Your Mileage May Vary…

Red Companion, bringer of change: A woman's Divine friend and Confidant. By Anastasia Borzykh

Red Companion, bringer of change: A woman’s Divine friend and Confidant.
By Anastasia Borzykh

I write this post in response to an artful post by fellow Lokian, A Myriad of Faces,   and perhaps have realized that in my defense of those of us under the cloak of Loki, I may have accidentally pigeon-holed fellow Lokians to the outside community.  First of all, the uniting factor between every single true Heathen of His are two unmistakable qualities:  Intelligence and Adaptability.   Some people are born this way, some people end up learning how to become so after years of accidental training, some of which may be trauma-induced.  Loki, although compassionate to the  suffering, is not a God of the weeping hopeless-  but rather, the God of those who would push themselves despite their difficulties in life.  To be defiant against odds is more to His liking than to be retiring- but to be injured is not a matter of scorn, but a badge that some may wear showing that they have taken chances in life- that to be hurt, one may have held convictions against the common ground- to have loved when love is anathema, and to have screamed against the hordes of bleating sheep-like minds to wake up from the anesthesia of the propaganda of popular culture, society, false news, false values, and ultimately, the acceptance of what is untruthful.

One does not need to have a horrid past, painful scars, or injury: physical or mental, to be intelligent and adaptable.

Os is a rune of hard truths; Dagaz, the daylight that illuminates both the delightful and the disturbing-   To be Lord of both is to shine light into darkness; appreciated or not, for it needs to be done.  Truth is not swayed by opinion, tempered by fear, or changed by disgust.  Truth does not vanish when ignored, denied, or rallied against.  Truth simply is- Truth stands above social niceties, political agendas, and the laws of mankind.  Sacred laws, laws of physics, and one’s honor to the self, to their Faith, and to face Truth squarely, despite the potential consequences mark us.  Not suffering-  many of us are still learning how to avoid the pain of seeing beyond the figurative fourth wall, the illusion of Plato’s cave- while the rest of mankind remains entertained and enthralled by shadows.   Not everyone needed to find pain to find truth, some have been blessed to be naturally perceptive.

Lokians, and those like us in general are becoming more important since our global society overall has become a force that wishes to criminalize the intellect-  At least in the United States… we live in a time of bread and circuses and our students are taught the memorization of inaccurate “facts” rather than the variety of ways to perceive the world around them- though art, logic, music, or simple Logos (the search for truth through the divine).

From even a young age those perceived of superior intelligence are meant to be held suspect.  For every cartoon on television, there are villains that range from “mad” scientists, to “evil” geniuses.   The “good” intellectuals found in popular culture are depicted as misunderstood loners- such a Bruce Wayne (Batman)- or even semi-sociopathic and self serving anti-heros such as Tony Stark (Iron Man).

Common heroes are seen to have simple, non-complex lives—-there is a clear division between what is “good” and what is “evil”, and even in many religions such as Christianity, that dichotomy is instilled in our societal values that there is a clear division between what is “right” and what is “wrong”…despite the fact that the intellect sees clearly that the world is not only far from dichromatic, or even shades of grey- but rather multifaceted, complex and for the most part beyond our comprehension as a whole.

The first problem with being intelligent is realizing how little of the world we can truly understand.  Unanimously, those of high intelligence oftentimes feel overwhelmed not by what they know; but rather by what they do not understand.   I have found time and time again the brightest, most sensitive and perceptive minds I have encountered feel themselves to be intellectually inferior by the knowledge that one cannot possibly understand the world in any form of concrete matter-  it forces the intellectual to become flexible in their belief systems and opinions of others, and most of all- open to all possibilities, ideas, and opportunities to increase their understanding.  This is the rock of Sisyphus, the concept that in this life, on Midgard, that even the brightest among us cannot see more than 3 pieces of the puzzle that makes up Reality- and in fact, Reality itself is actually not as concrete as many people assume becomes overwhelming.

This is chaos, our lack of true perception;  Yet this is also Order, but one too complex for the entirety of our understanding.

There are those who will attempt to impose order upon what they do not understand fully, and then there are Lokians/Tricksters/Magicians who will show the loophole, the forgotten, and the excluded from the “law” that renders it nonsensical.   There is ultimate order in the universe, but to claim any human has the key to it is the ultimate in hubris-  far better it is to take all information in stride, to observe, and to keep attempting to show others the full spectrum of colors to those who have only been given instruction in black and white, and falsely informed that black and white are the only colors in the spectrum.  (this is a metaphor)

So, back to truth.  What is it?  The definition I hold dear is that for every “rule” a human will state, there will be an exception to that rule.  Truth indicates that there are no sweeping definitives, there is no clear “Right” and “Wrong” in most scenerios….but instead there are beings who can either choose each moment to make the best decisions they can with the resources and information they have at the time,  others who choose to make no decisions at all,  or those, like divine fools, follow their mystic hearts and ignore the harsh voice of rationality and step off the cliff with an equal chance to flight or failure.   …and of course, there are also all the people in between, as well as people whose actions change unpredictably with each scenario, unique like snowflakes or the respective crimson of each maple leaf in Autumn.

