Rumor has it… Rokkatru and the World at Large.

Hela: facepalms at your ignorance and shenanigans.  (Artist Susan Boulet)

Hela: facepalms at your ignorance and shenanigans. (Artist Susan Boulet)

…So, I have heard a rumor that to be Lokian in the AFA is to expect be “Blacklisted” by the community at large, this, from an acquaintance who found that folkbuilder who had once committed to perform his wedding rite backed out in order to visit Scandinavia instead.   Luckily, for this gentleman I was able to procure a list of names of Heathen/Asatru/Urglaawe clergy whom I have met in person/spoken to online who are wedding experienced and hold no such reservations towards Lokians or Rokkatuars in general (“Rokkr” meaning one who worships the “less fluffy” of the Gods, I suppose)

Up until recently, my fiancee and I have been keeping an eye on the larger communities of the the AFA and The Troth.   We also founded the only open hall in Pennsylvania (as far as we are aware) and run monthly rituals from our apartment to various Gods and Goddesses of Norse origin- and not just the Rokkr- We successfully held a blot to Freyja last week with 19 revelers in our small one bedroom apartment-  the month prior, a blot to Skadi and Ullr- and before then, an October 13th event to my future husbands patroness, Hela.

So. The issues I am hearing are as follows:

1.  There is questionable evidence that the Rokkr (“dark” Norse/Germanic deities) were ever worshiped.

Answer:  Frankly, to those of us who worship and accept those such a Loki and his kin into our lives, this is a non-issue.   We worship him now, regardless of what is, has, or has not been in the past.   The Gods to most of us are not abstract concepts of which we simply devout mild intellectual speculation into- but rather- these entities come to us as our Patrons, our Friends, our Aid and Ancestors.

2.  If we do not give into the Lokians/Rokkratru they will simply go away…

Too many in the community believe that by simply closing one’s eyes and being unwelcoming will be enough to convince those who do not agree with them to “change sides” or go away entirely.  Whether it be racists or Lokians-  Militia or Convicts, the aspects of the Heathen/Asatru community that you choose to ignore are not going to disappear simply because you will it.  Nor will the most vocal of any “undesirable” heathen group be silenced by the disapproval of some, or even most.   This is our religion, these are Our Gods.  You may choose not to welcome any person into your group, home, or life- but no human, even Mr. McNallen, Ms. Paxton, or any other organization leader, can decide who is or is not Heathen by how they choose to express their beliefs and their personal UPG’s on the practice.   Just as there are hundreds of different forms of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism-  our pre-Christian religions also take on a myriad of expressions from Baltic to Pictish-  Each culture, family, and individual creating their own thread in the greater tapestry that is Heathenry.   Like it or not, we are apart of you….and frankly, many of us are shamed by the actions of the community of large as of late.

3.  If one is an AFA member (or member of any other larger organization), you have a duty to defend the organization.

This is where I fucked up.  This is entirely FALSE.   As what is supposed to be a supportive overreaching and hospitable organization for preserving Folkish traditions, it should rest on the shoulders of those of high position within the AFA to defend and recognize the rights of the members who make up their constituents.  I will go back again to the written statement of blood-brotherhood to to each horn lifted to Wotan it is also so for Loki.  But yet, where some of the AFA in private will give Loki his due as true Aesir, and even go as far as to accept hails to Hela, His benevolent daughter- they publicly have chosen the stance that a Lokian is a second class citizen in their organization- to hail Him is to “hail chaos”.  Which, is simply based on no more or less substantial UPG’s than the Rokkatru ourselves.

What I have to say to all of you is this:   Freyja’s Hall remains open to all who wish to worship with us-  So long as you remain within good Frith of my husband and I feel free to join on our facebook page.  We hold monthly rune studies as well as around one public ritual per month- despite my wishes otherwise, we understand the weekend closest to Loki’s day, April 1st, is also Easter weekend for the Christians, so our Lokiblot has been moved to April 6th.  But otherwise, as the weather grows warmer, we will be moving our practice outdoors into one of the many beautiful locations in Berks County, Pa each month for you and your families to join us in our potluck celebrations to the Gods…. including a pig-roast feast on July 28th for Freyfaxi

Edward and I are obviously the penultimate, sneaky, devilish sort of Rokkr’s you could imagine-  by opening our lives and our home to the greater community with little reservation it seems we have become the antithesis of the greater Heathen/Asatru community at large- we actually give a damn about hospitality, frith, and building a stronger community by bringing people together regardless of belief, patron, race, or any of that crap that seems to tangle other people up and rile them up oh-so-much.   Racist?  We don’t give a damn if you’re racist-  If you can hold a horn with sincerity in honor of Odin you are welcome at our table, same for cops, criminals, military, liberals, conservatives, gun owners, gay, straight, trans, caucasion, non-caucasion, and pacifists.

