On Syria (And the rest of the Middle East)




After much thought and consideration I decided to write this post realizing that there are few outside of our Heathen veterans who have come home from tours recently to give accurate insight into what is happening currently with Syria and the rest of the Middle East and how it relates to the United States.

First thing that needs to be stressed is that the Eastern part of the United States has been experiencing high amounts of rioting in the past several months, in fact, it was the sharp increase in inner-city violence which drove Ed and I to buy a home in a fairly isolated area.  Reading and Allentown Pennsylvania, our two closest cities, have been experiencing almost constant racially-motivated riots that seem to be primarily caused by high school  students.  In Allentown, 4-6 officers (depending on the source) were injured during what is now called a “Large High-School brawl”.  In my city of Reading, we have the Philadelphia SWAT team on loan on account of a several hundred person riot near one of our own high schools.  Here is the link to that, it was only announced locally and despite hundreds of people involved in violent demonstration and destruction, these events are not televised nationally and I have heard of the same phenomenon happening in other cities to even greater degree- also unremarked upon excepting Ferguson or Chicago as of last night.

From speaking to others who are located in the Mid-Atlantic States, Great Lakes, and Deep South- the racial tensions have been mounting considerably. The problem lies is in the information people selectively choose to consider without actually having real sources to back up their perspectives.

I have been seeing a great deal of “Unfriend me if you feel/think/believe…” which does nothing except for limiting exposure to alternative points of view and information.  The situation in Syria is far too complex for a meme or a blithe non-sequitur.  For both sides of the fence, you are not creating a more “elite” friendlist, you are diminishing your exposure to the insights and experiences of others.

Oddly enough, for the first time I have been dismayed to discover it is primarily those who have high degrees of education in entirely unrelated fields who are the easiest to offend at this moment, and it has really been an abrupt slap to the face of my reality to see very intelligent people show very little situational awareness of life for those who do not live in any area of significant tension or danger within the country.  Sadly, those same places of riots and danger are very close to where many of the refugee processing centers are located and out of straight fear it is not unrealistic to expect Islamaphobic violence to take place.

In the United States, we are obsessed with the number “Two”- very focused on false dualities:  If you aren’t A, you must be B…. If you believe in B you must be anti-A.

It’s bullshit, frankly.  (Since this is a blog entry and not an academic paper, I can say “BULLSHIT” and enjoy doing so. )

Considering that the situation in the United States in our cities at best could be described as “volatile”, it seems the divisions between those in the Ivory Tower of academia and the less-diverse communities of the upper and better-off middle classes are entirely blind to the majority of problems that affect the majority of people who do not live in such comforts- showing evidence of deep instability at the core of our identity as Americans…and this is not a pretty phrase I am just throwing out there: Heathens are moving out to the country because we are witnessing first hand as poverty and strong divisions in ideologies is leading to extraordinary violence and prejudice between pretty much all peoples that could possibly be divided in every imaginable way economically and socially, by a consumerist culture that thrives on controversy, discord, and glorifies needless violences.

Before I get into the specific details as to “Why”- I will state my position (which has not changed in several years):  is it is safest for US citizens, the refugees we already shelter, and the refugees seeking asylum if we temporarily suspend ALL refugee intake into the country until we employ our military to fix our severe domestic problems of homelessness and violence amongst our own citizenship.

I have been called “racist against Syrians” for this… but honestly, using the argument “The US is better than where they are coming from” does not work on me considering Rwandan peoples have been raped with swords, watched family members dismembered, and yet we have not opened our borders to them or any other African peoples, nor have we welcomed the Polish, North Koreans, or really anyone publicly recently to the degree of Syria

Actually, we have shown a dangerous amount of news coverage regarding the intake of Syrian refugees- which honestly is what contributes to my negative position regarding taking in more.

The United States takes in 70k to 90k refugees from all over the world per year without incident.  Most actually arrive from either Burma or an even MORE controversial country, Iraq.  (Source: Pew Research) Considering ISIS partially had its origin in Iraq, claiming Syrian refugees are secret ISIS insurgents is unlikely, despite this fact- the instability, homelessness, and civil unrest here in the USA needs to be addressed first before a population the media conditioned the average American to fear is a terrible idea for everyone.

Furthermore, despite there is evidence that rebellious young men from the all over the world rebel and join ISIS/ISIL/Daesh including the USA- it is impossible to say where the next attack may come from, or if.  Yes, there are reports that one of the suspects of the French attack was Syrian, but it was a fault of the Greek vetting process over the French, technically.

Regardless, my stance remains the same.

