Spontaneous Poetry

listen: words from once sewn lips
from one who fences with phrases
observations, and chaos.
yet remains
darkly known, resented and feared
his smile is a panacea;
but locked away, it is unseen

Many decided it better to lead a life of lies
the truth scars like fire
burning forests of relations,
of records, histories, and entire libraries
of false things written,
lies contrived to control and to soothe
masses of hungry minds,
demanding bread and circuses
so, they were offered sacrifices
of innocents to spit and roast

Give us an enemy,
Give us black and white in a world of grey
show us white teeth stained with blood
and clouded skies of ash and ruin
show us glamor and fame
false beauty, lackluster talent
So we may bow down and worship
that which will never touch us

Flames dance to him on every fire
each horn raised, silent, to his name
Sing praise, to the murderers, the liars,
and those who break peace
Cry heresy on He who speaks Truth!

Do you see him laughing?
It’s madness, you want a scapegoat
Tears would be wasted, he understands
to laugh is to challenge fear
to silence sadness
and to wounded compassion, quieted

Hold yourselves tall in your sociopathy
ignore the suffering that creeps slowly
surrounding all things, choking, gasping
Everything you don’t want to know
don’t wish to see- your fault;
We all choose to do nothing
So sleep, darling minds
forever listless in entertainment
Accept the pills, the pacification

and ask for greater favors
than you ever deserved

He will still hold the unwanted;
dry the tears of the firebrands,
rebels, and revolutionist
and hold tightly to those
who walk the edges of genius
and madness

But you will not know them,
the” lost”, the “insane”, the “deluded”
….it is said
their pains are illusions
to you, and you accept this untruth

“To know me is to see clearly
in a world of contrived mists”

“To hear my voice is to hear
nature above the grinding machine”

“To touch me, is to feel the suffering
of Iscariot, Tesla, and Galileo.”

“To speak well of me is to be branded
as Scapegoat, traitor, and fiend…”

“But”, I reply, “I already hold these things”

“Then you may follow me,
And I will walk beside you.
…as long as you continue to see
with eyes unclouded, all harm done
to the innocent dead, the starving,
the slaves….and to learn to laugh
without crying through the scalding
wordly venom that will seep into your
clear eyes and break you.
again…and again…and again…”

…And to most, he will never give his name
Just a quiet shoulder, a legend
a curse, and a whisper in the darkness
The madness is in understanding…
…to see everything, to know, and witness
and know further how you too will have
your lips sewn if you should speak
a single word.

“Shh,” he says, lips blooded,
his body scarred by years
in bindings
“I know you, I love you,
and we will suffer together.”


One Response to “Spontaneous Poetry”

  1. Excellent work, though I’d argue that Tesla’s scientific truths wouldn’t truly be “uncomfortable truths” until after his death.

    Come to think of it though, he did sort of scientifically flyte that little douche-bulb Edison….hmmm…the jury’s undecided I guess.

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