A Fable for Thought.

[Author’s note: Please feel free to reblog this post, share it on other pages- or even take credit for it or add to it if you wish- my Yule wish is for it to make its way around the internet by Yuletide!]

…An old man came over from Scandinavia with his brother to seek his family in America.  Having no car, he walked from city to city, his face partially obscured with a wide-brimmed hat- and his brother became tan and dark in the Southern sun.  Two hounds at their feet as they traveled, up and down the Appalachian trail, through major cities, and through the smallest towns- looking for anybody who shared their blood.

On a particularly cold night, the travelers came upon a house in the woods. At this point he had walked long, his shoes had holes and his beard was unkempt- the hounds were thin with hunger, and his brother was dark like the wick of a candle with hair bright as flame.

The old man knocked, and a man and woman answered, the woman wore a hammer around her neck and the man was covered in tattoos of old stories the man himself liked to tell.

In accented English he spoke: “Greetings, my friends- the cold is growing bitter and my brother and I were looking for a place to spend the evening.  We have traveled a very long way and are incredibly tired- will you allow us in?”

The man sneered at the old man’s brother- “Not with a fucking NIGGER with you, we won’t- How do you travel with someone you can’t trust not to steal from you?”

“I do not know this term “Nigger”-  I can assure you this man is my sworn brother! As for potential theft, as you can see I have nothing worth stealing….and if I did, I would gladly share all I had with my brother equally without being asked.”

The dark man spoke: “Are you wearing a hammer around your neck, lady?”

The woman replied proudly “Why yes, I am! It’s a symbol of my faith and the traditions of my ancestors!”

The dark man replied “Well then!  I suppose you should know that without me, that symbol would not exist.”

The woman twisted the hammer in her hands uncertainly and said “If that is true, I was taught not to trust you- you are evil and cruel, and will be the downfall of everything and of our people.”

“Is that what you have been taught and have been teaching your children?” asked the old man…

Both the man and woman assented.

The old man looked to his brother and said, “It seems our trip to America has been wasted,  we have come looking for our family and we have found no one….for this has happened in every home we have visited.”

With that, the old man bowed low and removed his hat- two ravens flew from beneath: and it could be seen, now, that the old man had only one eye…. one of the hounds howled revealing sharp teeth.

As the couple stared as the old man, the wolves, and his brother walked away never to return.


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  1. Reblogged this on Thorrdóttir's thoughts on her spritiual Bloodline and commented:
    This is needed. I wish people would listen to it. You cannot truly have one without the other.

    • Thank you so much. I added an author’s note at the top that this story is meant to be shared. It came to me in the shower- that’s how you know it’s inspired, lol.

  2. What exactly does The Troth, the AFA, and the Odinic Rite have to do with this article?

  3. […] Link to that story: To the AFA, The Troth, and the Odinic Rite. […]

  4. Reblogged this on The Infinite Battle and commented:
    I wanted to add a bit of my tale here:
    There was a man on the streets. He wore a black hat and sunglasses, to hide His eyes. He nodded as people past, his hood drawn over His head, and He smiled at them, asked them if they wanted to hear a poem or two. He wrote poetry, you see. But he was homeless. A traveler, as they are. He was black.
    He hailed stranger after stranger and they all edged from him.
    He didn’t need food for the night, even. He just wanted to tell them a poem. He had been given the gift of some food earlier–pizza, by the workers of a local place. He just wanted to share a story or two, talk, and share His poems.
    One person stopped though. At first, the stranger just didn’t hear what the Traveler had said. The stranger understands those who are in dire need; the stranger has been in dire need before, has had family in this Traveler’s position–homeless, needs money for a bus, needs to talk, whatever. So the stranger stopped and listened to the man.
    The Traveler smirked and grinned at the stranger. He recited His poems and told the stranger stories, talked, gave advice and truths. The Traveler and the stranger sat for an hour, there, in the cold, and the Traveler eyed the people passing them by. The stranger eyed them too, when He did, and noticed they gave odd glances to the two of them: all they saw was an older black man, homeless, and small, petite white woman (even though the stranger was not a woman, but most people tend to make that mistake). The Traveler took out a flask and drank and smoked and took off His sunglasses. He only had one eye. The stranger made a noise, one of concern–not fear, but sadness that the Traveler had lost the other. He shrugged and said, “Don’t fear for me. It’s my own fault.” The stranger nodded and accepted it.
    Eventually, the stranger had to go, but nodded to the man, who only went by the name of “Bird Man” and went home and thanked Odin Brunn.