Despite the fact it is unlikely a Syrian themselves is going to commit any action against this country- the level of fear is high enough that it is reasonably safe to expect that there will be an increase in violence.  Most likely from Americans against the entirety of the Muslim population without the ability to differentiate even the basic differences between Islam, Sikhism, Hindu, or Tengari.   Sikh populations in particular are at high risk for their traditional head wear and religiously-required beard.  But, as you can read from the following article, are an entirely independent religion far separate from any recognized threats to national security .

Here is an article about a Sikh man being attacked in Chicago as a victim of misplaced anti-Islamic violence.   Sikhism is actually from the Punjabi region of India- not even remotely close to the same people.

If the average American is so ignorant as to not be able to discern the very clear distinctions between religious practitioners and seems to hold a particularly strong fear of Islam in particular, bringing in more Islamic people is NOT going to assuage that fear simply out of the reactionary violence that is already occurring and will continue to occur at even greater levels as the sensationalism of the media increases and decreases to suit those who control our media for whatever their aim.

For the record, I get my news from the internet and directly from people these issues affect.

In irony, I have found out of every population and subculture I interact with, fellow Heathens have overall had the most rational reactions to the current distressing events both at home and abroad and seem to be well-grounded (mostly) and I have enjoyed private conversations with many of you on these issues in the past week.  Thank you for being my encouragement and sanity when it feels sometimes that the opinions of those around me shift too rapidly to keep track of; which to me shows a lack of education on the situation.  I will try to remedy this as best as I am able.

I studied Near East Diplomacy in college as recently as 2012 and the current situation in Syria was predicted by several professors both in my college and papers I read from other academic institutions at the time. I attended in my early 30’s.

My official certifications are as follows: BA: Religious Studies: Persian focus.  BA: Philosophy: Arabic Philosophy/Philosophy of Sciences.  Minor: International Studies: Iranian Diplomacy.

There is more than just Sunni and Shi’i’ Islam- in Saudi Arabia, there are Wahabists who although are technically Sunni have distinctive customs that rather put them at odds with much of the rest of Islam except for the fact that their country is the home of Mecca and their obscene amounts of wealth and influence over United States foreign policy (perhaps, even rivaling Israel in funds).   Regardless, it is my belief that Saudi Arabia instead of FUNDING other countries to take in refugees- should actually be forced to take them in as the birthplace of Islam as well as having both the perfect space and ability to do so where other countries struggle with xenophobia and increased rates of hate crimes which would not occur.  I will get into more detail about Saudi Arabia later in this essay.

For a few days after the attack on Paris, people reached out to me looking for honest news sources and I provided them. Three days later, suddenly, it seemed that the Folkish view of protecting our lands and borders died suddenly in favor of a virus known as “Political Correctness”-  I ended up attacked with ad hominem attacks suddenly by people who were very highly educated.  Friends of mine who are current academics suggested I blog about what I have learned in my studies.  Although my concentration was clearly focused on Iranian studies, it is impossible to study Iran without understanding the other significant countries and interactions within the region.   The problems with Syria have evolved over the years and this is not a new issue, so I have the ability to actually have enough information to have a rather solid, resource backed opinion on the topic that can only be changed not by media, but by a fundamental change in circumstances in our own country- not in theirs or any other.

I have had SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) Scroll back through my postings online and attack me personally in public and private with name-calling attacks as they claim their “moral superiority”.  Although I envy their Utopian view of society at large, in the rootlessness of our current technological dependencies, I note that people have been playing the “Unfriend me if you believe (statement)”;  This leads to the illusion for people who ask for such actions to be taken that those who agree with their point of view represents a majority viewpoint rather than “preaching to the choir”, so to speak.

Here are the issues as I was educated:

First of all, despite the Emma Lazarus poem, “The New Colossus” which is etched into the plaque at the foot of the Statue of Liberty…. our country has been short on “Liberty” for quite some time.  We do not even have legislators who care about the needs of the American people over the American dollars that bribe them.

The very first thing I learned in Middle Eastern Studies, and most veterans I have met have confirmed this:  Our presence is not at all welcome in the Middle East in any military fashion.   The occupation of most of the region by US forces has been largely problematic both for our soldiers as well as the civilians trapped in what is actually a series of small, endless wars from what seems to them like an endless assortment of factions.

The other thing to understand is that the civilian population is usually the last to know, if they are made aware at all, of the true state of most diplomatic alliances between the US and any foreign power that is not an “uncontroversial” ally.  For instance, our relationships with Canada and Great Britain are pretty clearly established in the American super-consciousness, but not so much anything intellectual with Western Asia outside of Israel.  (Which I will desperately try to leave for a future post, but I will have to touch on Israel’s influence briefly on the situation currently in Syria.)

