Andrew Chumbley’s Ode to Loki

(This beautiful work was submitted to me via Kerry Congdon via mutual friend Annie Cuglas.  Stunning.

The Wikipedia on the author may be found HERE.

If you have any Lokian works to submit, please feel free to email me at )

I am He, I am She, the Old One,
in whose blood Thou art cross-signed in benediction,
and in whose blood the One Sigil is stained.
The Light of all Magick is my gift unto Thee,
but accurst am I and in Darkness hid.
Black-burnt by that First Fire, Fire of my own Fire.
Black-burnt amid Stars, scorched by hearth and by forge.
I am He, I am She, that leapeth living from Star, Sun and Flame.
Blessed am I that have shod the Horses of Man,
That have clothed the Steeds of the Gods.
Brother and Twin of Heart are We, to All that are ridden by the Gods.
For it is Our Hand that hath taken the Bones of the Reddened One
from the Earth.
It is Our Hand that hath raised up the Soul of the Ancient in the Body of the Present.
Beneath a Serpent wast I chained, whilst Woman tended over me.
Poison kissed me, suffering taught me.
And from that Serpent new cunning I learnt.
By Curse and by Fetter, through black wordless ages,
Bound to the Altar-Bed of Pain,
My Self to my Self in Sacrifice given,
Til from that Serpent the Secret Name fell….
As sweetest nectar to my part’d lips!
Beneath the Venomous Cup of the Oracle,
Beneath the Horn’ Lips of the Snake,
Chained, accurst and blighted,
Wracked with the Agonies of Gods and of Men.
Goddess arch’d Heaven over me,
Goddess stretched Earth under me.
Priestess spake charms into me,
And from that Serpent new wisdom I gained.
My Self unto I in Sacrifice given.
Naught but Thy Poison hath been my sustenance,
Naught but Thy Susurrus hath stirr’d me to rise.
And by the Name given, all Power didst unfold,
A Waking of the Eldest I: The Spirit of the First Fire’s Vision,
The Ancient One of Eldest Dream!”


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