Controversial Post: Who is your Patron God or Goddess?

Grey OdinWell, if you feel the need to ask…

Answer: Odin and Frigga

What? You expected something else?  You thought that there was going to be some mystical meditation where you could travel down a cave or up a crystal staircase and be told by your very most favorite God/Goddess: “YES!  You! I choose you my darling little pikachu!  Come to Valhalla with me and let’s do bodyshots!”

Okay.  If you do not know who your “Patron” is, the answer is-  you do not have one. Basically, if you consider yourself Norse, aim your prayers at the All-Father and Blessed Mother and be content.   Odin is the Patron of our entire Heathen faith regardless of whether you call him Odin, Woten, Woden, or what have you. Even real Lokians are sworn to Odin first (Loki requires it) Look, I will even accept the idea of Balder if you are a post-Ragnorak sort- or Tyr if you have taken a couple of classes in ancient Norsk and figured out the Tyr predates Odin by a few centuries in historical records…(but even Tyr will likely point you right back to Odin or Baldr, seriously)

But why aren’t they talking to you?  Why do some of your Folkish friends get batshit scary sometimes and take on aspects of one of the other Gods/Goddesses?  What about that screaming Thorsman who galders like deathmetal at each faining?

Well, I can answer that for you as well-  there are now two categories of people you are contending with.

Most commonly, people pick their favorite ancestral deity (usually Thor), buy a whole shit ton of expensive stuff with his/her image and symbol and then read everything they can without discrimination, historical, fiction, or rhetorical with equal measure and claim that THIS is THEIR Patron,  That humankind can actually reach up to beings of higher virtue than ourselves and have them bend to OUR wills and decide that  because they sacrifice and give a lot of gifts, this will mean that THAT particular deity will favor them exclusively.  Not a good idea, folks.  Honestly.   There is nothing wrong with picking any of any of the gods to give gifts to, but there is something entirely wrong with having an sense of entitlement that you are now owed this particular deities personal attentions.   Gods have free will as well….and if the person in question does NOT embody the honor, frith, and heart of the God in question, making such a claim can be dangerous and lead to great offense.   I have most notably seen this among people who claim Tyr, oddly enough.  Tyr is the righteous judge between what is honorable verses dishonorable among our people, and he is absolutely impartial and fair.  The problem therein lies that in our culture, “Justice” has somehow become synonymous with “Getting the outcome I want”.

Nope.  Justice is taking every thought, action, and deed and putting it on a scale and measuring it for merit….when you ask Tyr for Justice- He WILL grant Justice, and that may be the very farthest from the outcome you desire.  If you wish harm on others, if you lie, if you break oaths, or any other silly thing that can be needlessly harmful to your fellow humans, animals, and vaettir, you will be called accountable for it.

Tyr Himself will not come down on a shining cloud and tell you in words what your reward or punishment will be….instead, we have another foreign word that describes his process pretty well:  Karma.

What you do will come back on you, the good and the bad.   The more good you do, often, the more your circumstances will improve.  No man or woman will ever be without problems- There are far too many dishonorable people in our midst to make life easy by any means; however, those who stand fast and live the most fearlessly clinging to doing what is right, spite all consequence will find divine favor more easily than those who do not….and despite their troubles, will find themselves like cats out a window- landed feet first and unharmed, while others scramble on broken limbs.

If your life is going wrong in every avenue, the answer is simple:  There is an error in your thinking and action that is dishonorable.  Look at yourself in the mirror of your soul and witness your own flaws.  Own them…..not only own them, make amends for them where you can- and when you cannot make amends should your crimes be against the dead or the distant- vow to live your life differently from this point forward.  Your bad wyrd will follow you all your days and will burn your eyes, your heart and you will forever feel the ache of shame each time your memory touches them even faintly, but allow that pain to be a reminder to you to do better.   We are not Christians.  We are not “Forgiven” by saying a couple of magical words to some beardy guy in the sky.  We have no shortage of beardy guys- but frankly, none of them will give a shit about forgiving you unless you make an effort to undo any and all harm you cause by your actions, and in some cases, your very existence.

I had a professor in college who taught ancient religions who told me the most outstanding prayer which I believe transcends all religious boundaries:  Each night he prays that he missed no opportunities to help everyone he came into contact with, and that if he accidentally caused harm, that he may amend for it.

That was the old way, unanimously, throughout indo-Europe once upon a time….  there are occasions where one may have to cause harm for a greater good to occur, but that is also universally understood- but a very, very fine line to walk!

