“The Tyrian Heathen”


Tyr and Fenrir.
By meredyth.deviantart.com.

Perspectives- each one of us has at least one, some of us are cursed/blessed to see two or even several at any given time, in any given situation.

Over the past week I pretty much had this post planned out, I had intended to copy 6 quotes total by people of great fame:
Three of those quotes were to be shallow, petty minded, and perhaps even could be construed as evil.  But easily agreed upon to be negative and unwise.

The other three- thought provoking, poignant, and easily agreed upon as wisdom.

However, the quotes I found from Gandhi, Ayn Rand, Charles Manson, Machiavelli,  to Mother Theresa could be taken in multiple contexts making the task I intended impossible.

The trick to this was to prove that categorizing even single individuals as wholly “good” or entirely irreverent or “negative” is impossible- therefore, even less possible to accurately do so for an entire community… another reason why it has taken so long to write this post since the last one.  Despite not even one ad hominem attack being expressed on any forum, I have been the recipient of many- mostly, from “Well-respected members of the community.”   When I see anyone resort to name calling, I make the decision as a former Philosophy major that if they must resort to that particular logical fallacy (The Fallacy of Ad Hominem Attack) that rational, adult discourse has already departed from the conversation, and since I hold myself to the standard of attempting to never disrespect another human in such a way myself, I block the offenders; there are several reasons for this- ones that I would waste my time discussing as people get hung up on details like Fenrir with Tyr’s hand.

See, there is one major component to these blogs that I believe I have lacked to make clear about myself; in each of these instances- where I was attacked, run out, accused of mayhem when clearly the diatribes against Lokians were the most vehement, most volatile, and spoken from very narrow stances (some, not all of course-  there were also some very rational, clear, and wise words spoken by those on all sides as well)  I was run out because I was Lokian. I was as polite as I could manage (which was difficult), but I would not fall into line and deny Loki as anything less than legitimately benevolent. I spoke necessary truths in my last blog post that others did not wish to face.  Nothing more, nothing less.

“Lokian” is a buzzword that holds similar measure to the word “Colored” in the earlier parts of the last few centuries in the United States-  A word that is meant to imply savagery and incivility- in both cases used often derogatorily and inaccurately in intention.

One small problem with this assumption.  I have two patrons, not one…and in fact, I am not sworn to Loki to improve the reputation of Him and his kin, but Tyr.  To three separate kindreds, no less…and it was adamently presented to me by Tyr, not Loki, to continue in the work that I do- especially in writing this blog…and it was pointed out by a man I respect deeply that I write more like a Tyrian than a Lokian, which would make sense:

I am Tyrian.
I am also Lokian.

To try to divide this in me would be the same as asking an artist to divide purple sculpting clay back into its original red and blue components- to undo a human by asking the original sperm and egg to separate and part ways.    A few weeks ago it was brought to my attention that there are very few Tyrians in the Asatru/Heathen community.  Thorsmen abound a plenty, as do Odinsmen, Freyjaswomen, those to Hel, and those to Loki…even the occasional Baldrsperson or Friggsman.   Little heard are the people dedicated to the others, Freyr, Bragi, Vali, Vidarr, Idunna (barring Discordianism- but that is an entirely different post) Kvasir, Berchta, Eir, or anyone else of the Aesir, Vanir, or other demigods of the pantheon.

On occasion I hold the mental image of Thor and Loki sitting at a bar in Asgard drinking away their frustration to those who hail their names completely ignorant of their actual natures.   How can Loki represent Chaos when every action ever recorded demonstrates extraordinary thought, planning, and cleverness?  How can someone Hail Thor as an enemy of Loki when without our flame-haired one there would be no mjollner twice over?  (As it was forged by Loki’s bidding, and returned by Loki’s cleverness when stolen)  I have been told I should attempt to raise a horn to Thor sometime, to get to know him better- and we would love to chat, yet in my own flaws knowing that the people who have hurt me the very most within the community have almost unanimously been Thorsman.   I mentioned in the first post I have enough PTSD to collect SSD, so my reticence is understood.

