Urglaawe: The Pennsylvania Dutch Heathen path

Photo courtesy of Robert L. Schreiwer.  The distlefink of Gring's Mill state park

Photo courtesy of Robert L. Schreiwer. The distlefink of Gring’s Mill state park

This pdf was created by our friend and Braucher,  Robert Scheiwer to give a basic understanding of the Heathen path of Urglaawe and Brauchei- one of the two traditions native to my family (the other being Lettish Vanic Tradition, aka “The Earth Religion”).

It’s an excellent read, especially for those of you not in the United States to see how our ancestral culture, traditions, and heritage have been preserved by the Pennsylvania Dutch over the course of the centuries spend over here on this continent. Also, I would like to add there is a non-racist national organization on which he serves as a board member called “The Troth”–  They have been doing some amazing work with prison outreach as well as with Heathens against Hate, as well as helping to Sponser Pagan Pride Day in Philadelphia, Pa.  Also, I have been proud to witness a dramatic change in the treatment of Rokkatru and Jotunr in the past year by this organization into the positive.
(Both Ed and I are members- not the most active, but we pay our dues without grumbling!)
To learn about Urglaawe, Go here:

Hollerbeer Haven


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