Loki’s Day/ April 1st


You sneaky little foxes, you!   (Photographer unknown)

You sneaky little foxes, you!
(Photographer unknown)

As much as I bash modern reconstructionism, I have to give credit where it is due to all the Lokeans in the English speaking world for co-opting April Fool’s day into a feast day for Loki.  We may never know what days were actually used in history to honor Loki specifically (Every culture in the world at one point operated by their own distinct calendars which likely do not fit into our current Julian model!)- but creating this day has, and will likely continue to help take away much of the stigma behind Loki-worship and all followers of our Beloved Loki- Heathen and Chaote alike!

In honor of Loki today- please feel free to comment below both or either what you have done/plan to do for this day- whether is be purely in benevolent mischief or in worship in regards to this day!

April 1st is a day of laughter, pranks, and tongue-in-cheek sarcasm.   Today- I pretended to create a new religion known a “Militant Veganism” which includes surgery to add two more stomachs so I can better process plant matter as well as calling the Ganges “Meat River” with the claim that those who drink from said river will “lose their enlightenment :by being tainted by the decaying bodies of meat within!

I am not tasteful,  no…. but I like to have fun!

On this day, good story tellers can be identified by how far you can get people to believe increasingly outrageous things…  Who reading this has been successful?   Share your success here or write your own blog post about your April Fool’s pranks and rituals! 🙂

Personally, I can’t believe that I have personally “caught” 5 people in less than an hour actually believing that any surgeon would agree to adding excess stomachs to my anatomy…  I feel bad about that, so I end up messaging in private to remind them of the date.

Remember to be kind and safe in your mischief today- and may Loki bless you with laughter and high spirits!

…and most of all, don’t forget to Hail Loki!

5 Responses to “Loki’s Day/ April 1st”

  1. He blessed me with a good, desperately needed laugh today! Got pranked by the “Master.” 🙂
    I shared a home-cooked meal and will hail Him properly later tonight. 😉

  2. Unfortunately I spent most of Loki’s Day asleep. After verbally reaming myself, I reminded myself that persons who are ill shouldn’t criticize themselves for being unable to participate.

    My intent was to Hail Loki with an offering of chocolate, whiskey and a Chinese finger trap.

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