Like Dominoes, each country interacts with the same regularity, but more vitriol, than each state of the United States.
( If Pennsylvania had bombs, Delco, Montgomery, and Berks counties would be ocean-side communities after they would eliminate New Jersey, for instance.  Texas and Oklahoma would be mutually annihilated, and the Packers/Vikings Rivalry would take on extra urgency for Wisconsin vs. Minnesota.  I’ve lived a lot of places. )

President Obama has been actually sending kind, diplomatic greetings on the cultural holidays of many of these countries- something expected of all world leaders to all other countries really, and it has been a pleasant return to diplomacy for the United States; namely non-violent interaction which has been absent basically since prior to 1979.

However,  It should also be established that the office of the presidency is simply the “public face” of the USA- the real legislative power really lies in the hands of those who pay off our congress and supreme courts.   We ourselves are under the governance of a corporate oligarchy that pays off our politicians to put footnotes (“pork”) into bills of an unrelated nature that actually dramatically alter the American political landscape far more dramatically than anything the average citizen even has the opportunity to vote upon.

The point is this:  Little more than diplomatic presence should be the extent of our interaction with the region.  We should have a Consulate in each country to protect our citizens working/visiting abroad and help with legal troubles encountered therein, but otherwise, we should be laisaiz faire regarding the Middle East.   Our entire US system of trade needs to be overhauled to focus more on utilizing our ample natural resources more effectively reducing our reliance on oil from this region halfway around the world considering on our lands we have just as much available to us here- and furthermore, our larger landmass makes it insane that we do not utilize alternative energies that Europe has embraced such as solar power (Most solar in Spain was over parking lots- space already developed) and wind generation.

America is broken- unless the refugees we are bringing in are also bringing in anti-corruption magic and every formerly successful business in Syria to employ Americans, even then most of the United States will be unnecessarily terrified not only of the new refugees, but the already existing problems we are facing with our severely decreased standard of living and deteriorating healthcare systems. (Personal experience/experiences of friends who needed surgery in the past year. **

The average civilian in the Middle East honestly has no idea why “America” is in their villages.  The soldiers who are returning home have relayed likewise.  Outside of a few rare stories where our military had the opportunity to engage in humanitarian missions (usually medics) where the people where grateful for our presence; the problem lies where we are actually fundamentally blamed for the unrest and instability of the entire region.

In fact, we provided the funding for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan/Pakistan, here is Hilary Clinton speaking on the issue.

Here is the video of Vladimir Putin indicating the US is at fault for ISIS (which explains why they never attacked Israel on behalf of Palestine).   

With the second:  Understand that Putin is explaining this in particular to the USA in the sense that it has already been assumed by the rest of the world that we were the one’s who armed ISIS/ISIL/Daesh in the first place… that is the common perception.   The Truth?  I have no idea, but as a Lokean, it’s relatively easy to discern the problems even if somehow we are “scapegoats” for this particular fiasco.  If we funded them, or did not fund them: The world believes we funded them.

That is a serious problem, and setting a stage here in the US for more American upon Muslim violence was horribly shortsighted.

If you aren’t fond of videos and prefer to read- here is a detailed account of how ISIS was created via US intervention into Middle Eastern policy primarily over oil control.   but the facts do seem to align with other sources I read/watched internationally…and it’s short and sweet.

To understand this, it really goes as far back to a combination of our newly-discovered reliance on oil in the 1900’s as well as our unconditional support of the Israeli city-state.
I will not speak much on this except to report that outside of personal hardships endured by some in the region, the greatest humanitarian concern for Islamic peoples is compassion for Palestine and fear of nuclear retaliation of Israel.

To say that ISIS/ISIL/Daesh represent Islam is impossible considering most people within the organization are too illiterate to even read the Qur’an and also, if they were truly Islamic in the classical definition of such- non-radical Islamic people believe in ratifying and protecting the people of Palestine and are more appalled at the settlement expansion of Israel than they do about the USA, except in that the USA may be the only country remaining that was seen to support Israeli actions unconditionally up until recently.  (Hence, why we are now in talks with Iran.  Many of our pharmaceuticals come from Israeli companies.  Iran lacks the resources for chemotherapy drugs, but has one of the best Pharmacological programs in the world in University of Tehran.)

Here is a link provided to me by my political science professor on the average ISIS member.

Here is a brief synopsis of what happened in Syria in Video: 

For those of you who hate videos, a short synopsis: When the current leader of Syria came into power (Assad), he was supportive  of the Christian minority and the Muslim majority believed he was showing untoward favoritism  and anti-Assad civilians reacted with extraordinary violence towards the Christian minority since the Christians supported his regime.

Here is a fairly decent article on that particular precursor conflict that seems to be absent of mention in the current political dialogue I do not approve of the weasel-words nor the over-the-top Christian tone of the article, but again, the facts line up with what I have been told by friends from the region.

