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In Conclusion: Oath Fulfilled.

Posted in About me on November 5, 2013 by Tyrienne

This will be my last post on this blog, for, as it turns out- the terms and conditions of my oath to both Tyr and Loki have been fulfilled.  For Those who are coming on late, a little over 13 months ago I oathed with three different kindreds that I would strive to improve both the reputation of Loki and His followers in the world until I would be given clear indication that the oath was fulfilled.

The past year has been a host to many magnificent changes in the Heathen and greater pagan community, now there are several dozen groups on facebook dedicated to not only Loki worship but also all Rokkr’s and Rokkatru.  The Troth, one of the strongest national Heathen organizations, now has a Lokean in one of their highest positions and their stance on Loki, although not YET ideal, is evolving rapidly. 

Leaders in the pagan community such as Galina Krasskova, Thor Sheil,  Robert Schweirer, and others I know not as well have all spoken with great depth and eloquence on the need for respect on Loki’s behalf.

The European Heathen community has become outspoken in their rejection of the entirely American anti-Loki sentiment and have also written beautiful blogs containing artwork, lore, UPG, as well as local customs that Honor Him.

I can take credit for none of this, of course…all I have is this tiny blog in this corner of cyberspace, however, I made my stand and I will continue to live my life as an honorable Lokean and Tyrian- However, it is no longer my responsibility to flyte the wrong doings of others, to monitor the community closely, nor is there an impetus to force myself to post my opinions since now there are so many people who are equally if not more qualified who are already doing such a fantastic job in conveying the Honor and Respect that both Loki and true Lokeans deserve.

Loki is a God who deserves the reverence paid to any other Norse deity, and in turn, I am thrilled to report that American Lokeans are finding themselves increasingly more welcome at Heathen events, some, even creating communities amongst themselves or finding other benevolent pagan faiths with which they can worship un-accosted.

For those who have spoken kindly of my writing, I am very thankful and grateful for your continued encouragement and support in my endevour- and I have found myself blushing at your kind words over the last year.  Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and express my heart to you, thank you for reading what I had to say, and for taking me seriously.

According to Hel, for the next lunar year I am to dedicate myself entirely to pulling back to focusing on myself, to take a hiatus from being so forcefully public, and to set the entirety of my concentration on learning as much as I can and growing my personal spirituality.

There is a Native American saying that when one Speaks, they cease to listen- the next year (13 months) is my year to learn how to be more silent, camouflaged, and observant so if I am ever called back into any spotlight, large or small, I will have more to offer.

If you want to keep in touch with me, I encourage you to add me on facebook and/or email me at  Even though I will not be keeping a public blog for a while, I am still a social creature and open to new friends as well as willing  help send people links and contacts to those who need them for their own spiritual health.  If you are unaware of Lokean-friendly groups, teachers, or organizations, I am always willing to provide what resources I have.

However, as a start here are the best I know of:

My very favorite Lokean blog is written by an individual in Germany by the name of Myriad, their beautiful work can be found here:

For those who are unfamiliar, Galina Krasskova has also posted extensively on the Rokkr and is a treasure trove of information, her blog is here:

Thor Sheil is a local elder and friend and has written an excellent book on Loki.  You can find him on facebook, he’s friendly as has always been incredibly helpful and informative.  I encourage you to purchase his books on the following site: (read the article first!)

Lastly, those who have been burned by local kindreds and national organizations (which will remain unnamed) 
If you are looking for an up-and-coming supportive community where Lokeans are not stepped on, please visit

Although it is still Troth policy not to Hail Loki in public, this attitude is rapidly changing and there are countless Loki-friendly Troth members.  You will not find unkindness in the Troth, and if you do, I would be incredibly disappointed as well as surprised.  (both my husband and I are due-paying members)

Finally, look on facebook: there are several Lokean groups including the Rokkatru and Jotunatru appreciation page, The Lokean Ice cream Social, The Lokean league of very bad people (tongue-in-cheek, of course) and just by typing in “Loki” and looking at the member list, you can get an idea of potential new friends to walk along with you on your spiritual path and to share your love of Loki in safety and freedom.

So, in conclusion it was an interesting ride; some people hate me- I don’t care.  Some people adore me; and I appreciate it- but really, how much different is that than how Loki Himself is perceived?


Hail Loki!  Catch you on the flip side!