An True and Factual Insider’s Look at Discordianism. (In as much as things can be True…which we cannot Know)

ERisSeveral months ago This article was written by VICE on the “Online Drug-fueled resurgence of Discordianism”

The author got Doxxed.  I wasn’t one of the people who ever participates in such a thing, but becoming a “member” for about a year onto any of the “Main Disco” pages, even for years, means absolutely nothing.  All the power of this movement is found, oddly enough, in it’s divisions.  True Discordians (Those that survive in Discordian pages) divide themselves like a child’s coin-sorting bank, in a sort of Fibonacci-type sequencing of connections and complicated alliances.  Like any religion there are rivalries and tragedies.  There are indeed drug users as well as people who have never touched anything so much as a tylenol. Theists, antitheists, famous authors, infamous figures, and complete nobodies.

Off of the “main group” of a fluctuating 10k+ members on facebook/reddit alone you will find very little of substance- pretty much a regurgitation of tumblr-type memes, non-sequiturs, and vicious trolling.  So, how do you navigate Discordianism to its gooey, creamy center of order amidst the chaos?

Be intelligent, be honest, be broken…and if you can’t manage any of these things either be incredibly entertaining or convince people you are outstandingly insightful.

Each splinter, cabal, faction, and sub-group has it’s own moderators- and many if not most moderators overlap in various platforms of social media;  I know because I have been one for several years.   Over the years as it became increasingly apparent that the Asatru community was far from welcoming those who did not happen to have patrons on the fluctuating list of “approved” deities, many of us found homes in other religions;  Some went to the Unitarians, some to Satanism…and Lokeans, predominately, found a home among the Golden-Apple-Worshiping, theistic Discordian Archaetypalists who saw more concordance between Idunna of the North and Eris Discordia, Goddess of Chaos to the Greeks.

To Discordian Heathens, the sagas dovetail nicely of how Idunna was sent to the “Southern Giants” only to be returned at a later date- many theists who are present in the inner circles of theistic Discordianism believe that this intersects with the tale of Eris being a visiting Goddess unhappy with her accommodations who consciously causes as much chaos as possible prior to her release.

If this is indeed true, it would indicate a depth to the figure of Idunn/Idunna that mainstream Heathenry ignores- a complex nature that is easily to identify with as humans of being thrust into situations we did not agree to and desperately wish to extract ourselves…

…Which pretty much explains anyone who feels frustrated that the decisions that govern this world are made by callous idiots none of us like very much at all.

If there is any ideology that unites Discordians it would be one of rebellion and of the liminal experiences of being outcast and intellectual.  Just as Lokeans, the Discordian is maligned but strives not to care- and to express the grand truth that there is no thing that anyone can know conclusively except that we do NOT know anything conclusively at all.  That reality is outside of our jurisdiction to understand, and that we are ruled  by nothing more than cause, reaction, probability, or nothing at all and our only limitation is our own thought and prejudice.

If we were a Philosophy, we would be Philosophers, unlabled and sitting on the great stair in Athens debating everything from the meaning of life and love to creating our own inner terminologies and buzzwords that serve as a handshack to identify other people who have read on the subject.

Like most subcultures, our language has incomprehensible to outsider terminology such as “Greyface”, “Goflowolfog”, “Banjos” and countless things about the calcification on the pineal gland which are either serious or entirely factitious depending on the sender.

Disco is a wave- it is not a solid organization, it is more alive than many “common” religions in how quickly it can be changed by those at the center.  There are indeed “Projekt Mayhems”(Of various spellings)  That are largely harmless, sometimes beneficial, and oftentimes done without any credit or have long-lasting effects on culture.

But it seems that another common thread among my travels is Discordia is amusement at the trends we start without needing to take credit or brand our names to our ideas and movements.

Discordians have created most of your memes, some of your stranger movements, and an excess upon excess of art and literature.  Great authors live among us, as do famous musicians and we refer to them with the exact same ratio of adoration/indignation as anyone else within our cyberspace and give them a place to feel free of expectation- gratuitous ass kissing is non-existent, commiseration rules in the corner of the golden apple on which I reside.

Where I exist in the world of Disco is the broad place where it overlaps with Odinism, with many Odinst who follow the Lord of Madness who has one eye instead of red hair.

I volunteer in the support groups and have learned no matter how successful or not one is- there is commonality in what some would commonly mislabel as “madness”.

We are the those who flunked out of MENSA, were kicked out of gifted, and generally estranged for asking too many questions from whatever assigned shelf life first granted us.

We would be your antiheroes and “mad” geniuses.  Any press is good press, except when it isn’t.  We will let you know.

Some places in Disco have people competing to shove pastries up their nether regions, while others try to forward  and float nonsensical social causes to see how far they fly (Freebleeding was a 4chan Disco projekt mayhem.  It was wildly successful to our amused dismay;  We also made Jimmy Rustle famous.)

… Where I live in this world of digital mayhem remains dimly aware of trends in the other pages but generally remains aloof of it.  There are secret societies that exist in Discordianism that actually accomplish a great deal, and some that exist simply to exist.

The key isn’t to like everyone, or even anyone at all.  If you are insulted, insult back.

Take it seriously and wilt off of our forums like old paint on a hot day.

There are no rules, however, I have found that “No Reporting” is pretty common as is “If you do not like them, block them” as far as maintaining ones maximum lesser threshhold of no bullshit.

On the downside, we have had our share of stalkers and creepers…but openly; most religions have to at least act surprised when their assholes end up incarcerated.

