Weight Loss is NOT An Achievement.



If this picture means more to you than your personal ethic- we have NOTHING in common.

I do not even own a scale in my home- and I refuse to allow my husband to buy one.

During my 20’s I experienced a condition by the name of PCOS.  My Nana (who has never been “thin” by any means in my lifetime) as well as countless meaningless acquaintances seemed to find it necessary to comment on my weight losses and gains as if it were somehow more significant than my career, college achievements, or general happiness.

I was skinny when I was despondent because I would lose my appetite.
I gained weight on certain medications or on account of uncontrolled hormone fluctuations.
On my wedding day- I was recovering from an allergic reaction to a medication that made me swell up like a goddamned parade balloon.

I noticed that over the years I would get the most compliments when I was at my absolute least-healthiest.

During my last semester of college, I was so stressed that I couldn’t keep anything down outside of coffee. I was losing hair by the handful and in and out of psychiatric wards for suicidal idealization…. people close to me congratulated me on my weight loss ignoring the fact that I was basically praying to die.

Now, I finally had my last fucking ovary removed in September, I’m menopausal, and know what?  I’ve dropped a great deal of weight from that alone. With absolutely no change to my diet whatsoever.

What is my secret?   Not having my hormones absolutely FUCKED.

My brother has a thyroid disorder… is it his fault?  No… that would be a different set of shitty activated genetics in our inbred bloodline.

And yet- weight loss seems to be the absolute be-all, end-all goal of most first world people who surround us.

Honestly, it annoys the FUCK out of me.  My husband has body dysmorphia from years of being a professional athlete- every single day, I am asked “Do I look bloated?”

The real question he should be asking is “How can I find true meaning and leave a lasting legacy in life”.

But, no… alas, no one really gives a fuck about legacies, education, accomplishments, or any other skill or talents of significance….well, not any accomplishment unless it is ALSO accompanied with “being thin”.

I have FANTASTIC news for all you first world people starving yourselves into stupidity…

Eventually, we will all die…and whether we are cremated, buried, or left in a ditch somewhere, I can assure ALL of you that you will lose all the weight you desperately obsessed over in life.

How about instead of starving your bodies (and your brains in the process), you eat a fucking sandwich, read some classic literature and care more about gaining wisdom than losing pounds?

How about we stop complimenting our women on keeping figures like 18 year old’s and compliment them instead on having the integrity and strength of our most noble ancestors?

But, alas…. nothing will change.   I might get a couple of “likes” on this post and despite all Odinist/Heathens loudly proclaiming how “Different” and “Superior” our ethic is to the modern pathos- inevitably, the physical appearance of our people, just as any other people in first world countries, will be seen as the primary indicator of desirability of association and regard.

If you want to eat like a True Heathen… Kill and grow your own damned food.  Be grateful for the strength, not the size, of your damned bodies…and strive for health rather than than attempting to fit the ever-changing (and ever thinning) mold of modern culture.

Food is important, eat it.

Someone who is thin is no more accomplished than one who is thick.

I don’t judge you on your weight.  I judge you by your intelligence and wisdom.

If the greatest “wisdom” you have to offer is “how to shed/gain those pounds”- then your depth is that of a puddle and neither of us will come away from our conversations with any gain of insight.

Complimenting a person on something so entirely arbitrary  as their poundage or spending one’s time obsessing endlessly about “weight loss goals” is time taken away from more meaningful pursuits and demeaning the absolute entirety of the human experience down to meaningless numbers.

YES.  I lost weight.  NO, it was not intentional.

YES, it pisses me off if that is the first thing said to me after you haven’t seen me in a while.

“Wow! You lost weight! What is your secret!”

“A horrendous genetic defect that caused me to gain it in the first place and several surgeries to remove defective internal organs!  Thank you for asking you boorish ass!”

You know what else is a fucking pain in the ass?   Have all your pants fall off your ass.  Clothes are fucking expensive and I am currently wearing a pair of sweatpants held up with a fucking safety pin that randomly decides to stab me at random.

Compliment me on my weight loss, and I will deride your intelligence and observational skills…as well as your lack of true caring for my person since I am posting this here today, right now.

If you do not care enough me personally to care about the thoughts I hold dear to me but care about how much space my body does or does not displace in space I cannot help but lose respect for you and what you stand for as your personal ethic.


8 Responses to “Weight Loss is NOT An Achievement.”

  1. LokisThrall Says:

    Thank you for writing this. All my life I have been teased, made fun of and derided by family and friends that I was always too big. I have struggled with this all my life. I will be 27 next month and with what you have written combined with what my mate tells me every day has finally helped see that my accomplishments are not defined by the numbers on a scale or the number on my clothes.

    I mean I got a letter today from my college saying that I have achieved academic recognition for having a GPA of 3.50 to 3.99 and that I am in the top 3% of my entire community college and yet all my family can say is “Why don’t you lose weight? ” “If you don’t lose weight you’ll get diabetes.”

    So, again, I want to thank you for writing this, thank Loki for his guidance and to thank my mate for seeing past my weight and seeing me for the person I really am.

  2. LokisThrall Says:

    Reblogged this on Loki's Tea of Knowledge to a Pensive Vixen and commented:
    Please read this.

  3. I’m more concerned with the fact that i can’t do more than twenty push ups in a row anymore. Function is more important to me than appearance. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem o be thecase for most of the world. I got mostof my compliments when i was stress-thin. It’s not ok. It’s really, really not.

    • Tyrienne Says:

      I feel the same way! It’s weird, but when I was training in (casual) body building…. no one cared that I could bench my own weight or do unlimited pull-ups…. instead, my grandparents expresses extraordinary displeasure at my “weight gain”.

      I would rather have that raw, physical strength againthan be skinny!

      This world is really fucked up like that… especially to women in particular.

  4. Thank you for writing this. I have struggled all my life – the opposite rings with me – when I am unhappy then I gain weight as food is my form of comfort. When I am happy, it drops off. It has always bothered me that people judge according to your looks – everyone must have at least one fat friend to make them feel better and I refuse to be that friend. It surprises them when I contribute to an intellectual conversation – the look of horror that my brain actually functions! However, strength is most important to me and damned if my daughter will be caught up in the same shit. I have taught her fitness and strength over skinny.

    • Tyrienne Says:

      I advise you put aside this particular struggle forever for your daughter. 🙂

      If she sees you worry about how you look as a priority, so will she- and you will both be happier without that! 🙂

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