Tyr- “Gods Do Not Always Get Along”

Okay- diversion over.

A common search of Deviantart (from which most of the pictures in my posts are sources from) is indicative of the pure unpopularity of the God Tyr in Heathenry.

Loki?  Would you like that in “Hiddleston” or “Non-Hiddleston”?  Either way, there are literally hundreds of modern renderings of Loki.  Of Tyr?  AFTER you wade through all the wolf-fursuit reference sheets and pictures that are dominated by Fenrir- there are very, very few images of Tyr- and of those images, there is always some glaring flaw- the wrong hand is removed, Christian-Crusader armor, bearded like a Hipster at a Whole Foods….when Tyr in lore seems to be one of the only Gods indicated to be clean-shaven.

I thank Humon comics for this depiction- It’s really excellent.  It’s also the only one that shows any semblance of similarity to any Tyrsvolk’ UPG of this God.

Tyr is not known because He does not “require” worship-  in fact, He would prefer if most who do not know Him to NOT worship Him- usually, on account of over-emphasis on the “war” aspect and both accounts of him FIGHTING wolves- ignoring a minimum of 6000 years plus of history where his kenning was “Wolf-Prince”….and even after “Lone Friend to Fenrir.”

Fenrir literally ASKED for this God by name when the Aesir were trying to deceive Him.  Tyr was Not Happy.

Well, that is pretty much how to summarize how Tyr feels about most things:
“The Unsmiling One is Not Happy.”

Why is He this way?  Because the world has no justice among men and beasts.  Because innocents are harmed, and the few times His name is called- it’s usually by a group of Nazitru who decided that since Tyr’s anthropological origins are traced more clearly back to Germany, that somehow entails He would approve of racism (which is blatantly false).

So- The comic you see in this post only has minor points I truly disagree with- but Humon is only Human, as am I,  and no one gets to be perfect…there are TWO peoples (at minimum) who worship Tyr- The Danes and the Deitsch….and some say Garm did not fall.

And once upon a time, Tyr was considered Allfather, with a black eagle like a Tyrianian Hunter and wolves placid at His feet.

This modern age does not share Tyr’s ethic, and people who are drawn to Tyr are generally antisocial veterans, diplomats, law enforcement, and other noble service fields.

Tyrsvolk are seldom social.  I have met two in my life whom I actually believe.   A Tyrsperson would never harm someone’s reputation without dishonor on their part/s, but instead, would demand: “Would you mind saying that to my face PRIOR to you sharing your little lies around you like a small child with a basket of moldy flower petals?”

People who falsely claim Tyr as a Patron lead very upsetting, disorganized lives that are prone to extremes of catastrophe, and He is the epitome of the God “Who gives no fucks” about societal convention or “common” morality.

If you can’t live life based on what is morally “right” and doing what is courageous despite fear, Tyr is NOT your patron.

….and again:  Tyr does NOT like to be worshiped.  He prefers to be spoken to with respect, certainly.  Your altars to Tyr are for you to understand Him, He doesn’t want or need them.  (Yes, I keep one to Him with this understanding)

However, Tyr does seek to befriend and patron the occasional human… and usually, when that human recognizes the cost of such affiliation (High moral code, inability to lie, duty to protect, as well as calling out the unjust) it all sounds all beautiful and noble in theory, but in practice- our social morass prevents the blunt truth of Tyr from gaining much respect in public.

Years ago a woman who was recently married once informed me she questioned her decision and cheated on her husband of a month.  I was not a chaplain then- and my Oath to Tyr was to improve Loki’s reputation.  Since the woman was one of the very first :”Out and Educated” among Lokeans… I gave her this choice:  Disclose what you have done to your kindred and your spouse in a week….or I will- and to their “authority” folkbuilder and their Odinsman.

And I did.  It created all sorts of catastrophe, frustrated the folkbuilder of the region, and made my own now-teacher sigh and say “Will you try to make amends?”

Make amends….for what?  I was not the Oathbreaker, I do not cheat on my spouse, and the woman’s spouse who was a very good and honest man from what I could see was being harmed by this lie- furthermore, the lie would have come out eventually and there was the possibility it would DIRECTLY interfere with my own Oaths to improve the reputations of Lokeans.

Want to know how well I get along with that kindred now?  They avoid both my husband and I.  She was not discrete in her actions- and as likely consequence, lost all motivations to continue down the road of Heathen scholarship and academics.

