Weird People; Stranger ideas… A Statement on Comparative Religion

Norse Gods by Floriflor of

Norse Gods by Floriflor of

I promised today by a friend’s encouragement I would check in on the latest community outcry over the discovery that there are people who are claiming they are having valid UPG’s (unverified personal gnosis) regarding fictional characters/gods, or those who confuse the “Real” Gods with Pop-media interpretations by the same name.

I am of several thoughts on the matter; first of all- we are dealing with an issue which is multidimensional.   I knew a few people in my high school who were very vaguely sensitive to psychic energy; but they were complete idiots and ascribed all things mystical to “dragons.”  To the rest of us with slightly more ability, we would raise our eyebrows and try to explain calmly that, no, not all psychic energy can be ascribed to dragons because that is the image they attached to metaphysical phenomena in their little heads…. but ultimately, people will believe what they choose to believe.  They sensed something “real” they could not fully comprehend, so their minds filled in the blanks the best they could-  this has happened since humanity began- it’s creative, but creativity is not the same as truth.

This is my personal experience of the Norse Gods:

Personally, I am not a fan of Marvel’s interpretation of the Norse pantheon, especially with my connection to Loki- the Loki I know is eloquent, diplomatic, and incredibly resourceful- he is a loner who serves as a nexus of connections for every purpose rather than a “leader” and if given the chance to “lead” a group he would respectfully point you towards someone more willing for the job.  Loki is not an antagonist to the Norse, he is a truth-teller of uncomfortable truth…why?  Because being stuck in social situations based on lies when your primary attribute is intelligence is almost painful to tolerate; polite niceties, false fronts, and white lies make life more complicated than necessary- and there are other things that need to be accomplished without all the added bullshit.   There are Gods who equally intolerant of such things- but they keep such things in check by other means.  Where Loki will expose a flaw, weakness, or weak link in a community- Tyr will simply quietly watch the troublesome party until injustice has occurred by their actions and then He will take swift judgement and retribution; especially against those who speak ill against His name- whereas Loki is almost “used” to being maligned.

Vidarr remains silent and absents himself from all conversation allowing his actions to speak for Him…. and when faced with absurdity, Freyr will politely find the company of more rational minds and absent himself entirely.  Hela forever remains outside the little nexus and vertices of any and all human interpersonal drama-  She prefers to speak to her chosen individually; and likely gives each dead man and woman their time.

I have no idea how Thor handles the raging throngs of devotees and fans he has accrued.  If I were him, it would be sufficient reason to drink- but I do not know Him well, and we have only interacted once on His behest.  On that occasion, he was extraordinarily gentle in the fact that I was contributing to the whole Loki vs. Thor debacle the American community has concocted and He wished for me to meet Him personally so I could personally hear from Him that He is no adversary to Loki, but instead a close confidant.  Also, He asked that when there is a situation that requires Action rather than Diplomacy, to never be hesitant to call on Him.  Like His rune, Thurisaz, He can both erect boundaries or remove them swiftly depending on the need.

As for Odin, wise, militant, mad, and brilliant Woten- All Father to most, and Blood Brother to Loki;  He is the most unpredictable of them all; when He speaks, you are silent and there is no room for argument- He is Right.  But He also speaks in riddles at times, and leaves it to you to discern His meaning when He blesses you with His guidance.

The Norse I know WILL lead you through fire, test you, and temper you like steel-  As Lokian, you are to use your mind to find your way, an Odinsperson is to use their intuition….and a Tyrsperson will have their Honor tested again and again. Helspeople will be found to comfort the grieving as well as to assist with transitions of those already passed….  the undertakers of this world may be less seen than they have ever been at any point in history at this moment- but the chosen of the Gods of the dead: Morrigan, Anubis, Hel, Baron Samedi, Izanami, and the Shinigami still exist and their real “work” in this life is not their nine-to-five job.

Those of the Tricksters: Loki, Inari, Papa Legba, Coyote, Eris, and even Odin will always question human rules and limitations- all human laws and rules are transient; divine law is immutable- they prove to us that we will never conclusively know ANYTHING, much less everything- it is the wise person who is more aware of how much they do not know rather than he or she who is secure in what they believe they do know.

