Politics and Ethics: Can You Dig it?

Dig it   I have a certain respect for people who both post on a regular schedule- as well as those who seldom update at all.  The first group, I admire their consistency of purpose, however, that is also how we end up reading 1000 words on the important topic of

“I was at the grocery store buying mangoes…” and “I have been much more regular since I started eating more mangoes.”

Then, there are the people who post seldom, and those people tend to have quality posts every time- but novella to novel length as if the act of holding in so many thoughts became such a great burden that it becomes an absolute universe of Lynchian synchronicity for what would also be a Lynchian amount of pages.

I’ve been endeavoring to  finish “Twin Peaks”- I saw “Fire Walk With Me” and enjoyed it.
I’m house training my puppy.
I’m recovering from a foot injury (just when I thought I was well)
I’m fixing up my house.
I’ve been  seeking legal council over a medical malpractice suit I have been trying to to file on behalf of local PTSD patients facing discrimination while recovering from surgery in hospital.

Other than that- I support none of the presidential candidates- feeling that the leader of the United States should be both a military veteran as well as the creme de la creme, rather than the raw sewage, of our political system.  I have the strange aspiration that a true group of leaders will emerge from the middle and lower classes and be risen up by We The People and set forth a Utopia- but intellectually I also am aware of the impossibly and live vicariously through old movies and playing RPG’s.

I live in Pennsylvania and I am registered third party-  what this means is I cannot vote in any primary unless I misrepresent myself and choose one of the two major parties to vote expressly in their primary- a bias I have not found living in other states.  I feel strongly enough against both major, centrist parties that I find misrepresentation of one’s civic beliefs to be abhorrent.

Since there is no party I fall “in line” with- I am Independent or No Affiliation- and I have no interest in joining a formal party at this time- but I desire to represent myself honestly as a third party voter and not accept the unconstitutional requirement to align myself with ideologies I do not agree with entirely in order to express my right to vote.

To fight for the rights of third party voters, we cannot easily secede our third party affiliation on our voter registration cards.  This simply skews the numbers of the two major parties, falsely.

It has been said: “Pennsylvania is not a state, it is a commonwealth” repeatedly as one of the many excuses for this lack of civic representation of politically-minded individuals who do not fall into the centrist spectrum.

For me, I even find the labels of “Liberal” and “Conservative” to be ill-fitting to my political idealogy as well.  The limitation of black and white thinking became very apparent when I was randomly selected for Gallup Poll- the questions were restricted to a Clinton/Trump competition- and I attempted to explain to the the person administering the survey that here, in the United States, we can express our voice of “No Confidence” in our two party system via third party voting and write in.

Some have attacked this view on social media claiming it is “throwing a vote away.”

That is far from the truth- for if you do not find it agreeable to your ethic to vote for either candidate- then instead of being absent from the process to invite the critism later of “You cannot complain if you do not vote”- one can actually claim a moral high ground with the action…

“I did vote- but I didn’t support either Centrist party since they do not represent my values and priorities.”

Aristotle was one who indicated a life of active civic duty was the highest calling to which one could aspire . However, modern civics has become armchair-lazy without active engagement in most cases.

However, very few people have the time to seek a civic life outside of the demands of career and family responsibilities- since everyone outside of the disabled and highest economic classes have the freedom of time to do so- and even so, there seems to be a great feeling of “danger” to me in expressing dissent in the current McCarthyism environment where instead of “commies” the country is seeking unpopular opinions to tar and feather political dissension against the status quo….unless that dissension is related to minor issues that do not involve criticism of not just a topical symptom of deeper societal ills.

A good example of topical criticism :

“I will not associate with anyone who believes/says/supports (topic)”

Okay, so  what this basically is the equivilent to in the meat-sphere of real life outside of the internet is the childish metaphoric covering of the ears and screaming:


And then, there is the requisite “splitting” of families over political views which is entirely unnecessary and also a symptom of the greater disease of dividing all but the highest classes- in order to keep us from allying with each other and suffering through a coupe.

