Loki’s Kids: Some hard truths

I can’t defend myself, and yes- it does hurt being Outcast from my local community while I have so many followers online. This man speaks truth I wish more people would seriously consider.

Also, take into consideration that of all the LEGAL clergy in the United States for Heathenry, who have actual training in counseling and divinity…is me.   I run an informal crisis line on fb chat, I help local grieving families, I Hail Loki.

(For the Record:  Members of the Troth kicked me out of their kindreds because I was tired of a woman spreading slander against my husband calling him a ‘rapist’. (My husband has never even been SUSPECTED of such a heinous action, there have never been police, and the woman doing the accusing is doing so on behalf of a woman long removed from the community)  instead of addressing HER lies, they punished me for “attacking” her  by calling her out online instead of addressing the issue.  They are not Heathen “leaders”- they are a bunch of fools playing tea incapable of addressing any real wrongdoing.)

“Everyone knows that Loki is the bringer of discord, that his followers are all damaged people who disrupt the community” You know, as we grow up, we all hear and accept certain truths from our com…

Source: Loki’s Kids: Some hard truths


4 Responses to “Loki’s Kids: Some hard truths”

  1. I’m horrified to hear about your and your husband’s story. I’ve been slandered online, strangely not my worship for Loki, but for my practice of shamanism that was deemed savage and harming towards other. (…?)

    The thing I realised is that most of the time in these situations, people NEED to villainize someone or something to be morally justified for their bigotry, their own morally ambiguous acts, or just the way they feel. I have no doubt that your husband has nothing of a rapist, but in creating association him with a morally accepted standard, the slanderous woman is playing on perception and illusions. Maybe the other woman is manipulating the other for her own vendetta. Lying is a question of appealing to values of others. There is a really cool book on lying called “On Being a Shit”… I’ve read some of it, and it was fabulous.

    Loki is a Master of perceptions and illusions, we have to remember that, and all in all, things tends to take their natural routes once the illusions are broken.

    • Tyrienne Says:

      …Does it help if the slander was in real life?

      We are pretty much misanthropic on account of it and have no recourse. We do not have the money to file a lawsuit and The Troth leaders have proven themselves utterly unfrithful and incompetent at managing conflicts.

      They seem to be too invested in organizing silly little ‘Pagan Pride’ events than to handle problems within the community.

      The other time I asked for help the Goethe of our kindred was on meth and starting to turn Nazi on us. I saw this as a PR issue for everyone. I was fortunate the AFA stepped up to watch the man… the Troth, as per their M.O., did nothing.

      I have seen many positive changes in the National organizations regarding Lokean acceptence, thankfully. I believe the Odinic Rite is currently the most truly accepting, the Troth ‘claims’ to be accepting but doesn’t practice it, the AFA claims to NOT be accepting of Loki but I find more friends in the AFA than the Troth.

      In otherwords, it’s a mess.

      • Sucks to say, but online slanders is much easier to bring to deal with because of its material nature. If you have written proof of slanders, record them… Defamation is a crime punishable by law after all. The woman, except if she’s totally dillusional, probably know it’s not true, and liars are afraid of being exposed and take their responsibilities.

        That’s what I don’t like about communities for spiritual people; people do not want to work on their selves or beliefs, they want to be justify to act a certain way. I have no faith in groups that involves a structure of higher authority…

        Man, this whole story sucks.

  2. Tyrienne Says:

    She’s destroyed about three kindreds so far. I’ve destroyed none.

    I’m sure the Goethe who cares more about his “Oath Ring” than real Frith truly feels the regrets he expressed…but hides behind that ring…a mere object… to hide from himself that he is not a courageous man.

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