I apologize for the lack of new posts; my apartment and both cars have been broken into in less than a week and the Helsman and I have been spending the past week repairing, regrouping, as I have been attempting to get new copies of every form of ID I used to own.

We have been extraordinarily blessed though,  I have received more back-pay than I had previously expected from SSD for my medical condition so replacing all the important things lost has been easier than anticipated.  We have a strong network of good Heathen men and women out here who have been quite effective in their prayers and good thoughts….and I thank all of you profusely.  We burnt candles for our Patron Gods and watched the expressions on their faces- the anger of Freyr, focused and hunting, the maniacal madness of Hel for the disrespect to our ancestors, the sadness of Loki, and the sternness of Wotan.

Tyr needs no statue, He is pretty easy to figure out.

One of our kin/folk builders has informed me that yet another shapeshifter has messages for me…this is a Deutsch Goddess I was not prior aware of- but she is one of the season, is the lady of the Wild Hunt, Vengeance, craftwork (art as well as magic), as well as a shapeshifter- Her name is Berchta. So, I have been given yet another name I can hail at blots and rituals.

Yesterday, before her name was introduced to me- She is a lady most seen as a woman in white. I brought a white fox tail for $7 at a Pow-wow store in the Poconos….and her symbol is the swan, one of my 4 totems (My primary ones are Raven and Fox, secondarily Snake and Swan).  I already own an entire cup of Swan wing feathers, and beneath them I hung the white tail.   For Loki, I was able to purchase a very affordable fox skull from one who died naturally (same as the tail- the Native Americans are very careful of those sorts of things).   Then, I was gifted with a pheasant pelt as well-for free.  (still need to look up pheasant- but I will be wiring and beading the feather shafts for ritual use and adornment….and possibly sale!)

Once again, from chaos can come brighter things.  We lost many meaningful objects, such as all of my fiance’s family heirlooms, as well as the only item I own from my great-grandfather;  however on account of this incident we rearranged our altars in our house for better protection..prior to now, the bedroom (which was where the window was opened) was the least protected.   Also, on account of the hardships experienced through having both of our cars broken into as well as our apartment,  we have a new closeness between us and others in the community.

Also, the computer that was stolen from me has been replaced…as for my old one, I feel immensely satisfied that the keyboard was in Farsi.  This area has no Middle Eastern population as far as I am aware.  Good luck pawning that one, suckers.

This is my new computer, it was half price in Best Buy.  Today, my car will be given new, operational windows, tie-rod ends, tires, and possibly brakes.  My lawyer bill will be paid for his fantastic work in helping me fight against Northhampton county.  My traffic tickets will be paid. (stupid V6 engine).  Also, I can now pay my former landlady $600 in back rent I owe her.

As I was typing this, this song came on Spotify for me:  

Today, I will send my car for repairs, I found a specialist who has an opening today, and then I will drink mead tonight with my brother and my fiance.

I say Hail to our Folk and Friends, our Ancestors, and most importantly, our Gods and Goddesses.


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  1. Hi Ren ans Eddie…Glad everything is looking up for you. I don’t know how many windows you have but my parents used to put large dowels or sticks behind the patio doors and whatever windows are easily accessable. It makes it alot harder and noisier to open them. Love ya both Marilyn

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