Tyr is not a God to piss off.  I have seen Him make women infertile for lying about their associations with Him- I have seen Him allow people to live for decades in physically abusive situations who claim Him-  If He truly “blessed them”- they would not cry over such things.  People can adopt, and if you KNOW you are being abused, you dishonor your children by staying.

Once you are Tyr’s- Tyr would kindly ask you remove yourself from needless harm, and as your relationship with Tyr grows, you also learn that you need to defend yourself and your family from untruth and harms committed against you out of fear.  Again, not going to make you #1 on the invite list for gatherings.

“Tyrienne!  Pleasure to see you again!”
“You didn’t say that last time we met when you called my husband a necromancer and myself a “Chaos bringer” for the Gods in my life.  Can we do without the fake niceties and get straight to the point as to why you are pretending at civilities when you have not yet apologized to us?”

Tyrsvolk are not much for small talk, while the Lokean is constantly surrounded by those of like-mind and complains about being “marginalized”.

Loki needs adoration.
Tyr wants to be near those like him, and no one else.  He wants people who can be both fearful and still persevere.  His defining character trait is “Courage”.

Honestly, most people who would meet Tyr in real life- would not even recognize Him as God.  He is the wounded veteran in the corner seat in the bar who broods over his mug, and when he speaks, is the ultimate killjoy of all laughter; and although what he says is both “true” and “needful”- it is seldom appreciated.

Like the man who listens to an hour listening to men bitch about how their wives hate how they go to bars….Tyr would be the one to say,

“No one likes living with an alcoholic.  If she was the one drinking herself stupid, you would have dropped her on her ass.  She picks you up from each time your head falls into the toilet and you disparage her as you commit the vice she endures for you.  Go fuck yourselves.”

…and then there is silence, a state in which Tyr is imminently comfortable.  No one really knows what Tyr drinks- but I have seen no lore or UPG of Tyr ever being anything other than morally straight, non-intoxicated, and breaking only one Oath, and that was to Fenrir.  For being a Jotunr-God capable of changing forms by nature- He CHOOSES to keep that bloody stump in almost every reality and form I’ve seen of Him.

When Loki makes a mistake, many forgive.
When Tyr is in error- it’s another scar He will not erase from Himself.

Loki desires love.
Tyr desires understanding and fervently wishes this particular age of “selfies and pumpkin spice latte’s” to pass- since He sees that the world is full of distractions that keep us from seeing the injustice and treachery that exists that is preventable if people only cared just a little bit more about politics and far less about diets, fashions, and modalities that do not improve the lives of others.

Tyr, if he walked among us, would have watched Jesus Christ whip a temple full of bankers and say,

“Good start, young demi-God….but you should take that whip to Rome and flog the Caesar before you leave…Need a hand?”

Tyr is not a God of words, but of actions.  Tyr doesn’t play nicely, Tyr doesn’t use sugar in his coffee or His words.

When Tyr is unhappy, the Tyrsvolk are unhappy.  Honestly, we’re quite the crowd of people who respect one another but prefer to “stay home” over socialization.

We are the people that listen and judge, “Lie, lie, lie, insecurity, lie, lie, lie…” and then try to find a way to excuse ourselves, unless the gathering has even a single Honest soul within, then like silent, obedient dogs we assist THAT person.

Tyr would prefer Not to see injustice- but if there is no means for Him to correct it Himself by invitation or via one of His scattered, few patron humans, He is truly unsmiling.

Tyr is patient, but He will test you more than embrace you.
Tyr is kind, but only if you meet His standards of morality and suffer for it- on His behest or not.
Tyr judges harshly, and does not apologize.  Those he judges may wail and cry, but know they deserve what harm they bring themselves.

A Tyrsperson is generally without real esteem outside that which other’s may or may not grant them, they are world-weary and have seen too much and endured more.  They are loyal friends to very few, and more oft to jettison those who fall into decadence and harming others without cause or reason.

Tyr would never own an I-Phone knowing the truth that it is likely manufactured in a third world country, and in a year is discarded so that children in slums in third world countries are poisoned to remove the metals to sell to feed their ever-poisoned families.

Tyr knows True history, and will teach it to you with references, and guide you to unbiased sources- but you will NEVER like what you read.

But, also….Tyr can be kind.