So, a paradox- is it a definitive rule that there are no definitive rules?

False.  For the answer lies within the heart… in our Faith, we know the Truth in when we are told we are loved…. and we see love expressed to us by both divine and mundane sources.  In the Divine, we find ourselves given multitudes of blessings- the joy of curiosity and gratefulness, the ability to create and contribute positively to our communities and our greater world around us with our words, our art, and each action—the poetry of human existence, each human a thread woven through the complex cloth of life, each person holding the keys to a creative mind within them (whether they choose to employ that mind or not).   We find that our prayers are answered, we find ourselves granted divine insights, and we find communion with our Gods—and through the teachings of our Gods, we find the greatest joy of finding ourselves in complete freedom when we realize that all problems we experience are simply puzzles to solve rather than impassible barriers.  In our Mundane lives love is shown by those close to us, by their willingness to stand beside us, to hold and be held when compassion bids us, and to be frithful to those who care to do honorably by all others to the best they are able.

We (hopefully) learn to keep our wants simple:  when asked what he wanted when he finished college, my friend Kristian,(who I fully believe to be a prodigy), answered “I just want to be happy.”

That sentence changed my life entirely.   From then on no achievement, degrees, or habits for the future meant nearly as much as I was told they should mean.

To me, every single human is my equal- I will not bow before a guru, a teacher, or a scholar.   However, those mystics who allow the Divine to speak through them will always have my rapt attention;   those who decide that their Religion and their Gods are their center (regardless of their religion) are ever my friends- for I have made the same choice.  Even if we do not share the same Patrons, background, or religion- those who started with books and moved beyond them to touch the greater universe and the Divine mark themselves by their lack of judgemental-ness and depth of their compassion.

I learned that there truly is no such thing as a human “teacher” since we can learn equally as much from the retarded as from a PhD….and a PhD is no indicator of depth of insight, strength of intellect, or of moral capacity- but rather an indicator of being able to jump through the appropriate hoops to impress the appropriate people to speak on your behalf to a committee that your writing style (which you tailor to your human teacher’s specifications) is adequate enough to impress others with PhD’s.  Further: it can simply be a sign of wealth; since programs that fully fund PhD students have been on a sharp decline for several years.

Loki is the defiant, he is the trickster, he is the bane of the hardheaded and the hard hearted alike.  His tests are not easy, but I can attest that He is greater than any human teacher…  I have followed human teachers on bended knee before only to find them hamstrung by their own flaws.  Our Gods are not even flawless, however, they can perceive what we cannot—and in turn teach us to stretch our horizons without ever claiming ownership of knowledge, but rather enjoying bathing in the cool water of eternal learning, of freedom from dogma, and the ultimate freedom of joy and creativity.   Odin does not even hold ultimate knowledge, but amongst our ancestors he came closest through multiple sacrifices; there is freedom in madness, there is reward in creating our own order, and in recognizing any order we impose on our universe can be washed away like a castle in the sand.

Loki eternally teaches by trial and error.  Loki has taught me error is not failure, but a lesson- and success is not an end, but a beginning.  There are always new things to learn, to express, and to appreciate.  The exchange for this is to stand fast against untruth, even if it seems difficult or unpopular to do so.

My words are my artform and this is my canvas.  A former lover (in heart, not in body) said twice to me “Your words are like a clear glass.”   But I would prefer if my words served more as a mirror.  If “Cellar door” is the most beautiful phonetic word in English, the most beautiful word in Persian is “Ayaneh”- which means mirror.    I want you to see what I can see— and in turn, I want to see your world through your eyes.

I also find it interesting that my favorite news source, “Spiegel” means the same en Deutsch.

Like my friend Myriad, I, too, can converse in multiple languages-  when I remember them.  En Deutsch, Farsi, Espanol, and writing in Runic.  I may not be able to do it with her mastery, but when I need to remember- it comes to me.   I am learning to get less frustrated with my poor short term memory and to rely, again, on both my faith that as long as I remain honorable to the best of my understanding of honor, loving to the best of my heart’s knowledge of loving, and receptive to greater knowledge- knowing I can only do the best I can with the resources present at any given moment- that I have happiness, and much to rejoice for.

Difficulties are temporary.  Sufism taught me that both the pursuit of love and knowledge are eternal, and Loki taught me that this search will never leave one stranded, bored, or lonely unless I make the conscious decision to be or remain any of those three things.


2 Responses to “Your Mileage May Vary…”

  1. Reblogged this on Kvasir Amongst the Gods and commented:
    A good and wonderfully poetic post; infinitely quotable as well!

    While I agree that intelligence helps people steer clear of biases more often the not, once a bias is accepted? The intelligent person is even less apt to change their mind Einstein is a good example of this, I feel.

  2. An excellent post, an infinitely quotable.

    I find that while intelligeny people are less likely to establish a false truth, once they do they are even lesd likely to question. Einstein is a great example of this.

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