It has become abhorrent, through media conditioning, to even associate with peoples who hold different experiences and viewpoints.

One of the greatest lessons of Loki is the ability to ally oneself with those from every walk of life- In the case of Loki- He was well connected with Jotuns, Dwarves, and several other realms of sentient creatures that are normally enemies between themselves- in doing so, those with less fluid points of view claim him to be “untrustworthy”.

I find I trust less the people who are not willing to listen to every point of view of objectivity- especially ones that contradict the view one currently holds.

I have friends who are #blacklivesmatter as well as those who are Trump supporters.

I have friends who are even anti-SSDI, knowing that they do not understand what it is like to be on disability, the complication of the vetting process to be determined disabled, nor even the difficulties that only people on federal Disability experience with endless doctors visits, reviews, and fights with insurance companies to be billed fairly and correctly as well as in a timely manner.

In a sense, when one has any “active” medical condition that requires care it becomes a full time job not just to recover from surgeries and any chronic condition- but also to be watchful of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous insurance companies who count on people on SSDI to not question incorrect billing practices.  Abhorrent, when it is realized that every single person on federal SSDI is only collecting 12k a year, and in most cases, far less- which puts most below the threshhold of the poverty line.

So- in a sense- the people who are disabled enough for SSDI are often even neutralized politically since the disabilities they endure often require activism for fair treatment leaving little time and energy for people in situations like I have found myself to do much more than care for myself and take care of the the pressing issue of preventing myself from being taken advantage of financially and being billed for treatments that I was told were “covered” (such as an EKG, in my most recent argument with the hospital)- but insurance decided to fight otherwise requiring documentation from multiple healthcare providers in some cases since tests tend to be out of entirely different facilities than the attending physicians themselves.

I am finding that the sheer volume of inaccurate information being spread online via social media to be increasing, and as a result, deeply depressing.

I read an article yesterday proclaiming the color blue “doesn’t exist” outside of our perception and that ancient peoples did not recognize it… what small training in Linguistics I have (and knowing what little Lettish I do, Lettish being one of the oldest Sanskrit-based ‘living’ languages)- knowing that both Farsi and Lettish have multiple words for “blue”, in addition to being languages that remain older in spoken form in comparison to mainland-European language families which have changed dramatically over the past thousand years is enough to disprove that idiocy.

But yet, people do not apply the same common sense to debunk faux political statements- and it has become nigh impossible to find unbiased news sources that do not rely on opinions, weasel-words, false reporting, bad journalism, sensationalism, or simply work as headers into click-bait articles on absolutely nothing of substance.

The real issue isn’t “He said/She said”- the real, crushingly depressing issue is that we cannot know unless we are present- and despite all of our technologies, we cannot trust what we see on account of censorship and extreme journalistic editing.

I feel as if my time in Political Science classes did indeed open my eyes, but unlike most, that combined with my cynical heritage of Deitsch who were forbidden by the state from speaking our own language for much of the past century in conjunction with coming from that microscopic Lettish ethnic group decimated by Stalin’s more greatly ‘successful’ holocaust of ethnic cultures during WWII- it actually made me more cynical than I was before, and that cynicism has lead me to a sense of estrangement regarding the faux-dualistic and divisive nature of American politics and policy.

The “inconsistency” of remaining mentally flexible enough to change a point of view based on new information is seen as abhorrent by those who are proud of their dedication to their respective causes and political rationale, failing to adapt to new information is seen as “admirable”- saying “I don’t have enough information” is seen incorrectly as a sig of weakness in lieu of being accurately seen as honest.

Such is life of any person aligned with Loki in a positive, constructive manner.

Knowing from experience abroad that “news is different outside of these borders”= I cannot trust sources I used to rely on years ago for unbiased journalism- and I find myself in the company of only a few, older academics in my despair over this rather than being swept up by the minutiae of presidential elections when it seems Freedom of Press only applies to op-eds no more or less reliable than this blog- rather than trained, unbiased journalism of reporting events in a factual, open manner and allowing the consumer to make a value judgement.