There are the peacemakers: Baldr, Frigga, Freyr, Kuan Yin, Buddha, Apollo, and friendly vaetirr-  They will stand in fire themselves to stop needless conflict; even the most hardened warrior knows the best battle is the one avoided.

Gods of Love and/or passion:  Inanna, Freyr, Aphrodite, Eros,  Freyja, Frigg and countless others…  Honest Love is more important than any other human goal.

There are those of the Gods of war: Tyr, Berchta, Thor, Ares, Athena, The Morrigan (again), Freyja, Inanna, and Odin- there are actions necessary for change…  it would be utopia to live in a world without war- but conflict is necessary for growth.

In fact, Thor indicated most “walk away” from Tyr, for living life as a Tyrsperson is excruciatingly difficult since the demands of what is Honorable leave no margin for error; however, I have also found His demands upon me to be few…but those few are time consuming, put me in the spotlight when my Lokian nature prefers shadow, and oftentimes lead me into direct confrontation with many people’s cherished beliefs or life practices which to Tyr, are unacceptable.

If you wish to work with Tyr, you must abide by his rules of unflinching truth, bravery through fear, and occasionally sacrifice for the greater good- you will never be promised wealth, popularity, or any other stupid human desire; but rather, you have the reward of doing “the right thing” for it’s own sake- that is the only proper reward given and accepted by a Tyrian….but it comes at the cost of interpersonal relationships at times- and further, it exposes you openly to those who would knock you down equally to those who would support you.  He didn’t get to keep his hand; he knew the Aesir were lying to Fenrir, and he knew that lies have a price to be paid.   Tyr is fairness, judgement, leadership, and war: both the avoidance of war as well as knowing it’s necessity; that there will be times in our lives we will need to fight, metaphorically or physically, to keep all from slavery, subjugation, and untruth.

So, we have people worshipping Marvel Thor, My Little Ponies, Gods from S&M novels, teletubbies, and weebles….  What does this all mean?  The same thing it has always meant and will always mean- some people do not have the functioning capacity to accurately perceive the reality of mystiscm and therefore, do the best they can with the analogies they have available in their minds.  I cannot possibly deny that thoughts and intentions have a power of their own- and according to Plato (as a former Philosophy student) thoughts themselves can be/ may be more solid and “real” than our perception of reality.   There are people in Russia who worship the characters of 1990’s cartoon show “Tailspin” and a cult in Florida who believes that Elian Gonzales is the second coming of Christ.

We have millions of people who picture Jesus as blonde haired and blue eyed despite the fact that the region in which he was born was entirely Semitic indicating it is far more likely if he existed he would have possessed dark hair and eyes as well as tan skin.   People have gone out of their way to make their Jesus look as they do- to make Their God a reflection of them….so too, that is what we are seeing with  those who are simply “fans” of spirituality rather than actual spiritual practitioners.

A true spiritual practitioner will never ask you for your subservience-  that is given to the Gods alone- they do not care for most human concerns knowing that in being spiritual, most if not all of their needs will be provided for.   Most will be tested by poverty, madness, and/or severe illness over the course of their lives which deepens them and allows them greater compassion for others; a bitter man is one who has walked away from his sacred calling…. and I have known several to be “former” clergy/teachers/chosen of Gods.  Their auras are marked with silver grey where there used to be gold- and they often fall victim to human trappings of vanity, pride, fame, greed, or paranoia- or perhaps even other things I do not know of and thankfully have not observed yet.

Some Gods will take you back if you stray from the path….other Gods, there is no returning to, ever.  People do not like finality, they fear death, and they fear change- yet all three things will be experienced in every single human lifetime.   There are people who do not forgive, there are actions that are unforgivable (namely, those who harm innocents without remorse), there are animals in nature that will always kill to survive, there are endings and there are beginnings; life chapters that perhaps some pages of the future have a few words written already, but mostly- you are on your own to create your life and make what choices you will to make your own life tolerable.  Most people in the United States, sadly, will have no “life” to speak of- as they age they will grow into increasing self-isolation and allow television and other distractions to take the place of human interaction and communion with nature- they will work jobs with people they hate, and some with create families they will grow to resent simply because they do what is expected of them- these people will never find lasting fulfillment.

