Loki shows potential problems with biting humor- again. Or crazy person on narcotics be crazy. (or both)

Art created by Bluefooted sourced from the following link: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Loki-and-Alberich-20139225

Art created by Bluefooted sourced from the following link: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Loki-and-Alberich-20139225

I am not the type of Heathen who believes the Gods are “hovering over me 24/7″…. to me- it’s more like Family who come over on occasion, call often, and sometimes advise that there is some sort of work/problem that I need to address.

Being on a horse-sized dosages of painkillers and tranquilizers has had the combination of both making me feel “more receptive” as well as/in addition to feeling batshit crazy as I await being gutted like a fish on the operating table this coming Thursday. I am irritable, in pain, and it’s as if THROUGH pain, I can see some aspects of my life more clearly of things I have tolerated up-until-now that were frankly horrid regarding the actions of now-former friends and acquaintances… things that make feel such a complex amount of disturbing/upset emotion that I am just “spilling out” my mind into words in a very flyting way.


Other bloggers I know well speak of Loki “flitting in and about” on occasion with the energy of a small child after eating the contents of half a sugar bowl- so this experience is rather new to me.

I don’t feel very healthy at all- but I feel He’s been around- checking in.  Sometimes it’s in whispers or just “sensing” but  Last night, it literally felt like: “Let me borrow your hand a second”- and I posted (what I thought) was a biting and comical fake potential obituary for myself on my personal facebook page.  It started out making fun of the fact that I hate cameras, and if I ever was killed, no one would have any decent, recent picture of me in the past two years to use that is not either photoshopped to make me look bizarre- or the one, singular picture of me in costume when I went with a friend and her little girl to “Bronycon”. (If I am going to be in a place with a ton of strangers- being dressed up like “someone else” really helps this agoraphobic.  On that day, I wasn’t “me”- I was playing a character to help a little girl feel happy on her special day.)

It took another Lokean’s comment (Thanks Lynn!) to realize:

“This sounds like humour- but it really hits “too close to home” to be simply that.   I am not clever enough to write something so absolutely dripping with multiple layers of meaning, I realized- and I reread it- discovering that it wasn’t even close to specific to me at all.  Just changing the name from my own made it apparent that it could be anyone of us if certain groups keep along the path they continue travelling by associating with Neo-Nazi’s of any of their dozens of names and groups and strict dogmatic beliefs regarding our Gods instilled by some into their communities.

The only “me” I kept was my ancestry…because that is what I know.  I apologize to the indigenous Heathens of Europe who have larger populations of indigenous peoples- but I would do you a disservice to write about a more “known” group than the Lettish.  I’m Lettish and Pennsylvania Deitsch; there is literally nothing else i can draw from intelligently enough and although it was my dad who introduced me to knowledge of Loki- there is very little other than oral tradition and even less on Loki among them then those from Latvia who have a proven, modern and historical connection to Loki-worship in certain groups- documented. (written In Latvian…of course, which I do not speak well at all. /chagrin)

I have the best translator in the world in my grandma….but even in her faith, despite the clear overlap of Norse and Slavic Gods in their practices; they choose to align themselves as “druids” and some get offended to even be suggested to be any way associated with Modern Heathenry- and I do not blame them.  However, it makes me kick myself as someone who self-identifies by the term “Heathen” that the fact I do so likely makes her friends uncomfortable.  Latvians have been beat up enough over the millenia-  the connection between the words “Heathen”, “Asatru”, and “Hate-Groups” is too painful for them when no such connotation exists among Druidry- with which the primary beliefs shared are that the Earth is sentient, everything living has a spirit, and each species of those living things has it’s own God.

In our country I am hearing of many kindreds performing practices,  even if entirely unconsciously, try to make Modern Heathenry more “relatable” to those who were raised Christian= black and white dichotomy structures,  strict rules regarding HOW worship is to be performed, fear mongering regarding those of “Liminal” status of Lokeans and other “Non-mainstream” Heathens in many places in the United States.  Even the Virtues are not ancient, a good set of morals to live by, but please read this short wiki: The history of the 9 noble virtues.

Yes.  You read correctly- they were created in the 1970’s.  Odin-worshipers through antiquity did not have an easy-to-follow list in simple language like this- you were expected to “rise up” your understanding to better understand the Lore of the Gods instead, it seems.

For my friends reading this in Europe;  The USA is not in good shape.  We are effectively in the middle of a non- televised “race war” that is fueled by television propaganda and many Heathens are not immune to the effects of it- becoming more racist and and angry about people they do not know, never met, and will likely never meet- based on superficial characteristics, stereotypes, and just plain bigotry.  It’s not the organizations, it’s the people- and it isn’t just Heathens…it’s everyone hating on everyone.

The amount of crime is alarming- As for my spouse and I- it became literally unsafe for us to continue living in the city finding shell-casings outside of our former home, discrimination in my husband’s place of work and in dealing with our rental company for the apartment, and the ignorant comments of people of all colors regarding every other color.

But- as hard as it is to believe that we were on the “receiving end” of these things (which lost me many friends to say “Discrimination is discrimination- it is not owned by any particular race or creed”)  I am not angry, I am terrified.

And what terrifies me is not what people outside of my culture are doing, but what is happening within MY personal space with having to choose in my own life to distance myself from friends of decades who were now openly associating the Nazi party, promoting racist group-think, and becoming more narrow minded and less willing to accept “peace” as a solution.