As much as purists hate it when I mix in a little bit  of knowledge from other religions to describe our own- there is a useful thought in Islam that sums up the universe pretty well.  At the top, you have the Well of All Knowledge- this is higher than Odin-  If you are a Buddist, this is Enlightenment- it is the indescribable non and omniconsciousness which Odin hung himself on a tree for to taste, gave his eye to see, and gave his sanity to express.   Below that, you have two types of beings that are more powerful than humans: Those with free will, and those without free will.   The Norse pantheon certainly shows ample evidence of moral and amoral decision making among the Aesir and Vanir, so this is still in line.  For the second category, think of a valkyrie-  Odin or Freyja chooses virtuous women, makes them all bad-ass, then sends these lovely ladies down to Earth as either gifts to good men, or to tap fighters on the shoulder to let them know they’ve been chosen for Valhalla/Freyja’s hall.   Chances are, the common Valkyrie is not going to look at their Patron and say “I don’t feel like it today.”  If there is a war on Earth and as long as people fight with the names of the ancestors on their lips- there will be will-less valkyries to drag them up to Asgard and serve them as eternal bartenders.

See, a Valkyrie makes a sacrifice of Will in exchange for the power of the Divineto be the Divine extensions of Freyja and/or Woten..  It is one way how humans can ascend to Godhood- in being asked to give up the Will to something greater than themselves, they are entrusted with greater powers than the average mortal.  But they cannot ask for it- it has to be offered to them first, and then they have to accept the terms and conditions

….and to an extent, this is also the case with those that the Gods personally choose to be the particular benefactor of particular persons:  It amounts to a lessening of the free will, which then forces the person in question into constant situations of divine honor verses the whole, ever present  miasma of the false values and flaws in our current culture and circumstance.   A chosen of any deity finds themselves exposed on a pedastal, even if that God/dess is someone as innocuous as Hel, Vidarr, or Idunna,  Even a Vidarrsman, even if he cannot speak, is forced into correct action and is held to stronger standards than the average man.

Now, how can this occur?  How do people become actual Thors/Frey/Lokians? From research across the board in ANY religion from Hinduisim to Shinto, to even the Abrahamics- The chosen students of particular deities where the deity themselves personally introduced themselves via a PGE (Personal Gnostic Experience) and metaphorically clubbed said person over the head, branded them on the ass with a sigil, and basically in Pauline Réage fashion claimed them as property- to lose a little bit of free will and individuality to basically work like an on-Earth avatar whenever the hel they are called to like well-trained domestic animals to a leash, yoke, or bit.   Even Lokians.   These people are held to higher expectations, they are directly accountable for representing the Honor of their God/desses on Earth.

This is a universal thing; this is where we get our clergy of all faiths: Pastors, nuns, priests, imams, sufis, monks, dedicants, sadus, gurus, shamans, and all other sorts of lunatics.   Of course, these names are not always carried correctly or by the correct people- and also, there is no guarentee that the chosen person can remain “In favor” with their God/desses.  Should one stray from the path too far, the deity themselves may revoke their sigil from the person’s heart; or alternatively, the person chosen always has the choice to walk away- but in doing so loses supernatural benefits that when gone, leave the human feeling forever hollow, lost, and lonely….and ultimately, no longer protected.  (Sometimes, this is temporary among spiritual scholars this is known as “A dark night of the soul” and can last anywhere from days to decades.)

The most telling sign of one who is “God touched” is…. well, look up the synonyms for “God touched”….  I’ll wait….

…… de da de da…..dum de dum……(looks at watch.  Shit, need a new watchband and the battery is dead.  Fuck. )….hums tunelessly….yoga pose….  STOP

Okay.  Enough time:  Insanity.   People who have been touched by Gods lose at least a modicum of functionality in society.  They hear/see/smell/sense things that cannot be seen- they are thrown into merciless situations to save or destroy at the whim of their Gods mercy knowing that should they let go of the faith that their God/desses who had sworn to protect them, they will become utterly lost and utterly mad.   They will be asked to make insane sacrifices, sometimes repeatedly, for the greatest good- they may end up homeless, assaulted, accused, demeaned, damaged, and hospitalized for any and all possible reasons including injury, illness, or insanity.  They may fall into illness to which creates greater compassion and understanding with which to heal others….or fall into illness o r injury just to keep said person protected from the world at large to keep them more tightly focused on their spiritual practices.

Some people have ONE God/dess to which they are owned-  others, especially the shamans, have several.   But no matter which it is, one or several, you are looking at a person who will have a difficult life….yet a rewarding one.   I fully believe it is the Mystics of all cultures who can truly feel and express joy, gratefulness, awe, and appreciation for their blessings better than others.

As far as Aesir go, I have two equal patrons:  Loki and Tyr, and both are superseded by Odin.   What this means for my life is that my eloquence, verbosity, and charisma will be seen as manipulation when no manipulation is intended.  I will be blamed for things that are not my doing, and when I do cause harm, I will and have been expected to amend far greater than the average person for the harm I have caused in sacrifice.

