Why Racism is Both Ignorant and Pointless

Loki is watching:  This post will likely piss some of you off :)  (artwork by Destinyfall @ Deviantart)

Loki is watching: This post will likely piss some of you off 🙂
** Artwork by *Destinyfall on deviantart.com**

First, before anything further is said, I would like to state that I not writing this blog on a timetable;  I only write when I know there is something worthwhile to share with the community and also that I can articulate this need in such a way that it will as anti-divisive as possible.   Heathenry/Asatru are terms for a large umbrella of faiths loosely connected by geographic location of origin as well as similar folk traditions, Gods, and oral/written histories.

However, with this being said; throughout all recesses of our community, there is a blight which both takes away our credibility as practitioners of legitimate religious traditions as well as has many of our most well-known among us listed among the throngs of ignorant radicals with single-issue causes that go directly against any semblance of dignity.   In our community, this division is especially pointless considering the idea of “racism” (prejudice against those of Latino, African, or other minority descent) truly has no history within any of our ancient traditions across the board as far as I am aware.

Also, what the FUCK does “minority” mean when you live someplace like I do where people of my background number less than those of others.  (On the other hand, half of my background is in an Ethnic group called the “Lettish” which are almost as rare as the Sami)

There was no great rebellion of the Namibians invading Sweden, for instance- nor of the people of Nigeria and Somalia suppressing Norse and Folkish practices of Germany, Austria, Iceland, and Denmark in any way, shape or form.   As a Lokean, the concept of judging a human being by something as superficial as skin color eludes me completely….  Loki is the son of giants, a shapeshifter, transgender, and omnisexual.  Say what you will for him- but he has had friends in both high as well as low places and there seems not to be any restriction in his interactions with other sentient beings (including animals) that indicates any sort of bias or prejudice.  Perhaps, (the author raises one eyebrow, ironically), that this sort of acceptance may be another subconscious reason why followers of Loki are fairly often denied the same rights to hail our patron compared to others within our own community.

Okay,  are you still with me?  I understand I just rambled my way through three elegant paragraphs and I lost most of you.  Good.  If you are still reading this far it probably means that the next words I am going to type to you are imperative if you want to restore the honor  of our culture that is being lost daily with several facebook posts as well as professional articles written by community leaders:

Stop it with the “We Need White History Month” bullshit.   Now.   Immediately.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  First of all, to stop sounding like a band of fucking Ku klux Klan idiots, ( For one thing, if you want to go that route: “European Heritage Month” sounds far less reactionary and ridiculous. Fools)

….To be perfectly clear-  we need NO months recognizing ANY cultural groups whatsoever-  these forced holidays do not succeed to “instill pride” in any ethnicity in question, but rather serve as further dividers to keep us from focusing on why we are really ALL living in a new feudal system and effectively slaves to the machinations of corporate greed and the subsequent media-imposed constant of the illusion of our own lack of fulfillment (which, of course, can only be solved by further consuming….right? /sarcasm)

It is extraordinarily clear that among peoples of this Earth, those of European descent are often among the most rootless of all cultures since we have been under the thumb of a foreign Middle Eastern religion the longest. I agree with you there- however, taking this frustration and pain out on other equally subjugated people is morally reprehensible.  Especially when the suffering of those same people was imposed by sociopathic members of our own ethnicities in the past (Note: I did not say we caused it; I am saying people from our countries of origin- hopefully, most of them were so consumed with acquiring wealth they forgot to breed)   which caused their problems in the first place in the absolute most recent centuries….(See, for instance, the handling of the Hutu/Tutsi controversy.)

I am not going to go into detail here because, simply, I know it will only piss most of you the fuck off.   Instead, I would like to offer you a diamond of wisdom you may have not considered instead of flogging the “white guilt” whip (which is also COMPLETELY unnecessary- “White guilt” is also a big steaming pile of bullshit.)

Here is the gem that all of us, regardless of race, culture, or country of origin should be actually holding in our hands and examining closely:

The cause of all suffering and subjugation of our people is NOT rooted in modern socioeconomic policies, and the same goes for our tribal brothers and sisters of other colors-  it’s rooted in forced conversion to the politics in Catholic monotheism.