Regardless of which religion or path you follow- understand that you will not always “gain” what you put into it-  sometimes, there will be windfalls, sometimes, there will be storms- regardless, if you are “called”- you are expected if you accept that call to devote the entirety of yourself to your practices, to reading, speaking, exploring, listening, and even teaching.   You are not to seek a title out of pride, but out of necessity to distinguish yourself like a lighthouse so that the lost may easily find you, and in turn, find their Gods.  As clergy, your job is to step in as an intermediary to connect a person to the Divine…. then allow the Divine to make of that person what they will.

Not all people are clergy, not all people who declare themselves as clergy are recognized as such by the Gods, and regardless of classes, degrees, certifications or any of that nonsense- a clergyman/woman will be what they are if they are “certified” or not.  What is promised is that they will always know that not all questions have answers; and the answers that do exist are not the ones that people usually wish to hear.

There are very few times in life where no work is necessary, (unless one already works too hard-) and our culture is habitually lazy.

Never trust the person who gives the most comforting answer to the difficult questions, because that person is one who is not in the company of Gods, but one who seeks the company and comfort of humanity who will praise him/her for being so gentle.

Some Gods are gentle at times, but most are not.  Some Gods you’ve heard of never existed and never will outside of fantasy, some Gods you never heard of are Real and will continue to exist without your knowledge of them.   Your own willpower creates much of the reality you experience- thus, many people can falsely attribute their success of their endeavors to just about anything.

One problem with our culture is we have been trained by monotheism to believe ourselves to be “powerless”-  however, even the Bible states “He who has faith the size of a mustard seed may command a mountain to move, and move it shall.”   Faith does not necessarily indicate a divine influence, but rather a trust in a result.

There is a difference.

So, where do I stand?  I can only speak for myself- and my own knowledge is limited to my own personal experience.  I am more experienced than some and much less experienced than some others.   I believe that people “make up” their own gods all the time much like children make up imaginary friends-  however, I believe the relation between that point of view the reality of Godhood is the same as that between an imaginary friend and real, human companion.

I have made references to the shadows on the cave wall in several other postings of mine-  what we are dealing with is nothing more than people interpreting shadows on the wall who lack the ability to turn around and see what causes them.  People who see shapes in clouds and then bow down before them in worship- despite the fact that the next person to the right of them sees nothing but water vapor.

There are many things in life that we as humans have enough personal power from within ourselves to create and destroy without the help or hindrance of any deity whatsoever.

There are thoughtforms that people have put extraordinary amounts of human energy into over many centuries that persist- they are “real” in the sense that they have been made “real” much like one can create a teddy bear.  The teddy bear will act predictably and will be able to do what tasks up to a human’s knowledge of how to make it accomplish tasks- (think robotics).   However, a teddy bear bares little resemblance to a real bear which, by nature, thinks independently from humans, is not 100% predictable in actions, and although may be studied- may never be reproduced cell-by-cell by humans.  In this analogy, I think of Christ as a captured bear, defanged and dressed in garish regalia- his wildness taken from him and forced into the image of mankind where the Jesus-of-the-wild would rally against the exact same people who would have him forced to be imagined in such a way.   Jesus is not a God of the rich, the judgmental, or  the corrupt….and yet, to those same people he is their greatest tool for manipulation of the masses.  If the Nazarene ever existed, He would not be recognized by the majority of his followers if He materialized in front of them.

Same goes for Thor, these days….Loki, Odin, Bastet, Isis, Brigid, or any other popular God or Goddess you can name.

You will not know the true spiritualist by their friends, you will know them by their loneliness….though their friends may be many, most of their time will be in the company of very very few- since their time, ultimately, belongs first to their devotion to those who sustain them.

Also, as Lokian, I need to state: there are exceptions to every rule.   But this is what I do know:

1. Not all who claim to be heathen/Asatru will go to Valhalla- that is for the warriors who die in battle and honorable women- Please pay your respects and give honor to Hela while you are alive for it is better to do so now than apologize when you are dead.

2. Thor abhors purposeless bloodshed.  There is times and a reasons for war, but not all are legitimate.

3. Not everyone is cut out to be spiritual; those who have the Gods favor do not care about your disapproval very much-  the approval of their Gods is worth more than the approval of any human.  Those who do not have the Gods favor will ever be begging for human acceptance.