No one truly wants to be a Lokian…  I convinced myself he was Bragi for years and my life kept getting fucked up until I accepted the real name of my celestial teacher.   Being a Lokian/Tyrsperson is basically the only reason I can be taken seriously enough by any of you to believe me when I speak well of Loki.   Tyr lends me his dignity, his honor, fairness, undisputed honesty,(Loki, too, is honest- but uncomfortable truths are difficult to hear: the messenger gets “shot” many times before the message is accepted by all), and when I am really lucky, the queue to be silent (which I still often miss!)  However, I love them both more than dearly and would be severely (more)  amiss without their direct influences.

To end this little diatribe, I will explain to you EXACTLY what makes a God/dess touched person different than the rest of humanity.  My dear readers, please meet Mr. Plato of Athens, Greece…and allow him to explain how reality really works….

This should blow your minds….and while your mind is blown, go watch “Mulholland Drive”- it’s a good movie.  (Actually any David Lynch is fun)
^That last sentence was completely irreverent.


10 Responses to “Controversial Post: Who is your Patron God or Goddess?”

  1. […] SSE (Sister Shaped Entity) wrote an interesting post about patron gods.  It’s more focused on the practice as it shows up in the various flavors of Norse […]

  2. very eloquent! 😀 Loved your writing style.

  3. Generally I like to think of myself as more of spiritual individual than a religious one. I’ve never openly claimed any one religion as my own and in general I’ve always payed my respects to any religion (too quote a favorite author “Regardless of what I think about Islam or Wicca or any other religion, the fact is that it’s a group of people. Every faith has its ceremonies. And since it’s made up of people, every faith also has its assholes.”) I’ve also learned that just because you follow one religion doesn’t necessarily mean that your patron is going to be from that pantheon. My sister follows a lot of the Celtic traditions and yet her patron goddess is Isis. In the past when asked if I followed a religion I’d usually claim pagan, if pressed for a more precise form by someone that realizes paganism is a rather broad term I’d say Astaru though my views on the Æsir and Vanir have never been common among those I know.

    I view Tyr and Odin as parts of a whole Odin’s domains traditionally have been magic, wisdom, and to a lesser extent treating guest and host properly (This is the god after all that used to disguise himself as an old wanderer and reward people who treated him well when he asked for shelter and punish those who treated him poorly) and was associated with battles in latter text due to the the fact that many berserkers worshiped him. While Tyr by comparison held dominion over the justice of communities and self willing to sacrifice his hand to keep his honor intact when he made his deal with the wold Fenrir, he’s also the primary deity of warriors preferring the sort of fighting that comes from a trained warrior who keeps his wits and mind focused in battled which always made me think of them more as brothers than anything else. In hindsight both Tyr and Odin have been my patrons since I was a teenager but it wasn’t until a year ago that they finally got frustrated enough with this stupid mortal to stop shouting and go straight for breaking their spears over my head to make me realize that I should start paying attention to them and to the things I was doing.

    In the time since then I’ve realized though that just because a particular deity is your patron doesn’t mean you have to worship them, (Much like you don’t have to be christian to embody the concept of a good christian) Simply living by their principles and keeping true to the things they value most is all they want. They are gods and immortal, while we are fleeting they don’t care if we sacrifice a goat, dance naked on the solstice, or light the bonfires in their name, even if they take a personal interest in us just seeing us doing our best to live up to their ideals is all they ask.

    On a side note: Loki really isn’t that bad a guy despite what people think. More than anything he’s just trouble for the brunt of his amusement. He’s smart, clever, and fond of pranks and jokes of all kinds but he’s never truly malicious.

    • Sorry from personal experience I have to completely disagree with the statement that loki is never malicious…
      More than capable of killing even an innocent being for his own amusement.
      Yes he is funny and clever also, but anyone who thinks he is just a happy joker type,you are badly mistaken… Make sure you have plenty of protection against negative energy if you consider working with him…

      • No more or less dangerous than working with anything else really. Common sense and respect go a long way.

      • As Tyrienne said- working with anyone or anything else is just as dangerous. Loki expects to be treated with respect and is quick to see mistakes as insults which is why while he’s a decent individual I personally prefer to avoid dealing with him. Perhaps it’s because of who decided to take a hand in my fate but I’ve found that he’s only ever malicious to anyone if they don’t treat him with respect- i.e. ask for his help don’t demand or expect it. Not only do your chances of getting said help improve but your chances of becoming his source of amusement decline dramatically.

  4. This may explain why I haven’t been chosen by Skadi yet.

    • Tyrienne Says:

      Trust me, I was surprised when I got Loki… I believe there is the story on here where I mistook him for Bragi for over four years! 🙂

      I apologize for the late reply… it’s been busy with our holiday here!

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