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Collected articles on Loki!

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First was provided by an anonymous Loki sympathizer and written on the tumbler of a woman named Natasha:

I am beginning to notice similarities in True-patroned Lokians.   Reeeeeeead This

Secondly: I agree with most of this following  except the idea that we “made him up”…. I prefer to think that it’s a mutual process of creation between both human and divine…but that’s just me, and history is always written by winners and those who own a pen… 🙂 Thanks Desiree Isphording! The blog itself is by Henry Lauer.  Read this next

Finally, again I plug Uncle Thor, this is his article on the reaction to his book “Loki for you”.   He has the link to buy the book at the bottom.  It’s cheap, it’s wonderful, and it goes to support one coolest, nicest, and oldest members in our community.  Frith plus!

I still have plans for rants, chants, and beautiful essays of my own, but life (especially for a Lokian) is seldom dull.  I am waiting for the next lull in activity.   Stay tunes Folks, I have oathed on two kindreds so far to do the best I can to both live and educate the entire Heathen community on the God I love.  My other patron, Tyr, seems not to have such problems.


An excellent look at Flyting

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Here is a post from a heathen friend regarding the definition and use of flyting.