4. Love and family are worth all sacrifice-  However, family is something you create more than something you are born into.  Those who are the children of atrocious people are honor-bound to stop the cycles of abuse; and find their own honor and create their own families upon adulthood.   We are not beholden to care for those in old age who did not care properly for their young.  That is their punishment; poor behavior and injustice overrides any blood tie.  Those who harm the innocent are best neutralized and sterilized.

5. Any person can be caustic if they are in the wrong environment;  just as any person can be virtuous if given the correct tools and desire to be so.   What may be a close friend to one person may not be the healthiest choice for you.   Be very wary of people who are liked by “everyone”; oftentimes they are least honest.  One who has detractors may indicate that they have the courage to speak their true mind- give all people the benefit of the doubt and make your own judgement on each person rather than relying on the words of others.

6. There are no laws created by humans that are 100% just for all other humans.  There is no one experience, perception, or thought that is true for all people, and there is no person who should be revered over any other.   All humans are fallible- do not trust those who demand your respect.  Respect flows like water naturally- if it must be forced, then it is tyranny.

7. Finally:  Keep an open mind; as humans, everything you think you know is suspect to be proven false at any time.

Hail to my patrons, Loki and Tyr- the All-Father, Freyr, and all others who watch over me and those I care for.  Hail to those of other Pantheons who have blessed me, Hanuman, Inari, Inanna, Kuan Yin, Allah, and all I may have forgotten.

I raise a horn to the truth that two true spiritual people, regardless of who they worship, will always find common ground!

May the Gods watch over us all- and if they do not speak to you, then I pray that awareness grows to discover why they would not.

I do not have the answers.  I only have my thoughts, my experiences, and my personal Truth- and that Truth can change at any moment if I am proven wrong. 🙂


14 Responses to “Weird People; Stranger ideas… A Statement on Comparative Religion”

  1. Well spoken, and well expressed…

    “I have no idea how Thor handles the raging throngs of devotees and fans he has accrued. If I were him, it would be sufficient reason to drink- ”

    Also, this made me laugh.

  2. I like this, it covers so much that I have thought about or considered, but never found the right words to express it. Awesome post, thank you for sharing. I laughed at the part about Thor as well.

  3. […] Lokean friend has put forth that maybe some of these people have looked upon the divine and didn’t know how to h…; that’s as good as suggestion as any I’ve heard.  There is, of course, people who make […]

  4. lokastromma1 Says:

    I know of lots of people who’ve experienced Loki in the guise of fictional characters, including myself. To each their own, man.

  5. Pretty much.

  6. Please let me know if you’re looking for a article writer for your site. You have some really good articles and I believe I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d love to
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    • Thank you for the compliment. I write only original content myself for this blog- as part of a series of oaths I have made, however, I occasionally link to other blogs if what they write resonates with something I feel strongly. I’d be happy to follow your work, and if I like it, I will gladly link to it if you have information on a topic I am currently writing about!

  7. Another thought provoking post. I will have a better response posted either later tonight or tomorrow as first i need to put it paper so is semi coherent.

    • here is my response,

      the topic of U.P.G. has always intrigued me, although i often wonder about some of the so called experiences that are shared mainly because its in my opinion a personal message from the DEITY and should be treated as such.

      i have found from my own personal experience that i will have them in the strangest ways. maybe a paragraph in something that i am reading, or maybe even a lyric in a song or even possibly a snippet of a conversation that i happen to over hear. for me its almost like having a light go on inside of my head or sometimes getting smacked in the face with the deity saying here dummy. lol

      i also want to say that i believe that LOKI gets a bad rap firstly bad press. secondly i do not find LOKI to be a coddling deity he tells it how it is. ready or not.

      another point that i wish to touch upon that you had mentioned is that people will see the Gods and Goddesses the way that we want to envision them. i personally do not have any little statuettes of DEITIES on my alter or any other place. i think it would be unfair of us to attempt to tell the deities if you do not appear to me in this form i will not believe it is you. or worse yet what if the deity does not particularly approve of that particular figure.

      and please remember the deities as i understand them expect our absolute best in everything that we undertake from our mundane lives to our spiritual ones.

  8. Very good information. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident
    (stumbleupon). I’ve bookmarked it for later!

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    Weird People; Stranger ideas… A Statement on Comparative Religion | Hail Loki!

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