Heathens and Abortion

Yes…and abuse can lead to criminal behavior in adulthood. There are studies. Or, just ask anyone you know who either works in law enforcement or anyone who has spent significant time in jail.

As long as humans have existed, so have forms of birth control, from sheepskin condoms to crocodile dung mixed with honey- people knew how NOT to have babies.

Further, up until this recent age that will likely be dubbed “The Age of Youth” since our society places so much more value on transient youth and beauty than the aged and wise, we will be seen throughout history as the most reckless and irresponsible age of humankind by what we do to the planet and to ourselves.

As it stands now- there are people going hungry, not just in distant countries you will likely never visit, but in the USA.  We have successfully shamed the poor so well that they would rather their children starve than ask for “assistance” (now called “hand outs”)- and remain impoverished as we venerate the rich and many strive for the vapid, self absorbed lifestyle of profound excesses and the ability to look down on those who have less.

Well, fuck the rich…or eat them, whichever you decide is more satisfying to your personal ethic.

Abortions were also pretty simple, women have thrown themselves down steps and pulled the “I want you hit me as hard as you can” in the stomach bit, well, pretty much forever.  This is not urban legend, either-  These two particular forms of abortion were practiced as recently by classmates of mine at late as the year 2000. When “Falcon Punch” doesn’t work, then- I used to walk young girls (some of them raped) to the clinic to “unruin their lives”

Yes, unplanned pregnancy ruins lives.  It keeps people (male and female) from achieving higher education since the motivation is to feed the family instead of accruing student loan debt, it contributes to overpopulation, and the children are resented for basically being the death of the dreams of the parents and grandparents, ending up in many cases as the target of frustration borne abuses… I know, I was on the receiving end of those abuses, and it was not pleasant.

Life was different when Europeans lived in small villages, saw the same 50 people the entirety of their lives, and were married off by age 14.  Then, there was community to raise all children- but our modern society is so fractured and distant from one another that the family member you are close to today can move to an entirely different country tomorrow.

Stability is a myth, and the way our society is currently set up- we can’t even artificially impose social group stability.   There are just too many damned people.  In the process we’ve lost our ability to mediate conflict (now called “Drama”) because it’s easier to just walk away (…which I do, if “running away” was against the law, I’d be hung considering my 20’s were spent chasing employment in over 12 moves)   But in this freedom to “escape” negative forces in our lives- we also lose the net of relations, traditions, and customs that keep everyone together- very few families still have patriarchs or matriarchs anymore.  Mine did, she passed when I was 12- and from there, my extended family fractured like a hammer to stained glass.  The pieces that stayed together were the ones already closely blood related, but the more distant cousins and great uncles faded away from us and from each other.

So, Heathenry is a religion- what do we think about abortion?   I would look down the noble virtues for that one- if having a child will add to the community and you are quite certain you will love it and raise it honorably,  by all means, please have children.

But if even the slightest doubt creeps into your mind about resenting your choice to procreate in the early stages of pregnancy- please do the community and world a favor and terminate.  You can give birth later (in most cases) when you are ready for it….because your family and society itself has no real net to “catch” the unwanted and abused.

Child services is an overworked and understaffed organization in every state of the United States.   The most horrific finds you see on the internet and television of children living in sub-human conditions only makes the news after years of pleading and begging by neighbors, social workers, educators, and police who would love to take those kids away.

…but then the question is, where to?

Foster care seems to be almost institutionalized as a haven for greedy foster parents to “foster” as many children as possible in crowded conditions in many cases- sexual abuse runs rampant, and it is easier for an American to adopt a child from any other country than it is from here, not to mention, most adopted children are adopted in infancy to avoid the attachment disorders found in older neglected and abused children.

So, as Heathens, do we care about the fetus, or do we care about the community?  Do we as heathens have a mechanism in place to take care of unwanted heathen children?  Are there Asatru orphanages and loving Odinist foster parents?

None that I know of.

So, with that in mind- why are so many people in our faith getting up in arms over the abortion debate?  Have you ever SEEN what childbirth does to most women’s bodies?  It’s like our society secret what women look like AFTER pregnancy without plastic surgery.   It is enough that in a society based on looks=intrinsic value, that many women are not emotionally strong enough to endure the physical stresses of motherhood on the psyche’s if they had already programmed into their identity that “Pretty all over” is part of their core value set.  (Which is hard to ignore when every commercial and program features perfectly photoshopped women…  Only men can be themselves, women need 5 hours of make-up if life reflected media stereotypes.)

Our Gods have killed children of other Gods and tortured others- do you REALLY think Woten cares about the abortion debate?

This is the Hail Loki blog- how many of you know the trivia fact that Loki was alleged to have been tied to a rock with the intestines of his own child, not even a grown adult?

So, my fellow Heathens….I ask you, what stake do you have in this “race”?   Women aren’t any more or less intelligent creatures then men.   If abortion is less safe an accessible, then desperate women will choose whatever method necessary to abort- Please trust women to know when the time is right (if ever) to have children.

Otherwise, we just end up with severely emotionally disordered children who grow to be dysfunctional adults.

Why would anyone want that?  Does anyone think beyond the fetus that if a woman DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE A CHILD why would ANYONE possibly believe she would make a good mother?

It’s like me telling you I hate cooking just before you order me to be in charge of Thanksgiving-  if you don’t want it ruined, pass it off to someone who finds joy in the work.

I have no desire to have children- and I really do not care what the “official” Organizational stance on Abortion is- I don’t pay dues to any national organizations at this point.

I am saying this- as a Heathen-  Why are we getting ourselves tangles in what is traditionally a Christian debate?

Why do we care about fetuses when, traditionally, in many parts of Europe it was considered “unlucky” to give a child a real name until a certain amount of time had passed to see if it would live long enough to reach adulthood?

We should be applauding our brave women who choose when to and when not to procreate- I believe it shows sound decision making skills in being able to recognize when a responsibility is too large at that time to handle.

We do not pressure newly-come Heathens to become folkbuilders….would you pressure a teenager to be a parent?


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