Regarding Hitler’s Germany- it is forgotten often that not only minority groups were killed- but so were all those who did not follow “The party”.  That could be us Lokeans in relation to “standard” Asatru and heathenry  In many places.

I know personally of kindreds in existence who are openly racist and white supremacist, but being a Lokean inspires greater hate inside of them than their already numerous prejudices.

This video explains the situation as to “why” and “how” this is happening better than I can and how I feel about it.

Instead of focusing on who to hate, we need to focus on how we’re all being harmed and being distracted by our failing economy- and instead of using our fear to blame others- we need to be real and stand up for ourselves that we will no longer be distracted by bullshit.  We will not be killing off our own population who is equally suffering, we will hold accountable the rich, the corporations, and the politicians who do not care if we live or die and stop idolizing the rich as somehow being “better” than us based on their networth rather than their honesty.

I call this:
“There is a Disturbance in the Wyrd…”

Take from it what you will.  Either the doped up ramblings of a person who is about to be gutted like a fish on Thursday- or true Loki-speak.  I cannot tell you.   If it is truly by Loki’s “hand” over my own- that is to be determined by you, the readers, who all combined have the entirety of every aspect of Loki and his mind as a collective.

If you are a Loki-honoring person and don’t care for it- blame the morphine patch.

“Pennsylvania women, Astra Hildebrandt was found beaten to death by angry Heathen reconstructionists in what is considered a new form of hate crime called “Nokeanism”. Despite being clergy of the Heathen religion, others of her faith saw her as a threat to their traditional ideals dating back to 1973 on her insistence to continue to worship the Gods of her Latvian family of history.

These Gods (which we will not name out of fear of angry retaliation to this station), have been considered controversial by many former Christians who need a “Satan figure”, are considered “dangerous and subversive” to group think and have been accused of making people uncomfortable by her insistence on not changing her belief system to appease others or to properly hide her analytical nature to make other’s feel more comfortable. Hildebrandt’s refusal to lie about her convictions regarding her spiritual beliefs and her seeming obsession with intellectual honesty have made her a clear target for increasingly growing hatred by newly converted Heathens who expect to enjoy a religion that is based on a narrow 250 year window of European history as well as several opportunities to wear random furs of dead animals and attend monthly parties dedicated to alcoholism.

“A threat to the ancient values of Our Faith”- said a representative who asked to remain anonymous- a former Baptist deacon from Alabama reported. “She was asking for it the entire time- Our Gods do not tolerate free thought- and she even refused to wear the traditional horned headdress or helmet agreed upon by the Marvel Council of Heathenry and know her place as a good, Heathen woman by her lack of fertility to produce white children.”

Hildebrandt claimed to be “doing what came naturally to her family” in remarks prior to her death in her blog- and it has been confirmed that her family belief system pre-dated modern American Asatru through records released by President Vladimir Putin along with an apology for the Genocide of the Latvian people during the Stalinist era of the USSR (now Russia), and expressed deep condolences to her husband as well as sanctuary for his Jotun-worshiping ways.

All people who worship anything not on the approved “Asatru list of newly flawless Retconned Gods” are warned to be careful in the coming weeks as the hate-crimes increase. If you are not sure if your God is is “approved” or not- please refer to the linked Llewelyn book written by Hodor Odinsson Baldrsman.

The funeral will be held as a large celebratory event of her death with many celebrating the end of academic thought contaminating their “clean and ancient ways” by getting completely smashed on homemade mead and repeatedly chanting “Seig Heil” loudly near the largest population of minorities in Harlem, NY. It is believed the murderer/s are revered in the community for eliminating those who offer alternative perspectives or show above-average amounts of literacy.

Russia, Finland, and all three Baltic countries have indicated a willingness to help religious refugees in this time of religious unrest.

Iceland and Germany were unavailable for comment.

If you have any information on these killings, please contact the police tip line at the number on your screen- your tips will be kept completely anonymous for your safety.”

Now- this popped up on my screen…this is becoming uncanny.  I guess this needs to be said as well:

and after that, this…but I hesitated for some reason….but it kept showing up.  I adore it- but it was the reason Mr. Chaplain was kicked out of the USA himself.  Maybe…it felt too close- but I need to strive to be my best and fearless as well.


4 Responses to “Loki shows potential problems with biting humor- again. Or crazy person on narcotics be crazy. (or both)”

  1. I would like a link to the death of the woman you mentioned in this article please. If this really did happen, than we deserve to see it and learn from it. Upon doing research online, I and some others have not found any information.

    • It was science-fiction…. It was a false obituary for myself I wrote as a joke on my fb page and I actually said that in the post! It started on my wall as remarking on how there are no recent pictures of me- and if I ever ended up on television, they would either have to use a pic of my cosplay or some bizarre Lovecraftian photoshop of an actual picture. I took that part out after other Loki-worshiper friends indicated to me that many of the things I said reflect actual attitudes in the community. SO, I removed everything that was self specific and posted it.

      I think if you read it again, you will see that… In anycase, I apologize for frightening you in that way!

      I was trying to point out that any sort of fundamentalist attitude in a large population leads to violence against those who are non-compliant with “prescribed” social norms

      “Astra” was the name I used in German class and Hildebrandt is one line of my ancestry. 🙂

    • No woman died, read more closely- it was dystopia fiction.

  2. ladyimbrium Says:

    Well done.

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