Okay, brothers, sisters, and friends-  why are we actively placing prejudice against the darker skin folks who have never once  in our ancient history invaded our lands and stolen our ways when the active force which CAUSED centuries worth of silence, torture of our ancestors, deliberate tainting of our oral and written texts, and suppressed all expression of our tribal ways is still the wealthiest organization on the planet…and are still doing so to EVERYONE else?

Why are you afraid of a black/Hispanic/Jewish person, when there is literally a city called the Vatican in which there are libraries of our ancient knowledge stolen from us and all others that are under such lock and key only two people per generation can even access those vaults? Also,  the Vatican owns a lion’s share of the physical wealth of this world…. why are none of you questioning this?  Why are none of you Thorsmen screaming in rage over THIS injustice?  It honestly confuses me.

The Catholic church is behind the Inquisition, each and every Crusade to “take back” a “holy land” which has no bearing on our people?  Why do some Heathens persecute the Jewish population when we have both been enslaved and culturally eviscerated by the exact. same. psychopathic regime which still exists strongly today?

Men and Women of European descent:  WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE AT THE “HOLY” CATHOLIC CHURCH?!

Where is your outrage about forced conversions under the tyranny of political Christianity?  Jesus may have “turned the other cheek”, but his followers spent centuries persecuting and driving our civilizations into dust through  intimidation, torture, war, misinformation, and the forced separation of family groups.  From what I recall of elementary school, new history has been reinvented and spoon fed to our children that prior to Catholicism our -Norse and Pictish ancestors were little more than unhappy Neanderthals with little culture to speak of….if we are lucky, we might get a mention of Leif Erickson, Erik the Red, or Boudicca. Otherwise, at best, the cultures that existed prior to the Roman expansion are just quietly ignored.

Even in recent times within the past 200 years there have been the accusations of witchcraft that suppressed our Pennsylvania Dutch Brauchers, and the legislation passed that have undermined our rights as humans to practice and be recognized as peoples of legitimate religion such as the hurdles to being recognized as a clergy person for our religions, the banning of folk medicine, the illegalization of certain plants, and even in Pennsylvania- a seer/sensitive can be arrested if you do not specify that any Truth that you may intuit and convey in public is “for entertainment purposes only”.  ( I shit you not, I used to work as a psychic when I was still young)

Being personally Baltic/Germanic in heritage, I was forced (like other individuals I personally know) to undergo both catechism as well as confirmation classes in the Lutheran church-  one of the most lenient in allowing many of our ancient traditions to survive with little comment  (along with the Quakers, Moravians, and some (rare) Baptists conventions) Also, like many others, when I was asked if I wish to be confirmed….my answer was an honest “No.”  However, after two (and more) years of Christian indoctrination and also by the lack of rights afforded to those under the age of 18- the question posed was a rhetorical one- and resulted in simply being told to go through it anyway and “Try not ruin it for everyone else who Does believe.”  (Ironically, in my confirmation class we had a 14 year old pregnant girl-  me “ruining” anything would have taken extraordinary effort to top her 7-month along belly in front of the congregation.  Glorious.  All eyes on the “slut”, as judgmental as many Christians have proven to be…in direct opposition to their scriptural passages)

WE, as a people, are no different than the Native Americans who were forced into schools to “civilize” them into modern culture.  Our Pennsylvania Dutch suffered the same fate even in the earlier part of the century and I have had extensive conversations on the topic with someone who was personally subjected to years of speech therapy to annihilate his Deutsch accent- with the excuse that it sounded “uneducated”.   (Out of respect for my friend, I refuse to drop his name without asking first!)

In the 1400th century our people of the farthest North were labeled as “Barbarians” by Isabela and Ferdinand of Spain, who in turn, ratified and banded with the Catholic Church both to dissolve the peaceful 300 year Moorish rule under the Caliphate as well as create a barrier against “Barbarian invasion”- namely that of the Northern peoples who were yet to be “civilized” by Christianity. **

Sorry to disappoint many of you larping types out there, but our “Viking Age” of pillaging, raiding, and piratry only lasted between 200-400 years from around the 700’s C.E. to only just before 1100 C.E. …yet another pet peeve of mine.   Did you know that upon all lands our common ancestors settled the primary occupations were agrarian (farmers)?   Furthermore, Heathenry and Islam both share deep roots in both cultures being exceptional in both trade and peaceful exploration during our peak periods of our own histories-  we both, also, have our dark times as well.

