I Can give you Everything…

You followed Me…and death stalked you
like a panther in the shadows she followed
each footstep- letting you grow in her terror
Her growls echoed in your ears only
to hear her hunger, her desire
for your demise

You followed me, and she loved you
as best as she was able
through foolish words in many tongues
she told you her secrets
and showed you her world
that was hidden behind ties
and fallen half-faces

You followed me and you traveled
Alone to distant cities
with nothing but your camera
And your personal gravity
weighing down to Earth
touching paintings of saints
and finding other Gods in the stars

You followed me, and I showed you the world
I gave you love, and I gave you roses
red like fire, flaming crimson and gold
I put my arm around you, and called you my own
and gave you all I could give you
Home, safety, a life, and love

But naked and alone in the dark
I see you writing-
pain and struggle your constant companions
like two ravens on each shoulder
screaming like banshee, or like regret

I hear you calling me, and I try to reply
But I have nothing more to say
Nothing more to give
and no more prayers that I can answer

I can say I am Sorry
I harm all I love
break all that I touch
Alienation is my copilot

But, follow Me, and I will listen
I can turn your doubts into silver
and hair into gold
I can win the heart of a Den mother
and charm virgins into passions

Follow me- the road is hard
and the mind is weary
but in the end, I will
catch you. In the end
I will save you; in the end
all will be well and better
than it ever was.


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