The United States and other countries evacuated the Christian Syrians last decade, the last I know coming over in 2012. Also, during this time the Kurdish, who have been seeking a permanent homeland, took advantage of the conflict to attempt to rebel against Syria for their own purpose of gaining sovereignty in the midst of the existing turmoil.

Then ISIS/ISIL/Daesh just began to attack the lot of them (but yet, ignores the plight of Palestine which is the linchpin of malcontent regarding Islam)…and the Muslims are now seeking asylum.

However, the information I cannot find is how the already settled Christian Syrian refugees are expected to faire with the Muslim refugees who were murdering their families a decade prior.

I advised that it is not safe to take in refugees into the USA simply because we do not have all the information on the matter, the public outrage is high, and US cities have already been suffering from race-riots for several months prior to the latest catastrophe and that it would be dangerous to all refugee peoples here who cannot tell who is “new” verses who has settled here peacefully and immersed themselves into US culture already.

Furthermore, in Mina, Saudi Arabia, there are enough air conditioned tents to house 5 million people comfortably that are only used one week an entire year for the pilgrimage in Mecca- but since the US and Saudi Arabia are in some sort of pact, we do not hold the “seat” of Islam accountable for taking care of their own people despite having more than enough means to do so.  Please see this link.  It is the ONLY link I have found on this topic.

Mina, Saudi Arabia is incredibly significant since it is the birthplace of Islam and the tents exist to welcome incoming pilgrams for Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca that each Muslim person is expected to attempt to make sometime in their lifetime.  Hajj takes place 5 days a year, every year based on the lunar calendar.  There have been conflicting reports regarding the refugee burden actually taken by Saudi Arabia, but it is known and resented that Mina has not been opened to these people.  Here is the Wiki on Saudi Arabia via Syrians.   Here, the problem with the situation lies in the fact that the United States has an alliance with Saudi Arabia that is frankly rather questionable considering their human rights violations are extraordinarily high compared to countries we have held sanctions against for much less such as Cuba.  Saudi Arabia forbids women to drive, has Muslim-only privileges within the country, and has wealth beyond calculation on account of the oil-boom.  The stereotype of the “Rich, Saudi Prince” is both accurate and inaccurate considering the slave population and the poverty of the lowest classes of people is so devastatingly tragic that during Hajj, the poorer sections of Mina and Medina are actually “Walled off” so they are not easily viewed by the incoming foreigners…  I watched a fascinating documentary about a South Africaan man who traveled to Hajj and decided to spend his time feeding the poor instead of the typical ritualistic actions that take place in those five days.  (which is now partially indoors, lined with shops and vendors, and the “tents” for the pilgrims have better A/C and newer plumbing than the home I just purchased.)

So, in the eyes of those who live in the region, study the region, or are even remotely aware of the region- the idea that Mina is NOT open to Islamic refugees is reprehensible.

Furthermore, the countries that took in refugees prior to us in large numbers, most particularly Sweden where we know many people, the rates for rape and crime have exploded.  Whether or not it is from the actual refugees or in reaction TO the refugees is immaterial, here is an NPR article on the topic.   It took a few links to find an unbiased newssource on this topic considering I discount any source that begins with ad hominem logical fallacies in the title.  I encourage all of you to google Sweden Syrian Refugee Crime, and you can see the issue I am having.

Sweden, usually seen as a sort of Socialist Utopia- is actually quite insular culturally with friends of mine who are not Swedish who moved there, speak fluently and look no different to my untrained eye from native-Swedes faced discrimination long before this issue even occurred.

Furthermore, it’s not an issue of “Syrians”, per see.  Last decade our country welcomed the Syrian Christian minority asylum in this country and they came with no fanfare, speak English, and I attended college with a few of them.   Arab Spring started out with the best of intentions and ended up actually exacerbating every problem the region already had.  Assad representing the Christian minority began with opposition from the Muslim majority resulting in extreme persecution of the Christians who then sought asylum here.  Some of them were my classmates in college.  They spoke perfect English and were mostly STEM majors- the exact type of immigrant Americans generally tend to love who just merge into the culture seamlessly.  Those Syrians actually provided an excellent counterpoint to all the Irani-immersion I experienced and really helped me a great deal in balance and understanding the differences in cultures between each of the countries of the region.