Frankly, all we care about is your sincerity regarding your religion and spirituality….(and secondly, if you bring something tasty to the potluck that’s lovely as well…:)

When we visit other groups, we abide by their rules without complaint-  if we wanted to change a damned thing, we would not continue to go and visit the folks we do.  We visit both affiliated and unaffiliated groups….and strangest thing of all, out of all the places we travel, there is only one group the expressly forbids us from hailing Loki.

Us Blacklisted?  Hardly.  Other Lokians and Rokkatru please rest assured that you are in good company within the greater Heathen community.  This may not be the case for the public organizations- however, realize that in your participation and willingness to come to the horn with good faith YOU are creating this community- this community is not defined by branches of organizations- but rather, by the tiny roots that form between each individual each time you connect with another Heathen-  Our community springs first from our families then extends outwards to our friends, kindreds, acquaintances- and then finally outwards to the expressions of larger organizations.  The larger organizations CANNOT define all of us; the entirety of our experiences, upbringings, oral traditions, and research.   If there is not a community near you- clean your damned house and make one- open your homes and your lives to the virtue of Hospitality, and you will not drink to the Gods in loneliness.

We as individuals define ourselves- and in our honesty, the Gods bless us by surrounding us with the folk, different for each individual, who are right for forwarding our spiritual growth and potential.

In closing doors, and cursing the darkness- you curse yourselves, not us.

We are not a kindred…. and We will not run one.   But I’ll be damned if we aren’t being the exact opposite of exclusionist.  I suppose if we are to be branded as rebels against the greater community- this is the way in which I remain proud to continue.

Outside of Freyja’s hall we have our own personal, private practices- kindreds we visit, good friends, hallowings, blots, and functions we are invited to almost every single weekend.   Not too bad for having the “wrong” patrons.   We do not lack for friends, this blog does not lack for followers.

However, when we next see those to whom my other half and I refer to as our personal brothers and sisters and sacrifice to the bonfire- the first thing to go is our AFA cards in addition to our cash.  The extra $70 a year will go towards perhaps renting out a larger space next winter the next turn of the wheel so we may fit even more comfortably to shout “Hail!” and feast to the Gods with our fellow heathens.

Rokkatru:  We are truly nothing but trouble….  We are just too damned honest and welcoming and it just makes anything less than true hospitality seem meager in comparison.
Hail Loki, guide through chaos, magician, friend, and genius.  Hail fire-tender, light bringer and Wotan’s brother-by-oath.

May I do honor to your reputation by and for the justice of Tyr.


19 Responses to “Rumor has it… Rokkatru and the World at Large.”

  1. Well said in all regards. I think there are a lot of scholars talking from positions of authority that can’t rightfully claim, as an absolute authority does not exist here.

    People comment on the lore as if it is something that may be finitely known…even while recognizing how much we are missing. That’s just idiotic. While you are right to point out how little of an issue it is, I’m just curious how it became an issue in the first damned place.

    When ever these sort points are made, I sometimes hear a “we’re re-constructionist; this how it is supposed to be done”…usually delivered smugly. Gods only know why.

    I find it rather irritating; not only is it a weak way out of acknowledging that you don’t have answers to valid questions…but it forgets that religious practices are not static or stagnant. We have the right and duty to facilitate years of missing evolution and change.

    Even the Catholics have evolved somewhat..unless there are some inquisitors burning sinners for the crime of usury somewhere. I don’t watch the news, so maybe I missed that headline.

  2. Reblogged this on Thorrdóttir's thoughts on her spritiual Bloodline and commented:
    Good thoughts here. Truths as well.

  3. I’m glad I googled Rokkatru and found this article. I’ve been studying Heathenism, and while I enjoy the lore and history; and recognize the value of reconstructionism, I have been pretty unimpressed with their brand of hospitality. On forums at any rate. I haven’t yet met up with any groups in person and feel leery at this point, especially as one who prefers the company of Loki more than the others gods….and my house wight too.

    Glad I found this, I was ready to shrug and consider solitary practice and avoid the Heathen community at large.

    • I am always humbled to see that my old blog posts are still having a positive impact on fellow Heathens. As long as it continues to inform and assure other “Non-Marvel” worshippers as the same Gods as I- I will continue to keep this blog up.

      Thank you for your comment. I was having a rough day 🙂

  4. I just read a thread before this that comes from the opposing viewpoint, and I have to say that it disturbs me just how dismissive they can be. When they speak of Loki, (my patron god), they seemed to focus on the fact that he was accepted by the Aesir, but tried to claim that he wasn’t also Rokkr. This seems silly to me, since Hel, Jormungandr, and Fenrir are also his children, but what bothered me most was the attitude that these Rokkatru people are a bunch of rebellious teenagers who are following the “left hand path.” I thank you for being a little more open-minded, but I think we might could use more people like that.