  5. This is extremely, extremely well-written; concise, and heartbreaking, and.. yeah. Love it.!

  6. it is everything stated above. but I do have to comment….

    It’s no secret who my oaths are given to. Really no secret at all. Yet, I am a member of The Troth. NEVER have i been made to feel like a second class citizen or anything less than a happily accepted member of the organization. Nor have i seen or heard personally insult given to Him. That isn’t to say it doesn’t happen ever, but it is not in actuality a thing that is ever much of a thing. there are a good number of us that Honor Himself openly among the membership and I had the gift of meeting a good many of them and sharing in one of the most beautiful rituals to Him that I have ever seen -and it was *exactly* what He asked it to be.

    so in short yes this is beautifully written and I absolutely see the point to it I truly think that those outside of a given organization or those that were once involved in an organization when this kind of thing was much more prevalent and vocal see a *much* different picture than what is actually going on at the present time.

    that is just my .02 worth though

  7. David Carron Says:

    You really don’t know much about the Troth to lump them in with the AFA or the OR on anything. But particularly with regards to being racist it’s just nonsensical.

    • ….except your stance on hailing Loki at public events. You are no less culpable.

      • Don’t worry about it, Dave. You can’t argue with baloney, and self-righteousness comes in all flavors.

      • And dismissive assholes come out of nowhere all the time, too, Steven! Nice to meet you as well!

      • David Carron Says:

        Would you like to see a picture of the Loki Ve at the last Trothmoot? I would love to hear some of this evidence you have of the Troth being racist. You want to call yourself a victim, then do it with some proof.

      • This was a commentary on the entirety of the Heathen community, the woman was the allegory for the Troth, the man for the racist organizations.

        I don’t believe that I actually have to spell this out.

      • David Carron Says:

        “I don’t believe that I actually have to spell this out.”

        It’s intended to be a smear. Ambiguous, baseless, spineless and defamatory. Let me spell out that I am calling you out. You want to make a difference? Then spell out your concerns and make them like an adult.

      • I have already made a difference. This post has been reblogged several times already, and has been read in over 15 countries.

        I’m sorry it is not the academic essay you seem to require….but you do not have to like it, agree with it, or even read it again if you do not wish to.

        I was expressing my observations through the medium of creative expression. Other people see validity in this, I am sorry that you do not.

        But also- it’s my blog, and it’s not my job to please every single stranger who comments.

      • umm, I actually helped put together the Loki Ve at the last trothmoot. and the Loki Blot that despite going on at the same time Hrafnar held their seidr was VERY VERY well attended. We did as He asked and that was reflected beautifully in the presence of all that were there. Trust me when i say Loki was very likely one of the most hailed Gods at the event

      • When was official Troth policy overturned on this matter? It used to be strict “No hailing Loki, except by special exception.” The last I was aware. Trothmoot making that exception, not the rule.

      • the policy is not at grand sumble (at least it was there) hailing of any deity is permissible in their Ve and Loki had a SPECTACULAR Ve

      • Nor does it change the opinions of many within the organization, still, of Loki remaining a marginalized figure.

      • actually i can attest to the fact that it DID absolutely change opinions.

        Not because of anything other than the simple fact that Loki was presented in a way that people could relate to because they were able to relate to the people and their stories about how Loki had been in their life and how He had blessed them in some way or another.

        There are always going to be those that arent comfortable with Loki. but there are also plenty that arent going to be comfrtable with other gods and goddesses as well.

        for my part in it, it was a beautiful experience

    • Oh yea? I think this hits the nail right on the head about The Troth. If anyone wants further info feel free to contact me!

  8. Those other orgs are such meanies! How dare they stop you from doing the actual hard work required to form a viable, Loki-friendly organization of your own… leaving you no alternative except to piss and moan about what they choose to believe and do.

    • At least two of those other organizations paint all heathens to be racist and anti-science.

      • You totally miissed the point. It’s easy to criticize what other people and orgs do… far harder to actually do something of worth yourself. If you want to honor Loki as you see fit, then just form your own org and do it. Nobody is stopping you.

      • And nothing stopped me from writing this story, either.

        My husband and I actually DO hold open ritual out of our home to the lesser- known Heathen Gods.

        Thanks for playing. Troll again later.

      • David Carron Says:

        Please distinguish Your actions from trolling, Ms. Raven. You slur the Troth and then when called on it provide not a single bit of evidence, issue nor concern.

      • Please read the rest of the comment thread. Thank you.