What does not make sense is if the USA brought in the Christian minority to escape the Islamic majority that was committing violent acts against them and is also utilizing the same intake locations- what protections are in place for the Christian-minority Syrians who have already lived as perfect immigrants who largely and quickly assimilated to American culture?  I have noticed my friends from Syria have been dead-silent on social media and in the current political climate are concerned about communications via electronic means.   For those who know me very well, talking about controversial topics via the internet or phone is not usually ideal.  I come from a family of government contractors and I tend to find my way in and out of social situations fairly regularly where my phonelines get “tapped”*

There are some Political Scientists and Theologians who have warned of radical Islam expanding in “Trojan horse” fashion for several years. Most people in ISIS have not read the Quran, their uniting goal of most of their members is a combination of illiteracy and desperation from coming from cities that have been destroyed by 30 years worth of war either with/paid for the West or suffered under puppet dictatorships we controlled (I.e. Saddam Hussein, former federal agent).  We have deposed more democratically-elected leaders than we ever installed, even go as far as to re-install the monarchy system in Iran in the 1950’s with the assassination of Iranian Prime minister Mosaddegh in the 1950’s and putting puppet Shah Reza Pahlavi in his stead who was more friendly to American interests.  Until he was overthrown by the Iranian people for his personal decadence in 1979- which was a prelude to both the Iranian hostage crisis (bribed out by Reagan) as well as the Theocratic takeover of Iranian culture and society by the cleric-class of Ayatollahs.

Here is a lovely article on how modern the Middle East USED to be prior to the results of the interference of Western colonialism.  Hardly backwards, these people look on-par with any other first world country of their time period.  No, the Middle East was not a bunch of backwards primitives.  That has been a sadly recent development.

Prior to the latter part of the 20th century, West Asia produced more great mathematicians than the United States.

The problem with the internet is people are now choosing only to associate with people who share their specific point of view; this means the people who are pro-refugee see little of what the anti-refugee people have to say and vice-versa and that is creating yet ANOTHER division within the fractured American fabric.

Sweden, where I have many friends, accepted refugees prior to the US and is experiencing crime/rape rates in the triple digits and they are taking actions to actually eject what refugees they have.

This will result in increased violence in the USA. I do not know yet if it will be from the Syrians themselves or from Americans reacting to the Syrians, or even another staged tragedy put on my the government or even from frightened, reactionary US citizens.  Regardless, the danger should be noted and addressed without censure and with dialogue.

All I know is that people are being brainwashed by the media so rapidly their opinions change like the breeze. I am posting this here right now because my opinions have not changed since 2012, and I suffered greatly in the Diplomacy program I was in when I was interrogated by my own country when my program lost all funding (as did all others that were civilian).

The pure vitriol of educated “enlightened” people has me taken aback for certain; I notice my friends from Syria and the Middle East are largely laying low, terrified, right now.

I have also found the only “safe” peoples to talk to are either Odinists or experts… I have not been online much myself seeing as they is no way to have a dialogue with a wall of ad-hominem attacks from self-proclaimed “enlightened” folks who seem bent on trying to convince me I am a “bigot”, a “racist”, and “heartless” for living between two cities that have been rioting frequently for around 6 months BEFORE the refugee problem

Many people seem to believe only “bad people” would not take in refugees from a broken country. Many people cannot concentrate on the possibility that this country, too, is broken and we need to withdraw entirely from the global stage as much as we are able to solve our own pressing civil unrest in many of our Eastern cities of the USA.

Odinists we know personally have all bought land and headed for the country, as have we in the past year.

For the first time, the few Christians I have befriended have a similar stance on the issue, although mostly based on fear rather than education on the region; I still appreciate their caution which is wise even if it is out of fear instead of Wisdom.

In closing, further military involvement of the United States in this regions is highly inadvisable- and taking in a group of people that the American people of which the average American is already terrified; the Americans will not become used to this, chances are- there will just be a sharp decline in our standard in living and more unjustified violence perpetuated by a frightened population of citizens who are largely kept in the dark regarding foreign policies and lost in the media uproar of inaccuracy and sensationalism…

….while real, violent events occurring in real cities across the United States are minimized and without national media coverage which plays into the delusions of the educated suburbanites that everything is “fine” and that “nothing bad will happen”.

As far as military goes?  Complete withdrawal, but until and after that time occurs, support our veterans for their work is more difficult than even I can comprehend.

As a people, we need to STOP the divides of information.   As for how to treat refugees as a Heathen?  Follow the Hamaval and treat each person as an individual.  It’s the Heathen way.

“The wise guest has his way of dealing
With those who taunt him at table:
He smiles through the meal,
not seeming to hear
The twaddle talked by his foes.

The tactful guest will take his leave Early,
not linger long:
He starts to stink who outstays his welcome
In a hall that is not his own.”

There are refugees here already.  Treat them with hospitality and do not be one of the newest causes of strife on this soil.
The best thing to do is simply try to stay safe- the safest being moving to rural areas in the upcoming years and staying as far away from cities as possible.

Why a Heathen/Odinist would enjoy a city with it’s lack of nature, I will never know.  But a dead man affects no changes and cannot support a family.
Support Heathen veterans, listen to the young and the old and listen to their experiences.  Share Yule and Thanksgiving with vets who might not have a place to go.