    • It means a great deal to me that the Gods took my oath seriously and that this old blog still reaches people and helps them know that they are accepted in their pathways that deviate from rhetoric.

      I commend you in your courage, as well as the courage of everyone else who proudly acknowledge their Jotun patrons!

    • I’ve been studying and reading on a forum where anyone who has Loki, his children, or etin kind as those they choose to honor referred to as ‘Jotunhumpers’. I tolerated the nastiness at first because I was curious to understand why such an intensely negative viewpoint would be entertained by members of the Heathen community.

      As someone who sometimes has an awkward time in any group of new people I commented on a thread about bread making. All I did was mention a UPG regarding the nature of how food offerings were accepted by the gods, and was quickly told that ‘this is a thread about making bread and I could care less about your UPG’. Not terribly hospitable. I was simply trying to make conversation. I didn’t even mention Loki, etin kind, or his children but my profile picture is of Loki. I have to say that I have never been treated so rudely on any forum in my life. EVER. Only the two or three Heathen forums I’ve occasioned have been that rude. I felt they were dismissing me before even giving me an opportunity to show how much I could contribute to the group.

      Then one member posted a link to another Lokian blog entry, after which the post was torn apart and treated with a level of contempt I havent witnessed since Jr. High School! The post title was ‘Poor Jotunhumpers are SO misunderstood’. I happened to agree with the blog post they linked to, told the forum fare thee well, and deleted my memebership. I just don’t understand it! I thought human beings were evolving towards more, not less, tolerance. Some but not all, by any means. As a matter of fact, this forum is full of people full of contentiousness about almost any pagan/new age demographic, claiming contempt against new agers, pagans, and anglo-saxons who embrace Native American spirituality, calling them red roaders. I haven’t seen such misanthropy in one place at one time in…ever.

      I have yet to find a Lokian- focused forum anywhere and thought of starting one myself. I’ve had a web hosting account for three years now. What I lack is enough knowledge and experience to inspire much confidence and/or enthusiasm to draw people there.

      • If you feel drawn to do something positive for the Heathen community and to fix an obvious flaw which is harming the folk- I wouldn’t hesitate.

        I didn’t think this blog would get so many followers, and to date, even though I no longer post essays here, I still get about a comment a week. There WERE Loki-forums on facebook but I even backed out of those considering (at the time) many of those people were not Heathens, but increasingly more people having UPG’s regarding Marvel-Loki rather than Lore Loki. (Not to say that we haven’t gotten some FINE Lokeans after sending them to read the “Jotunbok” and other resources- I just do not have patience!)

        If you do start that forum, let me know= I’ll be interested to join it.

      • I would be interested in a forum like that…

  5. Well, looks like I have two interested parties now. People will have to be prepared for a sputtering, jerky start though. I’ve only been studying Heathenism for about three or four months-longer if you count a few inexplicable experiences that nudged me in that direction, lol. Longer than a decade if you count the time I’ve had an awareness of my house wight without knowing that’s what he was, lol.

  6. Everyone starts somewhere….in acts of creation, you get a more intimate view of the topic at hand.

    I see no reason to believe the UPG of someone who has been studying for 4 months to be less valid than someone who was raised Heathen.

    Any martial arts instructor will tell you the most “deadly” belt on any given floor is a adult white belt…. Unpredictable, eager, and not yet “locked in” to the set rules of Order.

    Seems appropriate for a Loki forum to be created by newer Lokeans…..simply because it would be ENTIRELY outside of the existing Heathen frameworks we have available.

    Haven’t we suffered enough (old and new alike) from the current dogmatic mode of thought?

    • Indeed we have. It’s time we had a common ground to meet in virtual space. No more sitting in the back of the bus! We’ll drive our own damn bus, please and thank you! LOL!

  7. With regards to number one, there are certainly theories that the jötnar, like the Greek titans, represent an older Pantheon rooted in animism. And certainly there is evidence of this in Scandinavia, just as there is evidence of at least two major migrations into the area and evidence that new pantheons came in with those migrations. I genuinely feel that people who make the argument that there isn’t evidence that the jötnar were ever worshipped haven’t actually spent the time researching the history of Scandinavia or the evidence of the different evolutions of religion there. That argument is based on a very narrow and very selective view of history, which I find quite frustrating.

    It’s good to hear that not all of the Heathen spaces are as exclusionary or snarly as a quick browse through the interwebz would suggest. I tend to keep my views and path on the down low so I’ve never directly encountered it myself. Here’s to hoping it stays that way.

    • Tyrienne Says:

      Thank you for your intelligent, educated response! I hope to see more comments from you. 🙂

      • I’m sure I’ll be around! I’ve been without a sense of spiritual community for far too long, so I’m going to try to connect to more blogs like this and be more in conversation. 🙂

  8. Tyrienne Says:

    My favorite blog (although often inactive) is written by a Lokean in Germany who goes by Myriad. She writes most posts in both languages. Here is the link

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