Hello Stalkers! :)

Just because one is paranoid does not mean people are not watching you…. Fun fact.

First of all, people don’t “get” me….because they lack the mental facilities to do so.  The ones who do “get” me, I’m actually friends with.

Hello random asshole in Sweden who reads my stuff-  Did you know that wordpress tracks which countries tune into my blog?  How is your midlife crisis going with the child you did not want and the life of lies you’re living?  Having fun dumping your kids off at your wife’s parents to relive your days when you could be an responsibility-less new ager and insulting my fiancee because he knows you have no skills to speak of other than autism and gullibility?

How many people know you are an abusive, balding fuckwad with a failed life, failed spirituality, no college degree and no friends except for a 20 something heroine addict?  *slow clap*  Yoga cures everything except for ignorance, male pattern baldness,  dyslexia, compulsive lying, and egotism.  Also, I never paid to sit at the feet of any “master”.  Real “Masters” don’t charge hundreds of dollars for the privilege.  Congratulations on being yet another American who bought into psuedo-spiritual bullshit.  Maybe if you had a college degree you might have learned about not being taken advantage of by false teachers if you took a class in anthropology, sociology, or psychology….

Speaking of terrible teachers: Hello random asshole who keeps coming up with Persian names and tries to befriend random other friends of mine who obviously accept every friend request- did you not know that I can see you created you account less than a week ago?   Remember that time you cried for 20 minutes because you realized I was smarter than you because you couldn’t understand an equation?  I never forgot it, and I cling to that memory like it’s a sapphire.

No matter how successful and cultured you appear to be, you KNOW there are at least 20 of your colleagues who know inside you’re “just a little girl on the inside.”  Freak.  It’s easy to be a misogynist when inside all you ever wanted was to be a lady!   The best part is the fear inside you feel knowing I could have sued the shit out of you- but chose not to….AND deleted all 400+ emails of our correspondences so I never had to look at your lies ever again.  Yes, apparently,  I am a “decent” person.  However, I learned cruelty from you.  Remember me during your next plastic surgery- no doubt you are still attempting to “fix” your face- It has been said by a real Sufi friend we both know that you were cursed with your ailment as a warning others about your duel nature, aka “being two-faced”.

BTW- you could save thousands just by an eyebrow waxing.  No one gave a shit about your squint- but the unibrow is epic.

…or you could just be that little girl acquaintance that thought that her opinion meant something to me; sorry sweetcheeks. I laughed when you got dumped publicly on facebook and the fake-British accent doesn’t make you any brighter.

Oh, wow- another Lokian/Lokien with pictures of Loki all over their facebook- account created less than a week ago and friends with no one I know….or friends with just random public Heathen figures.  Hi stalkers!  Welcome to my facebook which I use as a tumbler- and look at my journal which I post nothing I wouldn’t tell a random stranger.  Upset that I don’t mention you by name?  Upset that I don’t give a shit about your little clubhouse mentalities?  Sorry, I lost track after four of you.

Sorry, but I don’t buy into “white pride” when the Japanese and Chinese have outstripped European culture technologically since the get go.   Keep your little rumours and intrigues- you have nothing else except failed attempts at trying to be an authority.  Christ, even Silver Ravenwolf wrote books and has some notoriety, what have you done that has any lasting impact other than make a first impression you can’t back up?

Hi cult leaders, criminals, and former lovers.  Nope, not taking anything back.

Oh wow- and hello to the people who were in love with my former fiancee who created such epic lies that you got yourself either laughed out of a community….or now look like a disgusting anorexic grue in karmic retaliation.   How’s that unhappy relationship of yours, anyway?  Fun tip: Maybe if you ended the relationship you were in, then MAYBE you might have had a chance at starting a new one.  No one wants to be second fiddle you self-entitled fucksacks.

Yeah, so- I’m a panpolytheist- and I decided that limiting myself to one pantheon just isn’t me…. sorry folks.   Also, for the record- the sum total of my life does not exist in this blog.

Oh, and for the hell of it- hello abusive schizophrenic bitch.  Nope, still no interest in seeing you as a human being- because you aren’t.  My memories of you consists of staring at your rotting teeth, stench of blood and body odor covered liberally with Victoria Secret or “Eternity” cologne as you screamed nonsense at me and me kicking you repeatedly as you made several attempts on my life.

I don’t dance, but when you die, (and I hope it’s before me) I will dance on your grave- if anyone bothers to buy you one.   Most likely, you will be creamated, scattered somewhere, and I will be holding a party bigger than my goddamn wedding to celebrate your death.   Congratulations at failing at college, life, and parenthood.   May you be reincarnated as a cloud of gnats or a stray dog outside of restaurant in rural China.

As for the tea-partying elderly crowd:  Keep trying to reach for validity- your lives were “made” by nothing but luck, and you know it.

As for “family” who I did not friend on facebook who may be reading this: Wow.  You are assholes.  I guess you want me to feel bad I have some happiness in my life as your lives crumble.  Oops.  My bad.  I don’t like you either.

Did this post just piss you off?  Then congratulations, stalker- you have just been called out.   Guess what? I also don’t care enough about you to read your stuff in return.  Isn’t it frustrating to know that you are wasting time on me when I really could care less if you exist individually but yet know who most of you are?

BTW- the reason we are having a Pennsylvania Dutch Wedding?  Because BOTH of us are Pennsylvania Dutch and both are decedents of known brauchers… are YOU?  My ancestors are the Hildebrandts… Outside of the Pa Dutch, I’m Vanic Lettish and my fiancee is a descendant of Hans Christian Anderson, THE man who single-handedly preserved much of our old “European Heritage” of oral traditions into popular children’s stories.

It’s fun when the racists out there can’t even figure out who has a “pedigree” and who does not…. and yet, we aren’t racist like some of you Heinz 57 idiots.  Intellectual elitists, sure…. but damn, just try and insult our distant backgrounds and see how far it gets you- Hitler actually saved the Latvian half of my family, some of you would have been in the ovens for your genetics no matter how loudly you say “Seig Heil!”…  Keep on reaching for that non-existent “white unicorn”- you Nazitru fucks 🙂

My grandfather was in the SS and I will openly share a horn on camera with a Mexican, African, or any other non-European  before I would share it with another “White pride” idiot.  Race does not exist-and all of us came from Africa if you go back far enough- unless you are clearly trying to claim pure Neanderthal lineage.

…In that case, more power to you.  I will be happy to call you Neanderthals, it’s a fitting for your outdated and primitive intellects and group-think idealogies.  Find yourselves a nice cave to wall up in for the non-existent race war you want to incite- and smear Obama’s name in shit on the walls for all I care.  Find yourself a pair of cow horns, wear them as a hat, and then play “viking”.  Let me know how your raid on Denmark goes after you attack with your fleet of rusted canoes and plastic kayaks.

To bitch our choice of wedding ritual is like saying it’s awful for a Russian couple to have a Russian Orthodox wedding, or to complain for Jewish people to sing “Hava Nigila” at their own weddings.

The only reason I am posting this is because I find it FASCINATING that my fiancee and  I are are such a topic of conversation.

Have a nice life….or don’t… because I don’t follow you…but Ed did until this weekend. 🙂


One Response to “Hello Stalkers! :)”

  1. Schrift Says:

    I love this one, even though it was borne out of the injustice of others… You shared your blog once or twice on our page (Rökkatrú & Jötnatrú) before, but I can relate to what you have had to go through as I am going through the same thing due to my beliefs and heritage. Stay strong, enjoy your wedding and hopefully accept my friend request I sent today. 🙂 – – – Schrift

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