Honestly, our Veterans returning home now can provide you with an even better education than I or any political scientist ever could in many cases…. just be sensitive if they have psychological trauma.

My primary trauma is from the interrogation I endured from this bullshit;  I’ve been through NOTHING compared to anyone who has been on Tour of Duty.

Thank you hearing me out. I do not foresee this situation improving anytime soon.   I am all in favor of Russia handling it considering it directly affects the Russian population in proximity than it does us an ocean away.


*/**Since the US has entered into open dialogue with Iran, I feel intellectual and emotional freedom to speak on my past experiences where before I was terrified of further trauma.

For the majority of my time in Persian Studies, I was notified my lines were tapped, my car was followed since I was under “kidnapping risk” over being assistant to an entirely different professor who wrote  about gay rights and Islam in a positive light.  At the end of it all, all linguistics programs in Farsi were defunded, I ended up in 5 hours worth of interrogation on US soil.    Without even passing the strange diplomacy program I found myself in, I did have a brief window into a very strange world where the guy checking my passport at the airport knew more about my life at the time than my own father, and I came off what I thought was a random boat from Tarifa, Spain to Tangiers, Morocco to be met by an official government assigned tour guide specifically for me despite making the trip on a complete whim on a Friday afternoon.

It’s okay, I’m used to it between growing up Baltic when the USA did not understand that the Baltic States struggled against Russian ownership (or any ownership) and for my grandma’s friends  of entirety Latvian old ladies into “potential spies”.  They were not entirely inaccurate.  My deceased grandfather led an interesting spy-type life prior to being “paperclipped” to the USA.

The only way a Latvian old lady could kill someone is with Latvian traditional cooking.  Ask my husband.

After all I’ve been through, my curiosity regarding my grandfather’s several-country non-mercenary military service interests me highly, but every single time I have the ability to look into it further, the political climate of this country is not ideal to do so.  Now would be a terrible time, for instance…

However, without the experiences of my maternal grandfather and my father, I would not have found myself in the position to have the information to write this.

I also thank my former Political Science professors for the majority of the links in this post. I will add his name if/when approved to do so as further resources if I can.


11 Responses to “On Syria (And the rest of the Middle East)”

  1. ladyimbrium Says:

    I have a grand total of one (1) problem with this essay. You used “altar” instead of “alter” about halfway in.

    Seriously, though, this is the kind of thing that needs to be happening. As usual, you back up all your conclusions (I hesitate to call them opinions since they are clearly based on available information and thus, conclusions) and present them without inflammatory language. I happen to agree with you for the most part. If I could wish anything about the current stage of this crisis of many years, it’s that I could trust the vetting process for refugees. If I trusted the process more I might be willing to let more in. As it is, I don’t understand it, don’t trust the results I’m seeing in other countries, and don’t really want to add that stress to an already increasingly unstable society. Most of the country hasn’t realized it yet but we’re no longer the envy of the world. We haven’t been for some time. May I share this article with an interfaith group I work with down here in MD?

  2. An Andromedian Says:


    These events are taking place because the majority of the people in the “modern world” are in death cults that think that when the world is destroyed in a huge war their messiah will come save them. These “problems” belong to those in these death cults, not anyone outside of them.

    Everyone and everything that you see isn’t in the same reality. Those people treated you that way online because they live in a separate reality from you and you threatened the integrity of theirs so they had to reject you. Don’t take it personal, this is going on all over the world with just about everyone, people are taking sides in wars to come right now.

    You need to separate yourself from those who are part of these death cults.

    How do you do it?

    Use Ehwaz and Mannaz to build a relationship with your FETCH.

    Another thing you want to look into, start researching Telepathy, the “Godphone” that people speak of is Telepathy. Loki told me to tell you that he want’s to communicate with you directly in that fashion…It sounds creepy at first, but you’ll get used to it…:) Use Fehu to develop it.

    I know that I sound woo-woo and you may get upset at me for telling you not to concern yourself too much with what’s going on in the country but you have been getting pushed out one door and are being led through another….

    When I said that you are a Hero, I meant it….You don’t see it yet, but it’s about as plain as day to those of us who have been around for some time….

    Did you get checked out about the Reiki? Did they find anything?

    • Thank you for your kind words. I do have a “Godphone”- I just come from the school of “Don’t call until you exhaust all other possibilities.”

      When things are well and good- I am closer to the Gods. When difficult, I am Heathen and rely as much on myself as possible. This may or may not be a healthy mindset- and yes, Loki has made it quite clear that this sort of independence is not conducive to channeling, but I honestly do not want to appear weak before my Gods.

      I suppose I think of Heathenry as sort of parallel to the Klingon religion of Star Trek. I believe I might be an accidental psychological masochist.

