The Lokean Creed

The Lokean Creed

In speaking truth,
we know we lose much
for the Truth is black and white.
With facts, we become condemned
We trade in secrets
since we have none of our own
We admit to fallibility
And we acknowledge our own Genius
For the God of cleverness
Has chosen our lives
as under His care.

We will polarize you
while giving gifts
make you laugh
and make you cringe.
In secret you will seek our council
And we will revel in our correct advice.

Say Loki’s name in secret,
You know He can hear Woten’s.
Those outside, you whisper the prayers
We say proudly aloud

We do no accept
the terms of Silence
We care more for our Gods
Than we do for you.
We are the scions of intellect,
cleverness, and sacrifice.

And as your sand castles
crumble and rebuilt by
Tides and time.
The mad are learned
to be the Maestros
who survive both.

[I wrote this as one of the admins for “Lokitru” on facebook after feeling frustration about seeing someone I respected slight Loki in public, when I know in private Loki is honored- and I realized that insulting my God in such a personal way feels like a rejection of who I am in Heathen community still.   I could be the St. Francis of Asatru and people will still hate Loki.  Regardless, in times of upset- it’s usually a good time to write a devotional.]


8 Responses to “The Lokean Creed”

  1. Very nicely put. It made me raise a clenched fist in victory at the end! 😛

    • I felt like shit until I wrote it- it was the realization that those who deny my Gods in public but have no problem joining me in honoring them in private are basically rejecting not just Loki but all who worship him without such fear of public approval.

  2. moonfire2012 Says:

    So sick of the nokeans

    • There are less of them then there were… but worse than a Nokean are friends who fear more for their reputations than they do insulting the Gods they worship when they think no one is looking.

      I realized a vote against Loki from those who have hailed Him with me are also rejecting all Lokeans publicly and being hypocrites.

      I felt the need to give us all something to use to Stand Up for ourselves and not allow our God to be roughshod where we can. We have enough legitimacy now backed by historical finds and oral traditions to no longer be written off so easily. Further- Lokeans seem to always have other Gods they also honor. Seldom do I hear a typical Thorsman say any name in Sumbel other than “Thor” or “Odin”.

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