What is not understood is that I also live essentially as an agoraphobic, easily wounded, and I am a failure out of an Iranian diplomacy program- broken primarily at this point by a several hour long interrogation by my own government after my Master’s program in Persian Linguistics lost all federal funding after Arab Spring did not coil and move forward as far as was wished.

The Iranian Green movement, to overthrow the current government of Iran in favor of a benevolent democracy-of which most of myPersian professors and tutors were ardent supporters fell unexpectedly flat.  This, leaving me with three years of training in Iranian culture, language, history, and politics all for nothing.   I am a failed diplomat- and the experience left me so entirely wounded in soul and mind (in addition to prior traumas) that I decided to dedicate my life entirely to my religion; which was actually my very first intention when I decided to attend a college with an attached seminary.

There are runes carved into the temples of Persopolis, and I now know with sadness I will never see them, nor will I see Tehran where the Sufi sing poetry in the streets at night under the shadow of Mount Damavand.   Persia was one of the most ancient of our allies, and from their scholars we have much of our ancient history.  The debt that our pre-Christian faiths of Europe owe Persian scholars is without price.  The word “Aryan” is a cognate of the word “Iran”.  The word “Caucasian” refers to the Caucus mountain range which runs through Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and finally- Iran.

My first wish was to become a chaplain for minority faiths, including the faiths of my ancestors.

Which where I am back today.

In addition to this blog I also co-run a free hall in the name of Freyja with my spouse- where all are invited to share and observe our rituals as Heathens….  And not exclusively to the Rokkr,  in fact, most of our blots and fainings are dedicated to commonly accepted deities: Skadi, Ullr, Freyja, Idunna, Freyr- in addition to Hel and Loki.  For the record also, my spouse also is fortunate enough to be duel dedicated:   Hel/Freyr.   My maternal grandmother seems to be a Freyrswoman in the Latvian “Janis” sense-  our wedding is planned for Freyfaxi and she was a little upset that I did not choose the Latvian date of June 24th rather than July 28th  (When I explained my fiancee was Swedish, it was quickly forgiven 🙂 )  …Her husband, my grandfather deceased who serves as frequent inspiration, demonstrated many marks of a Tyrsman.  Quietness, intelligence, and a strict sense of what is just from unjust- in addition to uncanny knack for adaptability, sacrifice, and survival as a military man employed by multiple governments as well as a unquenchable thirst for spirituality.

What I am trying to tell you is this.  Individuals who make the difficult decision to put themselves forward with an unpopular point of view are often more complicated than one would like to categorize or even suspect and may be sacrificing more of themselves to their causes then you would suspect.  I suspect should I have titled this blog with the title “The Tyrian Heathen” I would have garnered much more respect from the community and my words would be taken much more seriously- however, it would be disingenuous of me and it goes against the oaths I have made in Tyr’s name to Loki and incredibly deceptive.

Loki, the God of scapegoats, the God of the misunderstood, and the God of intellect-  Intellect being a trait which is often demonized as either “ego” or marginalized if it goes against the flow of the status quo.  There is a reason why Loki chose to shape-shift into a Salmon- he goes against the current- offers perspectives not otherwise considered, and despite every Snorri-based argument, it cannot be disputed that Odin shared His own blood with Loki in brotherhood- and spoke clearly that each horn raised to one is raised to both the All-Father and the Silver-tongued.

In many ways, Loki and Tyr share many similar attributes- both appearing as intelligent, sacrificial figures to the highest betterment of their community and kin.  (I can’t imagine making love to a horse being particularly enjoyable- nor the incident with the goat being painless.)

I have seen my share of arguments of history of worship, translations, and differing cultural traditions from everywhere from France, to Iceland,  to Latvia among all others from Scandinavia to the entirety of the Teutonic/Saxon regions of the mainland of Europe.  But in this, is the sense of direct connection to our Gods lost in mindless arguments over ancient particulars?

But what happens to you when you dedicate your mind, soul, and time to research of the past and ignore the present?  At Present, Diplomacy is a sorely needed skill the world over, not brute force.  The time has passed where we can solve all arguments by fights to the death and compensating the losing families.