      I do have a question for you, though…. why are so many spiritual people falling off the path so easily these days? I am losing more real life friends to stupidity and ignorance daily. It’s as if there is a psychic virus killing off all the empaths and turning them into sociopaths.

      It honestly is terrifying. I have seen many good men give up wives and children for either drugs, whores, or religious zealotry.

      Even former benevolent mentors are not immune. One became a super-fundie Christian who became a fox news darling and another: senile.

      The strange turns of life are not coincidental, but the pattern eludes me. I do not even have the temptation to become a narcissist or sociopath, yet I see more in the world daily, it seem.

      Good thing I’m an agoraphobic.

      • An Andromedian Says:

        Ruminate on these cards from the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot and you will see the answers to your questions:

        “I do have a question for you, though…. why are so many spiritual people falling off the path so easily these days?”

        V The Hierophant.

        “I am losing more real life friends to stupidity and ignorance daily.”

        XIII Death
        XVI The Tower.

        “It’s as if there is a psychic virus killing off all the empaths and turning them into sociopaths.”

        XV The Devil.

        “It honestly is terrifying. I have seen many good men give up wives and children for either drugs, whores, or religious zealotry.”

        XVI The Tower.

        “Even former benevolent mentors are not immune. One became a super-fundie Christian who became a fox news darling and another: senile.”

        XVI The Tower.

        “The strange turns of life are not coincidental, but the pattern eludes me.”

        XI Justice.

        “I do not even have the temptation to become a narcissist or sociopath, yet I see more in the world daily, it seem.”

        V The Hierophant
        XV The Devil
        XVI The Tower

  3. An Andromedian Says:


    What we are seeing in the world today is a return to the “Pagan”, pre-Christian world.

    Christianity and Modern Society requires that you wear a mask to participate and you are now seeing the masks come off. True faces are being seen and people are picking sides.

    The Internet caused this. It was inevitable.

    There is no such thing as “The World”, only “Worlds”. We are seeing this now, “Worlds” colliding and clashing.

    That is why *we* are here now.

    Or maybe *we* have always been here?

    You are in Ragnarok right now. Can you see it now, why *we* seek you out? Do you understand the course of your life? Do you understand why Tyr and Loki wanted you to create this blog?

    Do you understand why the old ways are making a comeback? Do you see your role in all of this?

    Who am I? I’m here to nurture HEROES.

    I can tell you that I’m very closely related to the Aesir and Vanir. Remember when your friend told you that the Gods are people? Do you see the implications in all of this?

    Are you sure that you haven’t been talking to *us* throughout your life? Odin is always in Midgard as you know and you have spoken to him in the past without realizing it.

    The world that you are concerned about in this blog post Raven, you WERE NEVER IN IT. Never.

    With that being said, I’m going to say this to you and everyone who reads this blog:




    – Apopolon

    • Thank you graciously for your kind guidance!

      I think I see the pathway- the problem is far too many people are obsessed with “destination” as if there are absolutes and ‘true endings’…when in fact, there is not “end” only Change…

      I was thinking on writing a post tomorrow remembering what my Nana used to be like prior to her senility, not complaining about what it is now- but honoring my past with her, but I worry it might overload me with grief and not serve the blog…

      …your thoughts?

      • “Modern Thinking” teaches you these things:

        Everything starts with a blank slate.
        When things end, they end for good.
        That things progress based on linear/casual time (which isn’t even real).
        Everything is separate from each other.
        You need to “strive” to be something other than what you are.
        “Rugged Individualism”.

        They teach you that everything proceeds in a straight line.

        The reality is that everything is like a plant. Look how flowers, plants, trees, etc. grow.

        They BLOSSOM. Everything BLOSSOMS,

        There is no such thing as “progress”, it isn’t real. Why is that?

        Because WHAT SOMETHING IS is more important than WHAT SOMETHING DOES. What something is is the only thing that matters. The Gods say that your deeds are important, but they mean deeds that come from your true ORLOG.

        “Modern Society/Thinking” teaches you to perform false deeds that are contrary to WHO YOU ARE which is ORLOG.

        When you go against ORLOG, you are fighting LIFE ITSELF. You are cancerous to LIFE. If you study Cancer, you will understand what I’m saying.

        Think Hagalaz:

        “Hail is the coldest of grain. Odin created the world of old.”

        “Hail is the whitest of grain; it is whirled from the vault of heaven and is tossed about by gusts of wind and then it melts into water.”

  4. An Andromedian Says:

    “Modern Thinking” teaches you these things:

    Everything starts with a blank slate.
    When things end, they end for good.
    That things progress based on linear/casual time (which isn’t even real).
    Everything is separate from each other.
    You need to “strive” to be something other than what you are.
    “Rugged Individualism”.

