Fighting Censorship

norse wolves

I believe it is safe to say many who will read this blog understand that as a culture we are struggling with an addiction to technology- where we find ourselves watching mindless entertainment at the click of a button- not even upon request, but in our newsfeeds scrolling down the current events of meaningless nature:

“This Story Will Warm Your Heart”
“Watch big doggo in jacuzzi”
“(Random) Disease Awareness, I bet you won’t share this!”

But yet, here we are- whispering in our communities and workplace real thoughts- as we watch people of bravery still attempt to defend their freedom of speech against oppressors who have turned the idea of their own oppression into a form of martyr hood- where the greater the self-alienation from the community, the louder the voice and the stranger and more restrictive upon others the demand.

We all fight for what we think is “equality”- but in truth, we all fight for our own ideas of an ideal life.  The ideals of one group is the hell of another and vice versa. To recognize this is a beginning.

In honesty, equality never existed except in delusions of the groups who hold the power, whomever that may be.

“Do you feel as I do?”  We search our neighbors and friends quietly- we let little things slip about how we now question everything history has told us.  The rallying cry of those who wish us silenced is that they refuse to lose the idea of their freedoms- all the while finding new ways to suppress the freedom of expression of dissenting voices.

Cynism grew from personal experiences- those of us who had to struggle as young adults, holding down multiple jobs to afford our rent and food to eat.  Those of us who could not afford college (or namely, did not have parents willing to sign off on it) became disillusioned as entry level positions went to those less qualified, but had a magical piece of paper.  Post college, despite having access to higher wages, being saddled with higher debt making living just as difficult as it was before.

Our families do not help one another- we see the models of radical separatism in the family, as we shrunk from a culture to nuclear families, then even less than that as people gave up on the values of fidelity or had to work so hard to afford even necessities that the child effectively becomes educated and raised by the State, in public schools and daycare deprived of the ability to have that precious time to learn from parents and grandparents communal values, or even to bond properly with those we are supposed to be able to depend on above all else: our blood relatives.

Overall, Americans are working more hours for less pay and fewer benefits than our parents and grandparents.  Instead of learning organically from local peers, most socialization is incredibly structured into further lessons and practices- not allowing for the time for creativity and thoughts of freedom.

We tell our children they are “free”, in their homework they brought home to do in the home after 8+ hours of federally mandated education.  Do we even know the meaning of freedom anymore?

Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce.

When you separate the word “Fascist” from “Government”- it can be noted that anyone who would forcibly suppress others for speaking or communicating in a way that is disagreeable as fascists.  You can suppress someone by bullying, by silencing or by threats of violence. Heathens are now a divided religion so very soon after being recognized as a religion despite being older than the dominant monotheistic religions.

What are we to the Gods?

I believe we are stories… I believe the Gods are entertained by us, some of us may touch their hearts, some of us at war may inspire them, and our silly arguments may entertain them.   Boring lives and boring time periods do not exist.   What makes you think that the Gods aren’t watching all sides of all issues?  That they aren’t engrossed in our dramas waiting to see what we will do next?

As for myself, I will follow the path where I feel I can contribute the most, where my own industriousness comes easily and I am able to express myself without censure.  Where instead of crying to void of the internet about loneliness, I contribute something productive that attracts others of like minds to me, where true friendships can be formed, not just online, but increasingly back in real life.  For that reason I have decided to move onto other things.

The best way to fight is to live the ideals we speak of on the internet and reduce the time we waste to technology.

We may go through many different changes to our beliefs in our lifetimes- to be able to change with grace and adaptability shows character growth.  Perhaps, it keeps the Gods more interested and inclined to root for us in the stories of our lives.



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