Many of us have been in Psychiatric facilities as patients or staff…some cases both.

We have people who are homeless and people in mansions.

There are more Discordians than Heathens, and in the words of Malaclypse the Younger, we are indeed, All Popes.

If you want to get far into true Discordianism, find out who has “Keys” and discover all the brilliant minds who are staring at the same “Dat Boi” memes you are who might be interesting the best thing I can suggest is read.  The book list is more extensive than most.

It is best to start with The Principia Discordia, followed by Condensed Chaos.

Any list lifted off of a Philosophy 101 syllabus.  Alan Moore, Mike Carey… read up on Sciences and Ancient religions.  Read Flatland and Philip K. Dick novels.

Don’t believe a word of them… Fucking question every word you read, including the phone book.  You don’t know who might have changed their names.

You know nothing…and neither do I and that is okay.   Just try not to be grayface.

Know who Carlton Mellick is, listen to Die Antwoord…or not.

Generally speaking…there is room for everyone in Discordianism.  However, despite the thousands seen in groups, keep in mind there may only be a couple of hundred, real members at any time running multiple accounts, getting banned from social media and returning with new names and forged ID’s simply for facebook.

You will find everything in Discordianism including dogma, prejudice, and petty bickering.

Really, Discordians are just like you- but without the veneer except for the one’s we paint ourselves with…and the collage of Chaos is majestic, complex, and irritating to some.

Ultimately, we pretty much know we know nothing at all… and we are okay with admitting it.  Some feel meaningless as others feel fleetingly like meglomaniacs who condescend on those who frustrate us with their lack of self-initiative to research…but we also have our sages who have never read a damned book in their lives but we adore them anyway…while some of the better-read individuals are some of the one’s who *flounce* out often greeted with friendly farewells of #ByeFelicia.

We are confused with the Left Hand Path- and yes, that also overlaps both Disco and Heathenry- but is not one and the same.   Discordians tend to run the scale of “Chaotic” alignments if we were playing characters in D&D. (I would be a Chaotic-Good Malchavian…also derived from Discordian terminology and Incorporated into Vampire the Masquerade.)

We even have more clergy who have actual accredited university ecclesiastic training than any Asatru organization.

So… Can you run with the idea that you don’t have a single monopoly on truth, that we are fallible in our wisdom and understanding and that order is simply an imposed illusion out of fear of Chaos?

Can you be perfectly okay with admitting you have NO IDEA what is conclusively going to happen outside of vague hunches based on experience?  No other religions I have known can… hell, even many Discordians lack the ability, but some do.

I survive and thrive in Discordianism because I know not to take anything seriously against me and to not be thin skinned.  I can be a total banjo, we all can…

But Eris is forgiving when She feels like it.

I stick around in Discordia because I have found people I mutually relate to within…and most of those people are Heathens and brighter than I am by far.

Most of us have been harmed in some way by the larger community or exiled- but yet, maddeningly to some, we continue to persist in existing knowing that our innate natures of inquisitiveness and mischief are not welcome in the worlds of greyfaced cowards who hide behind brittle and fragile structures that all fail given enough time.

Discordianism one day may fail… but that’s fine.  Eris existed before our lifetimes, chances are it will just keep on happening will/us nil us again and again…

…and again.

I have only created one Splinter, and it is called Discordian Heathens.

You can also find me in Chaos Magick and countless of other Discordians groups I only see in my feed.

Another tip.  Make sure you “Unfollow” everything that doesn’t interest you or you will never survive… or maybe you will.

Those that survive a couple of years have an entire army worth absurdists to deflect detractors; and because of Discordians I still survive in Heathenry to the extent that I do.

Have an apple of Hesperides or call it a sweet peach of wisdom.  Whatever totes yer goats…


(P.S.  I am not editing this without a convincing reason.  It’s more authentic to just plaster it on up here fresh!)
P.P.S.  Thinking next post will be an FAQ.  Ask me some questions if you like or I’ll just complile the one’s I’m tired of…. 🙂

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8 Responses to “An True and Factual Insider’s Look at Discordianism. (In as much as things can be True…which we cannot Know)”

  1. Billy Oatmeal Says:

  2. a lengthy and confusing intro to Discordianism. Well done. Well done, indeed.

  3. Everyone in Discordian Society and all other Facebook Discord groups need tro read this article and realize that they are part of the problem. Particularly the admins who allow the shitshow in those rooms to go on. I too have been a victim of the doxxing psychopaths in there. They in no way represent the soul or the original intent of the Founders.

  4. A very insightful article. ❤ – and, as a fellow discordian whose path has crossed yours previously, you know "insightful" is high praise in my lexicon. 🙂

    I agree fully that the basic points of our social discordian groups is relatively simple: never take anything too seriously, especially yourself; and keep your mind open to new and different ideas. If you can do that, you can have a very positive learning experience of your own choosing by being in these groups.

    Of course, this process also produces a lot of crap. So you also have to be prepared to wade through the crap and not fight it; fighting crap, even if you "win." only really just gets you covered in more crap.

    But the crap is absolutely necessary for the magic mushrooms to grow. That is the nature of Chaos. 🙂

  5. John the Heretic Says:

    Sometimes I try to participate in the discordian community in a more meaningful way. Then the weirder than thou one-upmanship starts and I renew my vows of heresy instead.

    If nothing else you’ve pointed out some new flavors of discordia I should sample.

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