“The best victory is the battle never fought.”-  Sun Tzu, “The Art of War.”
I have had kept this book as bathroom reading for years- and countless times it has been stolen and I have not minded the loss knowing the loss of the book could lead the thief to greater wisdom.

…and yet, here I am.   Undaunted.  Still writing this damned blog, and I will continue to do so as long as I am given the words to speak and the will to write them down for you to read.  But understand that there is a human behind every keystroke- and this human is not just a Lokian, but also mentored by the ancient king Tyr himself; who predates Odin by centuries.  The God of war, justice, and sacrifice… and in some Heathen traditions (particularly in Germany) still sits in the Grand Throne as the metaphorical Arthur to Odin’s Merlin.

I am not making any demands for your respect, your time, or your opinions…. I am writing this because I have to: I am oath bound to keep my hand extended out into the jaws of the internet.   Fenrir was a friendly youth once- and it was only Tyr he trusted in the end with the final binding.  Their relationship is more complicated than one of soldier verses beast.  Fenrir Lokisson, Son of a shapeshifter- no doubt closer to intelligence to human than beast considering his parentage- and in Justice, it was Tyr who falls to Garm, another wolf, cousin of the one he betrayed.

Could the king of all warriors be felled so easily by a wolf?  Or did he accept his fate and allow himself to fall?

One more question:  If Ragnorak has already occurred, than what ARE our Gods to us?  Why do they continue to inspire us and interact if they are allegedly dead and long gone?  How can we explain the UPG’s of the Aesir chosen- Thorsman, Odinswomen, and Lokians?  Or is Ragnorak simply a metaphor that we are meant to decipher in the greater context of the universe:  That Death is not an ending, but a temporary state of conditions….illusionary and comforting that nothing created is ever truly lost.

First law of Thermodynamics: Energy/Matter can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms.

My undergraduate thesis was on the physics of time theory in relation to mystical experience: long story short- it has been concluded by the physicist, the philosophers, and the theologians that time, as we know it, does not exist in the manner in which we perceive it- but rather- it is an a priori sense that allows our human minds to comprehend and grasp reality in small intervals.

The Sufi and the Buddhist would say that nothing exists but the present moment… both pulling from a source that allegedly contains all knowledge that ever existed- that runs above, below, and through all things- and yet remains tantalizingly separate enough it is worth losing an eye for, or to hang for days from a tree to even grasp the barest understanding of that golden thread throughout all that is.

One last thought: When I created this blog, I was not aware that “Asatru” is the name of the reconstruction movement in Heathenry-  which means, technically, I am not an Asatuar since both sides of my family had their part in bringing me up in the old ways to the best they were able.

However, I like the ring of “The Lokian Asatuar”- and have no plans to change a thing…  and if I am successful in helping even one Lokian feel less isolated, move one mind to think in a new direction, or inspire a single person to write their own thoughts intelligently and with honor than I feel successful in this endeavor.

Since I seem to be “blacklisted” from most facebook forums, if you gained anything from this post, please feel free to share the link as freely as you desire.


19 Responses to ““The Tyrian Heathen””

  1. Well spoken. Now that I’ve been working on my writing, I’m reading the work of others in an entirely new light! 🙂

    An idea: many stand on the firm belief that one may only had a single patron deity. I would comment….but as a man with 0 patrons, I’m quite out of my league. May a good subject for a future post?

    • There really isn’t much for me to say on that topic, really. Many mystics end up getting the attention of several deities of several different pantheons at a time- whereas most normal people have trouble getting the attention of a single spirit.

      I can’t speak for the mind of the Gods, but I do believe we all even out in our gifts in the end. I have had a shitty as hell life, but my mysticism has compensated for it. In ancient times in most shamanic cultures- it was the chronically ill, mentally ill, and the permanently damaged with blindness or other infirmity who were seen as blessed with the gifts of sight and speech with deities.

