Name change.

Fox-Fire woman.  (Artist unknown.)

Fox-Fire woman.
(Artist unknown.)

After realizing I have stated several times in this blog that I am not, in fact Asatru-  (Not that there is anything wrong with Asatruars!) I have decided to change the name of this blog to more accurately reflect the contents within.  Let me know if you feel this change is better, and if not, what you would suggest!

Hail Loki!


3 Responses to “Name change.”

  1. I like it, I think it helps to keep from having others who find your blog from grouping you where your beliefs don’t belong. Words are slippery beasts, I can’t tell you how long it took to name my blog and be happy with it.

  2. I think it’s good. If you’re not an Asatruar, then it makes no sense calling yourself one…

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