To Sigyn

Hail to Sigyn, devoted wife and mother
Comforter to the forsaken
She, who embodies patience,
and braves all unearned scorn

I call to you, Victorious Beloved of Loki
She who keeps all vows she has spoken
She who find strength in suffering
She who loves without condition or fear
She who assuages the pain of those she protects

Noble woman!
Guide me to virtue
to be a devoted partner
A patient lover
and an enduring confidant

Praise to you, whose name is often unsung
I lift the horn to you,
She whose hands seldom are offered relief
I Hail you Sigyn,
to honor your strength and your sacrifices
In honor of your boundless love and devotion

Hail Sigyn! Wife of Loki, Mother of Gods!


2 Responses to “To Sigyn”

  1. I like this ^_^ Hail Sigyn

  2. Thank you! ^.^

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