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Upcoming Book

Posted in About me on June 8, 2017 by Tyrienne

I thank all of you who began following my blog in the past couple of months, despite my lack of new content. I do not want to become like many other bloggers who are simply commenting on current events like some sort of pundit, so I realized this may be the best time to actually work on a Heathen novel.  I have had this goal for quite some time-  I realize there is a lack of Heathen fiction and it is a niche that needs to be filled by hundreds of us.
As a child, I was inspired by the complicated worlds and thoughts of C.S. Lewis and as an adult, Philip Pullman and his “Golden Compass” series.   Although my writing will likely not be geared to children like both the above authors- I would like to create a universe to the same breadth as they have but for our own people.

Writing is the closest we come to becoming Gods/Goddesses- in creating stories, we create and guide the lives of our characters and the worlds we create- and if we do it well enough, it becomes real in the mind of the readers.

As opposed to creating transient works of social commentary on the present, I would like to create an alternative future in literature, if I can.  I already wrote one book in my life- my thesis, and it was agonizing.  I believe I limited myself to blog posts and comments out of trepidation of the psychological illness my thesis elicited in me.  My topic was “The Physical Theory of Time and How it Relates to Mystical Experiences.”

The problem is- when working with both physics and philosophies- the ideas themselves created a sort of insanity in me (and others, I have heard) that took years from which to recover.

I guess what I mean to say is that I hope I am well enough now to write with joy instead of sleepless nights over my keyboard crying from the psychological pain of deadlines and reaching so far to the limit of my intelligence to explain such intricate concepts.   Although my thesis was technically successful, the cost was high.

I feel if there is something I am truly meant to write- it should not be harmful to myself to write it- further, the more I am online recently, the more I find my psychological state is adversely affected.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who follows and/or shares my writings as a resource- and even to those who have shared my writing critically and got my name out there.

Now that I have your interest, it would be irresponsible as a Heathen to not try to use what talent I have to try and pull myself up out of collecting disability by utilizing the resources all of you have provided-  I would rather look back on the past few years as a period of rest before creating something great rather than as a slow decline.

Hopefully, I can accomplish this goal.  I am still available as I have always been via comments and facebook for now.

All I ask is for good wishes that I can manage this endeavor.   We need more colorful Heathen fiction- and I hope to be one of the very many to provide it in physical copies of books that are not subject to erasure with a power outage.

I thank you for your support as always!