A Dog named Ziu? Seriously?

When I am in the midst of nervous breakdown (once or twice a year) I end up getting some silly idea in my head as a remedy.  This time, the breakdown was brought on by a disturbing packet of paperwork demanding the names, contact information, and procedures performed by every single doctor I have seen in the past year.

Keep in mind, I just had surgery in September, they gave me two days- even with an extension, frantic calls to my lawyer, therapist, social worker, and everyone EXCEPT friends and family- I was still a fucked up insomniac with a constant migraine worried that if I couldn’t match the correct doctor to the correct procedure some horrible fate awaited me… (and might still, I sent off the paperwork and I am notorious for not believing people when they say “REN YOU WILL BE FINE”.

So, I suddenly became fixated on rescuing a Siberian Husky mix…. a mix because I was concerned for my three cats.  Since there is a rescue nearby, it didn’t take long to get approval to be a “Qualified Adopter” with the 2 mile dog run that goes through our property adjacent to the creek and the added bonus that Ed and I both worked with wolves and already adopted an overactive pitt/lab/border collie mix from a shitty shelter.

Anyway, we signed up for the rescue at a bad time; the owner is ill and they were not in a position to do either adoptions nor even accept new huskies. No worries, turns out there was a man on Craigslist who was one of the people rejected due to this unforeseen circumstance.

After 22 absolutely bizarre emails exchanged, I learned his dog was named “Zeus” and convinced him to bring him by.  Since the emails were so bizarrely written I was convinced the man was some sort of “bro” with such wonderful emails as “I leave work at 3, home by 6” but with no contact information or further info.

It felt like exchanging emails with Ralph Wiggum.

I realized why the dog had been “up” on Craigslist for 4 days… conversation took patience- he had 14 other people interested, but none willing to pay a rehoming fee but some shady mofo from a dogfighting town 3 hours North in Hillbilly country.

He wrote the name of the dog was “Zeus”- and I thought to myself “Great…if this goes like every other animal I’ve lived with named after a God/dess- this one will hump anything that moves.” and was pretty set on changing the name to “Baron”- the pup is only 10 months old and still looked gangly and goofy in the online pictures.

Ed said “$200″….and what do you know?  After I explained our living situation (me home 95% of the time, an invite to see if his dog and Natasha would get along well, and the house/backyard) the guy reluctantly agreed to meet us last night at 6:30pm.

The dog that tentatively was pulled from his car was a gorgeous breed-standard husky dog, entirely docile and sweet.

Ed couldn’t be there, but his mother who rescues bassett hounds was happy to wait with me.  The dogs got off to a slow start…but as soon as the leashes were off, they made fast friends and seem more closely bonded to each other than to either the releasing owner or Natasha to myself.

The dog was purebreed with papers- and almost entirely ignores the kitties except as a vague curiosity….

But what was really curious is the man kept saying “Ziu! Ziu!” every time he spoke to the dog… I asked why.

He wrote down the word “Zeus” and said “We pronounce it like this- Ziu.”

Well, fuck.  Most of you know this already, but “Ziu” is just another name for Tyr.

He was actually a sweet man from the Islands who lost his local job and now worked in Philadelphia- he really loved this dog, but worked 16 hour days and left Ziu crated all that time and felt awful about it.  He was crying when he left and so was Ziu, my heart hurt for both of them- but I am glad we were the one’s to adopt Ziu since I have the time to fix the potty-issues where most would not.

…And the dog responds to “Ziu” when called- so, we changed the spelling for our sake and the sake of our veterinarian and I can’t help but feel like I’m back in college again with two mentors trying to vie for my academic attention-  As if Tyr was an Ethics professor and Loki, Civics….and each is trying to bribe/teach me at the same time.

Loki: “I got her a husband.”
Tyr: “I got her a dog…and named it after myself.”
Loki: “…The husband is housebroken.”
Tyr: “So to, will be the dog. You think any gift I give is without work?!”

Seriously, though…what are the odds of finding a perfectly sweet husky named Ziu, the Urglaawe word for Tyr?

So far today according to the step counter on my phone we’ve walked over 2 miles.  He’s 10 months old, is not housebroken, but is so sweet and beautiful he reminds me of some male models I’ve met over the years…. Not the brightest, but beautiful and nice enough to compensate.

He has a shiny new harness, toys, a girlfriend in Natasha, and a life outside of 16 hours in a cage.  As for housebreaking… I don’t leave the property much anyway.   Being a “Dog Warden” who scoops him up, puts a leash on him, and puts him outside everytime he even looks like he is interested in relieving himself is tiring but far from impossible.

It just takes all the patience I never thought I had…  Also, unlike Natasha, I am now forced to get my broken foot looked at because running hurts like hell but the only way to train a husky is to tire it into happy submission.

My dear readers….what would you think if you were looking at a dog who just randomly happened to be named after your patron God in your second language….how would you react?


The black Shadow is Natasha, and here is a meta-photo of the author attempting to photograph the dog unsuccessfully as Ed’s mom got the best shot to date!

I really need to paint those cabinets this summer, too.



2 Responses to “A Dog named Ziu? Seriously?”

  1. Personally I’d question it if the perfect animal were to appear, named after one of the deities with whom I can claim any sort of relationship. But then… animals named after Loki have a bad rap around here. I do have a buck goat names Grinder, but that’s more of a derivative. Either way- I’m glad you’ve got a pretty, happy, healthy pair of furbabies. 🙂

    • Actually, we didn’t even really like the name because it’s hard to pronounce… It’s more like “Tzee-yu”…we thought maybe it was tone of voice so we tried other names the first night.

      We stopped when we said “Loki” and he growled a little.

      Definitely a Tyr-doggie who likes being called Ziu. 🙂

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