    They teach you that everything proceeds in a straight line.

    The reality is that everything is like a plant. Look how flowers, plants, trees, etc. grow.

    They BLOSSOM. Everything BLOSSOMS,

    There is no such thing as “progress”, it isn’t real. Why is that?

    Because WHAT SOMETHING IS is more important than WHAT SOMETHING DOES. What something is is the only thing that matters. The Gods say that your deeds are important, but they mean deeds that come from your true ORLOG.

    “Modern Society/Thinking” teaches you to perform false deeds that are contrary to WHO YOU ARE which is ORLOG.

    When you go against ORLOG, you are fighting LIFE ITSELF. You are cancerous to LIFE. If you study Cancer, you will understand what I’m saying.

    Think Hagalaz:

    “Hail is the coldest of grain. Odin created the world of old.”

    “Hail is the whitest of grain; it is whirled from the vault of heaven and is tossed about by gusts of wind and then it melts into water.”

    – Apopolon

  5. An Andromedian Says:


    This will tie into my previous comments on this blog entry.

    You have had certain experiences with the Heathen community and Loki wanted you to clear up His name. Why?

    I am going to say something that I was told to say by Odin and you will see why:

    This whole “Asatru” thing in which you treat the Edda’s like the bible and you see Loki as Satan….Odin DOESN’T LIKE this. The purposes of the Eddas were that the people of the North could have knowledge about their Gods, who are THEIR ANCESTORS; and the stories TEACH you things.

    Odin’s name is ALL FATHER, He is the father of the Northern Races. He isn’t separate from you, he is in Midgard ALL THE TIME checking on his CHILDREN. He is nothing like Yahweh, so stop looking at Them like that. Look at them as FAMILY.

    So if Odin is your father and He is joined with Loki, and he said that if you give praises to Him that you give praises to Loki as well, what is the deal here?

    People need to deal with being a christian and heal from that before instead of dumping it into Heathenry, STOP running from your issues and deal with them. Odin doesn’t like this, it’s cowardly to Him.

    This whole “Nazi-White Nationalism” thing, Odin doesn’t like this. Do you want to know what he thinks of this? He thinks they are WEAK and DISGUSTING. These people worship Them out of hate for others, and you think THEY like this? A real warrior goes and battles people that they have issues with instead of doing what they are doing, and the only reason why “Racism” is even a thing is because it’s something that the RULING and MERCHANT classes cooked up to control the lower classes with.

    Plus “White Nationalism” makes NO SENSE in a Heathen context because it was Christianity that “united” Europe BY THE SWORD. Why would you choose to perpetuate the “Modern World” instead of breaking free and going your OWN way, like Odin wants you to?

    Now the “Universalists”, Odin doesn’t like that either. Why? Because “Universalism” looks at Gods like CELEBRITIES. This is wrong because each group of people have their OWN GODS, people are BOUND to their Gods by BLOOD.

    Now there ARE PLENTY of cases in which you have Gods from different Pantheons show interest in people who aren’t from Their lineage, but to tell people to worship a pantheon that has no link to them by blood “just because” IS WRONG because the Gods choose who they want for reasons that have nothing to do with PC or “Anti Racism”.

    The Gods are PEOPLE and people associate with people who are SIMILAR to them. If they don’t see anything within you that they like, they will IGNORE YOU. Universalists are encouraging people to waste time with Gods that will never accept you when you could spend you time with One that will.

    I’ve heard someone say that if all the Europeans died out, that Odin would go to Africa and seek people there. What the fuck? Africans have THEIR OWN GODS, who are coming back into the world just like the Aesir are. Let other groups have their own Gods, these “Universalists” are no different from the Christians who went to other lands pushing Christianity on everyone.

    It’s hilarious to see that the Universalists and the White Nationalists/Nazis are pretty much doing the SAME THINGS.

    Plus you are holding up OTHER GODS who want to speak with their people.You are GETTING IN THE WAY OF THEIR WORK.

    Now Raven, you and others like you are at the forefront of the end of the Christian world back into the pre-Christian world.

    This is Ragnarok.

    Your life was Ragnarok.

    Keep going, because you know what happens at the end of Ragnarok.

    Do you know why it seemed so hard? Because you were taught “Rugged Individualism”, just like all of us who were born into the “Modern World”. The real world is NOTHING like this.

    You and others like you WILL lead.

    It won’t be anything like you think it is, it will be an adventure…:)

    You won’t be alone either. We are here now.

    To the people I spoke about above in this comment:


    Deal with what you need to deal with so you can come home.

    Drop the bullshit, your Father wants you to come home.

    There is another world out there, you don’t have to stay in the one you are in now.

    A world with your real FAMILY.

    – Apopolon

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