To those who suffered in battles both in body and diplomacy, his symbol is the wounded warrior and the straight arrow.  Some translations of Ragnarok in Europe indicate that Garm did not fall to Tyr, but Tyr “laid down His sword” before Garm and allowed Himself to be taken as punishment for Oathbreaking to Garm’s cousin, Fenrir.  (I have yet to figure out whose son Garm is for this to be possible- some Ironwood Jotunr, likely)

Tyr is a Jotunr who chose to estrange himself from his family to keep ways and honesty even older than the Aesir alive.

Some of the most bizarre people I have met OUTSIDE of the Heathen community have stories on Tyr we do not; some Persians believe He is the son of Sunlight (Mitra-originally a female sun Goddess, turned into male “Mithras” over the ages and into a war God) and some unnamed Northern God of Ice.

When His parents meet- it is during the times of Spring and Autumn.   Snow on mountains in summer is His father pining for his mother.  Warm weather in winters is His mother breaking the cycle of seasons to meet her lover once more.

And Tyr Himself- the sky, or more accurately, the Atmosphere created by the forces of ice and warmth that make our world habitable.   This is a God older than humanity if this is true.

…and rightly, I do not know if it is.  Some claim Tyr came from Mongolia and taught those who hunt with eagles.  Other’s say He is the patron (as Ziu and with His wife Zisa) of the taciturn German peoples, especially the displaced who chose becoming Diaspora rather than bend their knee to false-belief to placate those who would harm them.

Tyr is a beautiful, amazing God….that honestly very few people would honestly like.

Tyr delights in opening closets and allowing every skeleton to dance- a trait shared with Loki, but Tyr would claim His reasons are “more Honorable”.

As evidenced by my writings- there is nothing much I hide.

But if you will rewind a little bit to a certain blog post I wrote recently, you can see that occasionally, Tyr’s testing goes “too far” for the standards of other Gods.

“The Typhoid Dream” honestly, really fucked me up…for days.

I am no Godspouse who can claim that the Gods speak to me at every moment, nor do I presume I can call our Gods like trained dogs unless i am absolutely certain I am “clear” to do so as a matter of function or their propriety.

It has become clearly evident Loki does not approve of that particular action of Tyr towards me- that test, which I passed, came at great personal expense of flashbacks and unrest of the subject of that dream and the ways that person harmed me out of pure, undisputed narcissism.

There was a reason I called that man a viper.  And although I do believe the intention was indeed to “help me find closure”- the outcome did not match the intention.

So- as a black wolf with a missing, blooded stump, I can see Tyr- Time flows around Him to an extent, but to me, knowing of the Norse stories, the bloody stump is a reminder of “the time Tyr broke His own Honesty” and for that, He does NOT forgive Himself…and for people who draw black wolves as menacing?  Aye, they might well be….but the black genotype found in wild wolf populations actually come from interbreeding with domestic dogs since melanistic wolves have been conclusively tested time and time again to not be “pure wolf”.

Tyr, like other Gods, chooses to be the epitome of civilization; even when portrayed as an animal fetch. (Good job, furries of the world.)  His wildness is tempered with civilization and He knows His functions and what humanity asks of Him changes with time- but He also knows He does not need to accept things that repulse Him.

…and the newest intrigue I have as just a simple Heathen clergy person is how can I remedy one God who will not Forgive the other? However, despite apologies over time from both which I have accepted in a state of being ENTIRELY PERPLEXED why Gods would seek humanity in the first place, and secondly, why what I think even matters.

I write this because I am honestly confused- not out of some ‘holy insight’, but lack of it.

In honesty- it amazes me my computer didn’t break (again) in posting this.   The laptop is named Garm, I promised to write about the Death of Baldr to get it running again.  I am aware this might well break it.

But in having two patron Gods that I both adore, respect, and will fight for without question.

I will not and cannot choose one over the other; and in speaking to several Lokeans as well as some of the few Tyrsvolk I *do* know- that will not be a choice I have to make.

In my own meditations in seeking a mediator realizing Odin would not be appropriate-  I went to Janis/Freyr instead….who only laughed merrily and offered me a beer.

I had slightly better luck with Fenrir who simply growled:
“Just wait it out- I do.”

…and my personal choice rather than suffer in confused silence is to talk about it…  because Tyr doesn’t “own” me, nor does Loki anymore than I am “owned” by any human.

