5 Perspectives

I have had enough of worship,
of prayers of bowed knees and platitudes.
I tire of people asking for favors, signs, and miracles.
I desire nothing more
Than for you to look up at the sky
and call it beautiful

I have had enough of being hurt
Lips sewed, tied bleeding
Upon the slab meant for the dead
I am tired of suffering for you
Exhausted of your blame and stupidities
I no longer want to be your scapegoat
your fiend, your Northern Satan.
I want to go home, to when I was loved.

I have had enough of this bullshit.
Of hands clasped begging for chains.
I tire of wandering, for I find only fools.
with locked doors
who conjugate with loneliness
as their chosen companion
instead of living.

I am tired of poetry
for nobody reads it
I have tried writing
and my words
no longer move cold hearts.

These chains are getting heavy
You think you have saved yourselves
by locking me down
…From my perspective
you are the true monsters.

I do not need your worship
I only want your honest affection
and to know I have a place to lie my head
when I fall to Earth once again
With no place to call home.

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One Response to “5 Perspectives”

  1. This is both haunting and beautiful. He may not want it, but hail Loki! May we remember and give a damn about his sacrifice, rather than revile Him.

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