  9. […] via To the AFA, The Troth, and the Odinic Rite. […]

  10. In my experience – the members of The Troth are quite open.
    Though I didn’t make it to Trothmoot it’s my understanding that having the Ve for Loki actually spurred everyone creating a Ve to pretty amazing standards, because the Ve for Loki was so beautifully done.
    I can appreciate making compromises for the Grand Sumbel – there are some whom, were they hailed, I would cause me to be uncomfortable.
    Hopefully next year I can participate. So much awesome in one spot!
    (Yes, BTW, when my friends & I hold Sumbels around the campfire, every couple of weeks on average, Loki is hailed & honored by anyone who chooses. That’s with a very diverse group, meeting in Central Texas. Just sayin’.)

    • I thank you an Leikin for your polite clarification! Understand that this change has occurred very rapidly and communicating your new acceptance policies publicly would help a lot of disenfranchised heathens.

      I personally pay Troth dues- because I was married by a ‘Troth braucher- who saw my husbands practices and mine as the exception to the rule at the time.

      I will still keep it in the title, if, for nothing else, there is a Troth kindred with 2 members who have banned being at public events with my husband and I simply for the fact that we give Loki his due.

      • i am happy to clarify what i can. I can naturally only speak to my experience but my experience with the Troth has been nothing but positive. I truly hope that it can be for more disenfranchised Loki honoring Heathens

      • I hope so as well. I am a member of the Troth, however, in my personal experience organization is still holds within its membership several individuals and families that need to question their tightly-held biases if we are to unite as a community or greater Heathen family.

  11. I am also a member of The Troth who once used to complain about it in public. That stopped after I served as a Steward for a few years. Funny how volunteering to do some of the often tedious and thankless work required to run a large organization can change ones perspective. Hosting in your home is commendable, but a brief, mostly pleasant “one-and-done” event is far different from a sustained, long-term commitment to an org. I’ve lost count of the number of good heathens who’ve been “burned out” by the relentless criticism of those who do little else. Hail the Clergy! Hail the Stewards! Hail the Redesfolk! Hail all Troth volunteers who give of their time, treasure, and talents!

    • Honestly, we are mostly burned out from hosting out of our home as well, but still do it when the need arises. However: I second all your “Hails”!

  12. OneWhoSearches Says:

    I had forgotten that Loki was the one who’s actions lead to the creation of the Hammer
    Another point for team Loki

  13. Yep. Not enough people know the truth about The Troth. I am a former member, until they changed their Loki policy. They have shown effort to be Loki-tolerant. Tolerant. What a shady word. Its kind of like being on the fence about racism…. Which pretty much sums up all of the members. They choose to accept everyone and tell those (like myself) that feel awkward around the blatantly racist that they have no reason to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. Well I piss on The Troth.

    I also piss on the 3 Stevies of these organizations. What in Helheim is up with the name Stephen/Steven/Stefn? Must be a Nazi thing.

  14. Wait… So, according to the little fable you wrote yourself, anyone who doesn’t worship Loki is somehow a racist?
    How about this: you keep your shit over there, we’ll keep ours over here. Don’t like Troth or AFa or any other group? then don’t join them. Extremely simple. I wouldn’t go into a Catholic church and demand to be accepted. That’s basically what you’re doing.

    • You realize you are railing about a post written months ago. The Troth has significantly revised its stance and continues to do so.

      Furthermore, does getting all pissy on the internet over words make you feel like a big man?

      • David Carron Says:

        Thanks for acknowling those efforts, but being the Internet where this is easily found now without any postscripts or updates it still seems like this statement is current.

        Not to mention words are the coin of trade for the Internet. Railing against for being unhappy at your opinions, sounds like you are attacking the messenger and not the argument.

      • Read the dates before you comment.

      • I changed the title of the post. The content remains.

    • I didn’t repost this blog from months ago- and you missed the entire point of the story.

      Also, I really, really, really, am getting tired of idiots like you acting all “internet tough guy” over old blog posts. I am not deleting this blog, editing any posts, or changing things to your liking.

      You and your ilk are an annoyance at best. If I have to disconnect my email address to keep people without the intelligence to understand metaphor out of my emails, so be it.

      I wrote this blog for the Gods- maybe you should ask THEM for “mighty punishment” if you disagree so vehemently.

      Somehow, I doubt you have much of a real connection to them.

    • I worship the same pantheon of Gods, and in this, I feel personally offended when They are not treated with the respect they are due.

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