At any time I could just walk away from all of this and worship Hanuman who is always kind and his friend Ganesh- and go back to the Indo-Aryan roots that are more ancient than all Western history…and although those Gods have my respect, they are not the ones who have walked beside me, offered me knowledge, wisdom, and even emotional comfort with consistency UNASKED.

I prefer my Gods (and friends) to come to me-  I’ve been done with “searching” for years down that road.  I found my Gods and now I search to learn more about them…

And what I have learned most recently is this:  Gods, like people, do not always “Get Along” well… and sometimes, we cannot do more than what is in our power to state that both parties are “clear” in our own eyes of intentional wrong-doing.

I do not have the strength of character, Honor, or power of a God- but I do have the power to not-choose knowing even if I lost the privilege of either Loki or Tyr- I am a polytheist from a Heathen family,  Freyr, Mara, Odin, and Frau Holle are in my blood- and through my husband there is Hel and Cernunnos.

I refuse to estrange any God; even if I am harmed- as long as They apologize.
Neither Loki nor Tyr is innocent of harming me in my life, and both have more than made up for it.

So, by the advice of Fenrir, I will ‘Deal with it and wait.’ (my own paraphrase)


7 Responses to “Tyr- “Gods Do Not Always Get Along””

  1. *This is all from my scattered p.o.v and may not make any sense, but I just felt the urge to respond to your post. As such do take it with a grain of salt.*

    I keep seeing posts on people asking how, or why their god did such to them and to me it seems as if they are forgetting something about the gods. Many, many, MANY pantheons have the lore, heck even some of the gods themselves had stated such. They make mistakes, they forget that us mortals are limited and some things can and will harm us to the point that we will back away. But it is really up to us if we decide to forgive and move on, WE make the choice to leave those that has harmed us, even if they have apologized and asked for our forgiveness, but it is a flip coin also.

    We have to remember that they mess up, and that they will do things to us that we will not like and that we may do things that they may not like. Any relationship, whether with a Mortal, Deity, or Other, has to have some kind of compromise in it, or it is more of a relationship of shackles and withering of the soul. Your post has come to the heart of issues that I have seen, you are waiting, you have forgiven, but at the same time made it known that what happened Was Not Ok. Now its up to them on figuring things out. You haven’t left them, you haven’t backed away, instead you put yourself on neutral ground and and told them ‘I’m here once you’ve figured your own shit out, but don’t get me involved once single bit.’ I think that is whats needed more. The Deities need to know that we will still be here, but their issues are THEIRS.

    *Ugh…I think I have totally lost the point that I was trying to make, but every-time I think about deleting the comment, I get the feeling that I shouldn’t. So whom or whatever this comment is for, I hope it helps!*

    • Your comment helped me… 🙂
      Maybe THEY will read it.

      I am no teenager to fight over; just a boring, very much married, adult mortal.

      It almost feels like jealous contempt. Loki’s son will ALWAYS have Tyr’s right hand…it seems to me Tyr experiences regret or he’d grow a new one.

      I think this issue isn’t necessarily *about* the dream…but deeper, older resentments and/or patterns in the House of Lopt regarding Tyr.

      Both are very old, very different Gods from very different origins.

      • I’m glad it helped you! I kept getting the urge to respond and I was all ‘uuuhhh I don’t know much about this stuff tho!!’
        In the end I just did it and ta-daa. You could maybe give them both a hint that they need to read something while they are around you. ^.^

        I have to agree with you on what you said about resentments…I think in their own way, they did what they needed to do but Loki is still a father and Tyr was the one whom chained his son up. I do feel as if Tyr is still trying to show the fact that he very much disliked doing so, not to mention broke his oath of friendship to Fenrir, but Loki is being Loki in that aspect.

        I think that is why Fenrir told you that he just waits it out, for he knows both of their reasoning’s and understands that some things just take a long time to get settled, even as Gods.

    • Hey, at least Fenrir can forgive!

  2. Tyrienne, I relate to your writing as I also relate to what Einmyria Lokadottr has responded. The Gods are not perfect as we are not perfect. Mistakes happen, feelings are hurt and it is all a part of learning – to get on, to grow, to understand, to be patient, to be strong. I think that maybe Fenrir has it right – sit tight and wait it out. Sounds like very sound advice to me.

    • I worry that “time” in the eyes of immortal Gods runs much slower since they have more Time.

      So, I worry if this will not be resolved in my lifetime…

  3. Thank you! I don’t know many who honour Tyr as I do.
    So thank you again.

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