This, I fully believe, is both one of our times of new illumination to restore the roots of our people to the Yggdrasil as well as a dark age of confusion as we struggle to find our footing in a modern world which cares not for our traditional values.

However, we have, as a whole, been making extraordinarily unwise choices.   Why is there an inherent fear of black culture when truly their greatest offense was being able to be recognized for the suffering their ancestors experiences whereas our  suffering remains primarily in academic darkness?

Were you aware that death camps were not exclusive to the Germans, but also the Russians had several camps in Siberian Russia where Native Lettish, Roma, and Livonian people were subject to the same atrocities- effectively destroying what remained of modern, indigenous Vanic culture without even a textbook mention of our existence in the first place?

Why are Germanic people so angry at Black, Latino, and Jewish cultures?  Is it out of jealousy that their suffering is acknowledged where ours is not?  Is it that their struggle to regain their roots that have been lost by the same factors by which we have lost our own cuts a little too close to the quick of our souls?

Also of Note: I will also state clearly that I personally am neither racist nor anti-Semitic-  however, I am anti-Zionist which I separate from Jewish religion (Zionism is political rather than spiritual) simply out of respect for the Palestinian people.   I have no preconceived notions on skin color- however, I will very clearly and definitively announce that I am an intellectual elitist, and frankly, many of our fellow heathens, including some leaders, lately have not been meeting my expectations for honorable discourse or representation of our current peoples, our ancient Heritage, and, most particularly, have lost sight of the Divine art of Hospitality in which all of our people are entrusted to share as a high virtue among our culture.

I propose the following:  take off your white sheets, whether they are worn over your bodies or simply over your hearts, and I want you to stand up as proud descendants of our own Gods who can discern both right from wrong.  In this, I want the focus shifted away from who is/is not Norse/Asatru etc.  (Us Lokians know this “sorting” all too well) but rather, look at what put us here confused, divided, and tripping over ourselves to forge an identity. (which, incidentally, should not be a “uniform” identity in my opinion, but an identity of our diversity)    It was not the black man, the Jewish woman, or a Hispanic woman on Welfare-  It was Politicized Catholicism and the remains of Roman expansionism.

Under Catholicism, The black man was taken from Africa, the native islanders and central Americans were raped and killed for worshiping the Loa and Orishas, and the Jews were subjugated to the same degradations we have been for centuries.  Why do we wish to cause discord with the same people who have worn the same yokes of socioeconomic slavery we did prior to them?

What makes us different from those other cultures is not some imaginary idea that we are superior in any way- the only TRUE difference between our culture and the others (especially the cultures that many Heathens loudly rally against) is that we were the very first after the Strega and Romany to feel the subjugation of the cross in the hands of political powers to beat the pride, honor, and ancestry out of us- leaving us European folks adrift, Godless, rootless, and fearful for centuries.

I hazard to guess that any retribution against other races or cultures is indeed a conspiracy to keep us from truly focusing on the real evils of this world.   Even now, as you read these words, there are Christian missionaries invading tribal cultures and providing conditional assistance in impoverished areas of the world such as South America and Africa in exchange for their conversion to a God that demands slavish obedience, rather than the ability to own one’s own self worth, to build strong communities, and to stand proud, unashamed, and without the existence of non-existent “sins” meant to scare us into submission to an all-powerful, omni-wealthy church.

A Star Trek movie (Mr. Spock) once proposed : “What does God need with a starship?”

I pose this:  “What does the Catholic God gain from our submission, obedience, and money?”

Catholicism is no religion, but rather the longest running, oppressive political system in the world…. subjugating women, turning unborn children into “sinners” with the concept of “original sin” as well as bathing the peoples of Earth with the false waters of shame, guilt, and oppression.

However, I take no issue with practicing, devote Catholic practitioners themselves, but rather their elaborate political system and the control this system has over global issues.

I am asking all of you, as both Lokean and Tyrswoman:  remove the blinders from your eyes….and I will promise you that should we ever find the footing-  I will be among the first to raise arms against the tyranny of the Vatican and Corporate ownership with the name of Woten on my lips and desire to topple this corrupt organization with a passion stronger than Jihad….and I will do it with grace, standing next to warriors of other colors, their Gods as well as our own once again resplendent in their own radiance and as our brothers and sisters in arms, rooted in their ancestry, proud of their cultures, and in full knowledge of their worth.

