The Loki Sleeve Tattoo

My right arm is in-process of becoming a dedicated half-sleeve to Loki.  The inner arm was drawn and inked by Desiree Isphording and depicts  two tailed fox holding a rose-on-fire against a background of other meaningful symbols, fire, and blue roses.

Fox tat

Designed and Created by Desiree Isphording: Site currently down, but “Sphinxmuse” on Deviantart.  (I added this picture by fb request- yes, he’s a Kitsune.  Inari was a very significant figure to me and a related/aspect archetype in my view world.)

The outside of my arm that is currently being worked on  is based on this piece of art:


Artist: Wantstobelieve.tumblr (found initially on DeviantArt)

I contacted the artist of the original piece and when I see his/her work- try to add attribution where I see it- please do likewise.  I thought I found their real name- but with all the copycats out there I do not know for certain the true identity of the artist outside of tumblr.  Which I do not use.  A friend made me an account under “Tyrienne” as a joke and followed every possible porn site.  If you want porn, thank my friend Rich if you look up “Tyrienne.tumblr”.

After two postponements, I got the work begun by Jim Bentley at 309 Smooth Tattooz on Sunday, and he was truly wonderful.  Since the work is not finished yet (he did the blues first- clever man)  I will not show the work until it is complete- it’s watercolor style and mixed in with a Twin Peaks theme of “Fire… Walk with me”, fire walk

as well as the owl symbol for the White/Black lodge on my wrist.

owl awesome  I like how the symbol changes direction depending on how I hold my arm and how it is seen.  This picture was taken the day it was made, it’s already healed a bit…but I find trying to take a picture of my own arm well is futile.

My friend Desiree stopped by and brought me birthday gifts from her and her family, which was really cool, too.

Anyway, that night I got more presents from my brother and sister in law, free dinner, and even more gifts from random friends.  My birthday was a week prior and I expected nothing considering “34” isn’t exactly a magical number age-wise.

I was a little depressed that I had to tell Jim I might not be able to get it completed until June.  It took me 3 months to save up enough to start it… and without the convenience of tax return (we got ripped off, they did NOT renew the first time homebuyer credit for 2015), and the literal flame-jet shooting exploding oven we had to replace- it was tougher than expected to save.

But-  A very goodly portion of the base is complete- and as much as their seems to be an ever- raging battle both inside myself and outside myself in the community which argues “For!” or “Against!” UPG experience- I can say that during the process- I felt completely comfortable.   It didn’t hurt except when he would take breaks to wipe it off (that stung)- it was a pleasant, warm experience.

Looking at even what is so far completed fills me with comfort, I feel more confident and proud.  I do feel closer to Loki- and to me, Loki feels like a very protective and sheltering presence in my life.

Then, this happened last night:

Husband: “Take {comment} off the internet right now.  You will get in trouble.”
Me: “No,  because it’s true.”
Husband: “What will it take for you to take it down?”
Me: “For it not to be true…which it is.”
Husband: “You will be sued, I won’t help you.”
Me: “You have no faith in our Gods.  I am not removing what I said, it helped people… and the truth of the statement is proven clearly- there is no trouble to be had.”
Husband: “I do have faith…I just don’t-”
Me: “Pull a rune on it- if it comes up upright, I will remove it. If not,  It won’t”
Husband: “You want to use “magic rocks” like a coin flip?”
Me: “The fact you call them ‘magic rocks’ is insulting- just do it.”
(He pulls a sideways Jera)
Me: “It has no reversal”.
Husband: “I want to pull again.”
Me: “No. That was your pull.”

We bickered back and forth for a few minutes…

Husband: “Your comment has been up for several hours. You’ve made your point.”
Me: “You mean…’Still making;”
Husband: “Please, anything- what can I offer you to take it down? Everyone has seen it already who is going to see it.”

*I look at my arm*

Me: “I want my Loki tattoo finished ASAP.”
Husband: “Deal.  April.”
Me: “Put it on the calendar”
(puts it on calendar…our calendar is like a holy book of bills-  what goes on the calendar is non-negotiable)

So, as part of my agreement, I go to the computer to take down my comment-  I find via my secondary profile the comment was already removed by the creator of the post and I was blocked.

I didn’t have to remove the comment- the tattoo is still getting finished in April.

That’s how Loki works in my life.  How about you?


4 Responses to “The Loki Sleeve Tattoo”

  1. A guiding force. a mentor. a narration of: ‘what do you want to do, and how do you want to be convinced/what will it take to make you do it.’ This is our agreement.
    Loki is subtle, nurturing, and will kick my arse if I don’t do what I’ve promised us both I’ll work upon, which is basically becoming myself.

    • He is constructive change. Whether the path to that change is painful or not, the change is ultimately for the better.

      • Tyrienne Says:

        I have noticed a great deal of change in the past week- I am hoping it’s the tattoo and not all the crazy prescriptions I’m on for Bronchitis. 🙂

        (I got the tattoo during a cold- I knew it would become worse. Worth it for the tattoo)

    • Tyrienne Says:

      I find him very protective and warm regarding me. Then again, Fire Gods are typically “warm”…

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