives derail if they aren’t careful; and the very best of teachers can fall victim to their own egos and lose everything worth learning from them.  But I stuck it out.

Loki was beautiful- he had on a long dark coat, blue jeans, a white shirt, and bright red hair pulled back into a low tail- his face had a well-kept facial hair of a few days growth and a goatee.  From His coat, He pulled out a red rose on fire- but it did not burn, and He gave it to me as a gift and said,

“From now on, I will protect you from all things spiritual that intend to harm you, and because of what you suffered, I am also giving you Eddie to protect you on Midgard to protect you there as well.”

Eddie and I became engaged a few months later, and we are in the month-long process of marriage.  After seeing the picture on Darkbookworms post, I remembered I had a perfect rose on another altar- dried and preserved that was meant to be burnt.  I asked permission from that deity and received ambivalence in response… She had plenty of roses, She could spare one 🙂

So, I lit the rose on fire-  What I did not expect was the flame to turn flamingo-pink and spark like a sparkler that I could have bought today at any roadside stand- other flames to glow blue, framing each petal in a soft glow at other times-  the rose retained it’s shape throughout the burning until I decided to start separating the petals with a knife- as I did so- the flames grew a foot high, sparks continued to fly, and the wax from the old, dead candle under the rose sizzled and turned from red to clear.

I asked Ed to come and watch- and before he could enter the room- the entire thing EXPLODED- the table was unharmed, but he walked in just as I had filled a vase with water to douse our table which was now covered in tiny little flames.   I only used a small amount of Florida water to set the rose burning- but these flames in color and behavior were unique to behold and watch change.  Good thing I only paid a dollar or two for the glass holder- I suppose Loki wanted that as well!

Edward and I hardly ever “fight”- we talk things out like adults when we disagree- and as far as screaming matches go- I think we’ve only had one- on the side of Mount Penn as I fought him over some “guru” who lived in a mansion extorting a class of yoga students to pay for another expansion to his mansion.  (I was right, and the next morning he was too sleepy to attend the damned seminar anyhow!)

Today, we spent the day in the Mutter museum, where he bought me a beautiful cameo necklace of a skeletal lady in purple against black and pewter- the pewter perfectly matching the black rhodium of our wedding bands. Here is a picture of our rings-cell phone cameras are inadaquate to show them properly in their final form- with the black Rhodium coating without excessive glare.  They are two snakes with eyes of genuine untreated ruby wound around one another and set with a black onyx in the center.  The material is silver alloy with a black Rhodium coating- created by William Cougar, a jeweler I know in Jersey.  (he designed them by hand himself based on our description!  They turned out better than I could have imagined!)

Here are the rings prior to the Rhodium coating- I could not get a decent shot without glare with it.  Just imagine them shiny, iridescent, and black. :)

Here are the rings prior to the Rhodium coating- I could not get a decent shot without glare with it. Just imagine them shiny, iridescent, and black. 🙂

Purchased from the Mutter Museum, artist unknown.

Purchased from the Mutter Museum, artist unknown.

I have never been so happy in moments as I have been in the past week:  We predicted that our “legal” judge wedding would be an annoying inconvenience, but instead became an insanely comical event :

First, we are brought to Juvenile Probation court- the room filled with angry parents, bored police officers, and distracted lawyers-  I addressed the room where our family and friends were also present “Well, a full house!  That was unexpected- Thank you all for coming to our wedding today!”

The day before, I had dislocated my finger on the wedding band trying to remove it too forcefully from trying it on (we got it resized correctly and also- Ed corrected the alignment the day before- however my fingers were still swollen pretty badly.  As he was attempting to put the ring on my finger like one would tighten a washer- instead of repeating after the judge, he Scottishly replied “Aye”- rather than the prewritten text we had never seen/heard before.

After the ring was on (It fit! At Last!)  -the judge continued onwards with several phrases about “God”- until he stopped and looked at Ed with an uncomfortable expression and said “Would you mind giving the lady back her bouquet before we continue…?”  Turns out I handed Ed the bouquet as I finished getting the ring on my swollen finger and HE was the one holding it like the bride for a few minutes.  I took the flowers back- the proceedings reached their conclusion, and my friends and Ed’s family went outside of the Juvenile probation center for photographs.

Apparently, the youths within did not like it much when I asked “Is there anyone in this room who is not a criminal who can hold a camera for a second without stealing it?”  We ended up with a guy with a nametag who was passing by and dirty looks from inside the room as we got multiple shots of us posing under the “Juvenile probation” banner….and teasing our friends who brought their 9-week old infant about their parenting skills to have their child visit such a place at so tender an age.  (again- the other people in the room looked less than amused- but we were….)

Overall, it was a pretty Lokean experience- and it really served to make us look forward to the REAL wedding on the 28th where we can actually say the names of the Gods outloud as opposed to picking our “favorites” with each droning mention of “God” in a state building.  (Separation of church and state?  Here?  In my city?  Apparently not)

Furthermore, although the religion we are getting married under is NOT formally recognized by our county, Urglaawe symbolism completely covered our wedding license.

Furthermore, although the religion we are getting married under is NOT formally recognized by our county, Urglaawe symbolism completely covered our wedding license.

So- here is our marriage certificate: note the hex signs, distlefinks, and Germanic typeset….and yet, we STILL had to go to a judge to be considered “legal”.

All in all, I have so much to thank Loki for, the sacrifice of one rose hardly does Him justice for the kindness he has brought to me- and the comfort He has given Eddie through Ed’s work with his Children, Hel, Fenrir, and Jormangandr.

So, hopefully, the fire was a sign Loki accepted my enthusiastic “Thank you!” for all His blessings and help over the past year!  The table is unharmed and the fireworks were beautiful *indoors* this evening.

Hail Loki, fire trickster- and gifter of good husbands!  🙂

The Urglaawe Trickster Figure: Eileschpiggel!

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Artist unknown and likely dead

Artist unknown and likely dead

Please take the time to read this excellent post by my friend Robert L. Schreiwer of The Troth and Urglaawe Tradition regarding the Pennsylvania Dutch/Continental German Trickster Eileschpiggel!

Fascinating, Rob!  I really enjoyed this….and I know you all will as well.