      With that in mind, I would say- be thankful you are normal, perhaps? 🙂

      • Normal? Me? Your definition of their word, I think, might be somewhat askew. 😉

        In either case, I couldn’t give a damn about having a fulltrui or whatever. My concern is that I’ve seen people proclaim that multiple patrons is an impossibility…and I had simply been curious was your response would be.

    • …remind me to have you try on my glasses sometime, btw…

      • It might be impossible for them….but how can one human deem what is possible or impossible for anyone else? That sounds like an awful lot of hubris. When they can name each star in the milky way by memory and explain the Grand Unification Theory, then I might be willing to consider any sort of definitive. But as it stands right now, no human being, no matter how educated can be anything more than educated yet fallible at their best.

  2. I tried your glasses on before….you’re as blind as bat. 😉

    I agree with your synopsis of things, more or less. I just never understand why so many have been taking such adversarial stances lately.

  3. it’s a good thing you decided to be yourself, everyone else was taken after all … and this kinda sounds like the conversation we had in my car……

    the conspirator in me wants to think that you were just wearing a wire and it all just got dragonspoke… lol

  4. It’s true, you do write more like a Tyrian than what I’ve come to know as the typical Lokean style. But, much like yourself, I see a lot of parallels between the two. In fact, it’s the aspect of Loki that is most similar to Tyr (Whom I don’t know well yet, so sorry for the sweeping statement) to which I connected first and most firmly.

    Thought-provoking post… I like it very much!

    • Thank you for the compliment, I feel the same way regarding Loki and Tyr- so don’t feel bad for the “sweeping statement.” In my time of knowing both well, they have only created one inner conflict within me:

      Tyr is a natural leader, whereas Loki would prefer anything other than the responsibility of leadership and would rather be at an advisory position, So, when faced with a choice to lead anything with real, solid responsibility I always look to see if there is one better suited to it than I.

  5. Wes Hael

    As a Thunorsman I cringe every time I hear about how many Thunor loving folks can be so cruel and mean to Lokians and furthermore do not understand where they get this notion of “Thunor is an enemy of Loki” when the lore tells us that they were good friends and traveling companions at times….So friends mess up when it comes to one another and will fight at times but so far every time I’ve seen a piece of lore where Thunor gets angry at loki, they seem to be friends after all the dust has been cleared and the conflict dealt with.

    While Loki is not my favourite of the godfolk by any means, I give him his due of respect as Woden’s blood brother and Thunor’s friend.

  6. I like it whenever people get together and share thoughts.
    Great site, keep it up!

  7. wow! super!

  8. thetinfoilhatsociety Says:

    Huh. Maybe I should raise a horn to Tyr. And ask for a chat. I seem to share ethical and moral stances with the Good Sir. Gods know I’ve put myself on the line for the right thing (or what I thought was the right thing) at great personal cost more than once.

    And I too see Odin’s pledge of blood brotherhood to Loki as current and not for me to ignore.

    Perhaps UPG but I see Tyr as continuing to sit in the high seat, mainly when Odin is off on the Wild Hunt. SOMEbody’s got to be in charge after all…

    • Tyrienne Says:

      Tyr had the seat first, as I see it, he estranged his former pantheon to remain part of our lives. That is a true leader. One who will do anything and everything to remain a positive influence- if it is stepping down for younger Gods, or to sacrifice for the greatest good of those He feels responsible. I wish more people knew Tyr. I wish I could find better pictures of Him.

      He deserves my devotion every bit as much as Loki. He seems to be “art-shy” unlike his Jotun-cousin, though…

      • thetinfoilhatsociety Says:

        Agreed. I see cognates with Nuada, who wasn’t allowed to rule any more after losing his hand. I can understand it in the Irish mythology but not in the Norse – they have some pretty physically *interesting* individuals in that group…so I’m guessing the story of Odin taking over the throne and job of Allfather is one of those stories we will just never know.

      • Tyrienne Says:

        The losing of the hand is a metaphor to some scholars- to lose one’s sword hand is seen to be unfit to lead battle any longer. It may have been symbolic of the pre-Aesic pantheon losing their foothold in the region to Odinn-worship…? I would love some more sources.

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