How to/not to make an Oath

1. Make sure all parties involved are of sane mind and not intoxicated. (The day prior to entering a mental institution does not constitute “Sane mind” for example)

2. Make certain that the oath has been planned prior to the undertaking for at least a week if not longer.

3. If not more than one drop of blood/bodily fluid is shed- consider it the Gods way of saying “No way, Jose.”

4. If one of the parties wishes the oath to be broken/annulled between one and another- consider all contact with that person to be unwelcome and all conversation about said person to be undesired.

5. If you are an obsessive, creepy stalker who is clinging to an idea that an oath exists when the above conditions for an oath are not met- you are an obsessive creepy stalker with severe mental problems.

6. If you are creating “drama” by calling someone an “oathbreaker” where no true oath existed in the first place, expect to be called out publicly online and derided for being the obsessive creep that you are.

7. Your thoughts and actions should be for your own, immediate family first- if your priorities are not as such- you are in the wrong.

Congratulations.  You are now called out.  Now go take your overinflated ego and 24/7 “slave-wife” -in-a-collar as far away from my life as possible, you disgusting fuck.  I disagree with your morals, your lifestyle, and your lack of psychiatric treatment and this will never be reconciled into any form of friendship.

I am in full treatment for all of my conditions, mental and physical, and do not need any negative influence disrupting my course of therapies.

We have had this problem before, and the only reason I allowed you back in my life was I thought you being married would have cured you of your obsessions…

Obviously not.

Have a lovely day, and please go the fuck away or a restraining order will be issued.

I owe you nothing.



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