A Week Past

Due to some insane scheduling overlaps as well as technical difficulties, I have been absent and I do apologize.  The follow things I would like to share with you…

As for Sandy, our family here in Reading has been untouched barring one smashed windchime we claimed from an extraordinarily haunted former funeral parlor.  It seems it was rejected from our warding less than a day after being hung.  It is a shame, they sounded lovely- however, considering where they were procured, it might be for the best they are now garbage.

Next, a story.   When I first began dating my fiancee, he found a freshly dead raven in the gutter in front of the methadone clinic near his yoga studio…after being yelled at by myself and a roommate of his;  he picked it up, brought it home, and then over the next several weeks we preserved the head, wings, and talons via salt and hanging for magical use leaving the remains of the body on our altar for the land spirits (vaetir).  We also saved the preserving salt and mixed it with both red and black sands should someone require it to call upon the spirit of Raven.

Each wing is now a perfect smudge fan, the skull lies bleached between Woden and Loki, and each claw made into a pendant. . One is wrapped with leather and carries a stone on the same cord blessed at an Odinblot….and now rests on Odin’s shoulders when not in use.  The second is wrapped at top with the skin of a fox and wired ornately in copper, silver, and black aluminum-  That one is mine and rests with our statue of Loki along with my red foxtail(The Fox being closely associated with Loki)     Last Friday I lost my claw necklace on my way home from a Samhain ritual run by friends; I was extraordinarily distraught despite placing little value on material things in general.

Sandy tore through our area in a night- during that time a beautiful forked branch fell from a tree in our parking lot, which we have claimed and will be decorating…and as my fiancee walked around the front of our building, he found my missing raven claw- absolutely unharmed, and the energy even cleaner from the storm.

Interestingly enough,  I have found that most true open Lokians I am aware of still live with power and heat at very least.  (I certainly hope that is also the case for the rest of you who read this post!)   I will admit I taunted Thor that evening…and I told some as a joke:  The good thing about Loki, is that even some Gods feel obliged to keep their contact with Him at a minimum.:)

In further news:

I am now formally oathed to create a better reputation for Loki via my own actions as example as well as a promise I will not deny him as one of my main patrons in any circumstance.  This was oathed twice with two kindreds I highly respect.   (I will gladly oath a 3rd time if offered:  3 is an excellent number)

1. First, I was given permission by Tyr/Ziu himself for the first oath…that I may perform it in the name of Tyr/Ziu so that those uncomfortable with hailing a Loki oath may feel more at ease.  Those with a connection to either felt this sentiment to be true-  so I was given permission to oath with a Deutsch kindred  we frequent to fulfill the first.  I was embraced by a fellow Lokian and given their blessing to continue this path.

2. I Needed no such adjustment as I spent the same evening with my former completely Tribal kindred where I served as guest Valkyrie for the evening.  In Sumbel, I was embraced by the tribe leader, a Baldrsman- and they, too encourage this endevour.

Along the way, this week we only suffered minor misfortune:  the loss of one of my love’s cousins…one who was not well known to us.   Being a Helsman, he wrote the man a blessing in Runic and placed it around a white candle to both light his way to his next life as well as to speak well of him to Hela. The wake was today, I know our Cousin was watching us through the veil and to us, he felt at peace…which was an enormous relief.

In lighter, more annoying news…our cats, Freyja and Hela, have fleas-  we were overdue at the veterinarian anyway, and it seems that She Who Watches all Cats, was not pleased with us for our laziness.   Most of Hurricane Sandy was spent washing kittens, dusting the house with anti-flea sage and salt, and vacuuming every. single. surface. in our home.   We have been blessed again, thankfully- the cost for today’s checkup was well under $200 including necessary shots.

So….on being a Lokian….. like the rest of the Heathen community we too interact with the other Gods and Goddesses of our ancestors,  sometimes in unusual ways, other times, typical.

I read today that “There is a price for doing the will of the Gods.”   This was meant as an insult toward us,  Lokiswoman and Helsman-  however, I would like to state that there is a price in working closely with any Divine ancestor.

Tyr demands Honorable action and righteous justice and judgements without excuse, self sacrifice when needed for the greatest good.
Hela requires you to act as psychopomp for the dead, to help guide them to their next destination….All dead, you may have a connection to liking/disliking/or strength of knowing them aside.
Freyja asks for all you do to be with passion or fury…as well as caring appropriately for her beloved cats.
Bragi, poetry written with frequency, feeling, and spontaneity.
Thor demands swift, decisive action in the face of danger.
Odin:the relentless search of knowledge, leadership, and courage to face all men and women as equal and recognize their truest natures behind their eyes.

As for Loki, he demands intelligence; all of your intelligence.  Like Odin, he also asks for you to use your intuition and discernment, and to speak truth even it may be uncomfortable to do so.  To bring laughter to the somber (and to bear the discomfort if it is not taken well) as well as to outsmart the foolish, pompous, and those who take power without earning it.   Loki may be a trickster, but he seldom (in my opinion, never) intentionally cruel.

Odin asks similarly of most of these things of all of us.

To close:

“Of all the gods, Loki is most closely associated with Wodan. It has been said before that Loki often seems to act as the agent of Wodan’s will, wither when expressed overtly–as when Wodan orders him to steal the Frowe’s necklace– or when the command is hidden, as in the case of the death of Baldr.[ which actually can be seen by some as keeping Baldr “safe” through Ragnoral] Part of the oath of blood-brotherhood which Wodan and Loki swore was that for every horn of drink given to Wodan, Loki should have a horn also. In a very real sense, Loki is Wodan’s shadow–though, paradoxically enough, he also seems to embody the sense of humor and lightness of being which is largely missing from most portrayals of Wodan.”

-“TEUTONIC RELIGION”  by KVELDULF GUNDARSSON (which I found this particular passage via yahoo)

Guten-nacht meinen freunden….


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