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Posted in About me on September 23, 2019 by Tyrienne

If I directed you to this blog, here is a copy and paste I wrote a while ago; It’s still mostly accurate-ish:

Here is where to find more resources on Odinism:
To educate yourself easily, first, read this:

“The Odin Brotherhood” by Mark Mirabello:
I always suggest the Teachings of the Odin Brotherhood. A short, but good read. (They also have a forum you can find via Google search)

Now here is the Havamal

Here are the Eddas:

Here are our Furthark Runes

Extended Futhorc Runes

And here is the added 9 noble virtues of the Asatruar (*Not unanimous for all Odinists*)

That is a pretty good start. Generally, once you have read the above, you literally know more about our religion than half of the people who claim to practice it. πŸΊπŸ˜‚β¬†

(A little background I am an Odinist chaplain; Both a Gythia as well as one of the only of our faith to actually hold a Theology degree. We do not convert by nature, the Gods reach out to our people I believe and lead them back to our ancestral faiths.)

If you are looking for organizations…

Sorting hat of Odin says: “Liberals go Troth, Conservatives AFA.”

Other than the Odin Brotherhood which has no meetings and countless kind Pagan organizations where Heathens mingle with Druids, Wiccans and other paths, I do not yet know of a nonpartisan national or international exclusively Heathen religious organization yet. However, if one is forming I would like to help support it… let me know. Our country was founded on the freedom of separation of Church and State, it seems I am not alone in feeling tired of our religion being divided by opinions on American elections. Political issues are temporary- our Gods are timeless.

And that is a good start… I am happy to help where I can, sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed and may be offline for extended periods.