We do not own the right to judge any human as “worthy” or “unworthy” to be among the Folk- that privilege belongs to the Gods alone.  But we may choose our friends from the honorable, the wise, and the courageous-  and I believe with all my heart that should we turn down any man, woman or child who embodies our virtues on something as trivial as the color of their skin or origin of their ancestry, it will be our Gods who will be ashamed of our stupidity and we will be held accountable for our lack of frith, intelligence, and human decency.

**An Aside: Amazingly enough- Islam has been pretty good to Heathens since it’s inception when it originally practiced the whole “Religion of Peace” bit where they would not attack unless attacked first. (There are actually Runes carved with care into many of the inscriptions on buildings in Persopolis and Mecca I have been told  )  Under Caliphate rule, all religions were tolerated and taxed the same amount- the Islamist paid 10% Zakat (tax) which went directly to the poor- and the others paid 10% for both protection and infrastructure improvements.
Next question: Why do I know this?   Easy: I studied Arabic history in Spain, and also hold degrees in world religions as well as Philosophy- both of which I specialized in Islamic, Zoroastrian, and Baha’i religions as well as extinct ones of the Middle East.  Despite this blog being mostly dedicated to my European heritage, I am exceptionally well versed on the origins and golden age of Islam which encompassed our dark ages under the Holy Roman Empire.  (I believe it is also safe to say that Islam is now experiencing it’s own “Dark Ages”- however, this was not always the case, they used to be the absolute leaders in trade (after our culture was already subjugated) as well as the sciences while we were being suppressed by fear of the Church)
** Artwork by *Destinyfall on deviantart.com

13 Responses to “Why Racism is Both Ignorant and Pointless”

  1. Of all things that leads a curious link to this? The Thor movie, and the casting of Idris Elba as Heimdall. Do you know the identity of one of the groups who protested that casting?

    The “Council of Conservative Citizens”…a group who believes the USA is a Christian nation.

    So…why the hell do they care? Like, at all? Ever? If they were casting a Hawaii dude to play Jesus in Passion of the Christ….well…okay. I wouldn’t give a care, but that’s their business I suppose. Why the heck do you care who plays a comic book adaptation of a Norse god that you would consider it to be heresy to acknowledge? It’s just…weird.

  2. Jón Vogel Says:

    It was Spock, not Kirk, who made the statement. ❤ just saying:)

  3. […] Lokian Asatruar believes that Heathens should hate Papists instead of brown […]

    • I take no issue with any average Roman Catholic practitioner, I simply believe the organization that brainwashes them from birth onwards is one of the largest, most destructive organizations on the planet. I feel more attention should be focused on this than more trivial issues or disagreements.

      Hate is a strong word; however, I strongly dislike Pope Benedict…his actions regarding the child abuse cover up are reprehensible.

  4. Reblogged this on Life with Loki and commented:
    I just found this blog from a post left on Facebook let me say the author brought up some excellent and very valid points considering racism and religion. It certainly gives some people allot to think about when it comes to why the choose to hate.

  5. Reblogged this on Thrudvangr and commented:
    I am reblogging this because I feel some of the author’s anger. While I try very hard to not let my anger at Christianity get out of check, I do agree with the author in the Catholic politico machine’s oppressive rule and that it has gone on far too long.
    The sentiment expressed in this article are shared by me and are some of the reasoning I have in developing and building a Kindred environment where Lokeans are welcome. Thrudvangr will allow ANY deity to be hailed at our rites. Thrudvangr is not Asatru. We allow anyone regardless of race or sexual orientation into our rites. I do, however draw the line with regard to certain political affiliations and ideologies that would harm the integrity of the spiritual growth and nurture of my Kindred. On that , I will rule with an iron fist.
    I believe this needs to be read and considered, not to grow hatred of the Catholic church or any Christian identity, but to begin to repair some of the harmful thought process that prevents spiritual unity among people.
    Hail Loki! A God for Everyone.

    • Thank you for appreciating my post! I wish you the blessing’s of all the Gods upon your new kindred- and also…Hail Loki. 😉

      • Also- I hold no animosity against practicing Catholics themselves- just their governing organization.

  6. … [Trackback]

    […] Read More Infos here: hailloki.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/why-racism-is-both-ignorant-and-pointless/ […]

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