We live in an era of false heroes and fake terrors- as President Putin of Russia pointed out- it was the United States that funded ISIS- and yet, people have strong opinions on specific events of foriegn policy that are based in inaccurate portrayals of events.

What is the truth?  The problem is we are not in a position to know- and THAT should be the most disturbing thing.

Blue always existed, no matter what it is called- but daily our vocabulary of English is shrinking to 140 characters of l33tsp3ak nonsense as most people find Academic English vulgar, pretentious, and off-putting in favor of the casual language of anti-intellectualism.

My facebook is now nothing more than a storehouse of ironic, topical memes and troll-baiting posts I use to amuse myself at the expense of the frustration of others who get into extended political debates with complete strangers about candidates for the office of “Figurehead” while we actually live in a corporate oligarchy with little means to actually affect national levels of change without significant enough cash to rival the business interests in poisoning our water, air, and food supply in order to give the CEO’s of this world their million-dollar bonuses while the peasants infight amongst ourselves over issues so much less dire than the complete loss of our faculty to thrive without being entirely in-debt to those same overlords.

Do you have student loans?  A mortgage?  Car payments?   Without student loans- college is inaccessible to most.  Without a mortgage, home ownership is impossible for most of the middle class without a windfall or being forced to live in low-density population areas that lack opportunity, and without a car- even getting that house in a low population area makes finding indentured servitude to pay these debts prohibitive.

Kennedy was shot for claiming there was a system out to “Enslave every man, woman, and child” but never had the chance to express his thoughts on the manner more deeply prior to his assassination.

Snowden is still a political refugee in Russia.

People of high IQ are forced through school systems that punish free-thought and force brilliant minds to be subdued by denying curiosity in learning in favor of endless testing and re-testing of our nation’s students in K-12 without teaching any valuable life skills in self-sufficiency or civic duty- while private academies seem to be the golden ticket to Ivy league exceptionalism dividing our youth between the poor majority vs. a ruling, better educated minority based entirely on income rather than intellect or ethic.

The ethics that are being espoused of our modern culture of consumerism, waste, and distraction are meant to enslave us, and they do, and I am no exception and no better nor worse than any other American; and like most, I turn to distractions such as games or click-bait to take my focus away from the abject horror of knowing that as rapidly as our middle class slides into poverty, that globally speaking, even those who live in poverty here- still have a king’s wealth when compared to the majority of human population living in complete destitution working slave hours, for less pay, and absolutely no hope for freedom producing the goods and services that keep our country anesthetized against the suffering that surrounds us/is resultant from our lifestyle and the wordless learning and seeking most have for Truth when there is none to be found.

I have been intentionally limiting my time online on account of these thoughts- and have found the less time I am near a computer or any other media the better I feel… realizing the only change I can affect is to my immediate surroundings, life, and impact that I have with direct conversation instead of the illusion that anything I say or do online is forgotten in minutes in favor of yet another adorable video of tickling kittens or watching foolish people have foolish accidents, “Jackass”-style.

Ultimately, I wrote today because this is the first time I felt compelled to in weeks- and that is generally my only motivation for writing…. that feeling of compulsion.

I do not know if what I have written today will benefit any of you or if it is simply nothing more than an outlet for me to “blow off some steam” and explain why I have been largely absenting myself from online activities more than usual.

Regardless- no matter what anyone or anything tries to say otherwise, I can assure you that the color “blue”, as you know it, is not an “invention” of modern times…


2 Responses to “Politics and Ethics: Can You Dig it?”

  1. I decided a long time ago that the only safe way was to make sure that my land was mine and my friends were few but tight. Unfortunately I’m now aware that even my land can be taken and have had to reassess. The fact that most Americans seem incapable of reassessment (and even objective assessment) is so incredibly disturbing to me that I spend most of my free time training a goat and weeding the garden.

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