“His Demand”- Reblogged post

From Deviantart: The name is in the blade...

From http://wantstobelieve.tumblr.com   The name is in the blade… 





Please read this amazing post regarding one woman’s personal experience with Dear Loki- it mirrors my own in so many ways I felt incredibly moved in reading it.

His Demand.

Also, if you are a Troth member, please make sure to read the newest issue of “Idunna” magazine for the conclusion to the three-part article of the origins of Loki and Loki-woshiip. One word: Glorious. Well researched, well written, and the UPG matches up with what I, and many others have felt- Loki as a God of the Hearth fire, protector of children, and the one who shines light onto problems and brings them into the forefront to be dealt with where others lack the courage! Dagaz and Os.

Hail to you, beloved flame haired, brightest scholar, and fire-tender!


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